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How to Experience Unique Adventure Travel

Now that the world is slowly opening up, with many countries opening their borders with no restrictions, people are looking to get out for an adventure of a lifetime. Instead of visiting the usual travel destinations, many would prefer to do something more exciting to compensate for lost trips brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you need inspiration, here’s how to experience unique adventure travel.

  1. Partake in Horseback Expeditions in Mongolia

For adventurous travellers seeking a one-of-a-kind experience, Mongolia should be on your bucket list. Offering a vast panorama of incredible natural scenery, Mongolia is a paradise for nature lovers. The best way to explore the country’s unique natural beauty is on a horseback ride.

Horse riding is part of Mongolia’s local culture. Even in today’s modern world, the country has a horse-based culture and has managed to maintain its pastoral traditions. Millions of Mongolians are still living a nomadic life, travelling around the country on a horse, and you can do the same thing on your horseback riding expedition.

  1. Experience the Grand Prix in Monaco
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Watching the Grand Prix in Monaco is one of those events every car enthusiast should experience at least once in their lives. Nothing beats the feeling of watching fast cars trundling around the track driven by some of the world’s best car racers in a tiny country famous for sophistication and luxury.

The Monaco Grand Prix takes place in May at the Circuit de Monaco, Formula 1’s most famous track. As one of the world’s most prestigious sports events, it also hosts yacht parties, extravagant evenings at Casino de Monte-Carlo and champagne lunches at the country’s most luxurious restaurants.

  1. Go Climbing and Mountaineering in Canada

If you are passionate about mountain climbing, you should experience mountaineering in the Canadian Rockies. The Canadian Rockies are home to some of the world’s most epic and exciting backcountry terrains, which makes them one of the best places to climb mountains.

Stretching southeast from British Columbia to the border of the US and Canada, the Rockies offer excellent mountain and rock-climbing opportunities, ideal for thrill-seekers. You can choose from different climbing routes that best suit your abilities. Some of the peaks to climb are Mount Victoria, Mount Fay, Castle Mountain, Mount Athabasca, and the king of the range, Mount Robson.

Home to thousands of picturesque islands with stunning beaches and a warm climate all year round, Greece attracts millions of travellers looking to the sun, sea, and sand. The best way to get around the country and discover its many great islands is by booking a luxury vacation in Greece to do some island-hopping!

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Begin your adventure in Santorini or Mykonos, two of the most popular islands in Greece. Head to Paros or Ios, where you can enjoy some fun water sports.

Hawaii has some of the world’s most scenic hiking trails, making it a perfect destination for a trekking trip. Trekking in Hawaii will take you to majestic waterfalls, lush forests, and remote beaches.

One of the best trails to conquer is the Kalalau Trail on the island of Kauai. The iconic trail takes you to Na Pali Coast, famous for its jagged cliffs jutting out of the vast ocean waters. It’s an 11-mile trail, which requires trekking through beautiful beaches like Hanakapi’ai and Kee, where you can enjoy a swim after a day of hiking.

5 Ways to Create Adventure and Joy Every Day

5 Ways to Create Adventure and Joy Every Day

Life can get monotonous with the daily grind. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are easy, simple ways that you can make life fun everyday. Before I give you the 5 tips to bring more adventure and joy into your life, I’ll share with you how I realized how important it is to integrate these tips into your life.

Over a decade ago I was enamored with the Jack Kerouac road-trippin’ adventurous lifestyle. I got on a plane to Costa Rica with only a small backpack and a guide book. No plans, no reservations and barely a word of Spanish on my tongue. That same year I traveled across Canada with a friend and spent my summer picking cherries in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. These adventures sparked freedom and joy into my life. I knew I had to maintain this feeling.

When I moved to Vancouver to pursue my studies in nutrition, I knew I had to bring that quality of adventure into my everyday life. I thought about how when you are traveling, or on the road, every new landscape is breathtaking. Every moment is a joyous surprise. I received pleasure from walks through unknown streets and forests on my many travels, and realized how simple it could be to bring this joy and adventure into my every day.

That was 8 years ago now, and to this day I still look for the adventure and joy in the everyday. Here are 5 of my favorite ways to keep life exciting:

1. Follow Your Feet

Let your feet guide you. When you go on a walk that is meant for enjoyment, instead of having a pre-conceived route of where you think your walk or run will take you, let your feet speak for you. It is an intuitive practice of allowing your body to guide you, and often leads to the discovery of new streets, parks, and a total sense of adventure. As you set out on your walk with the intention of your feet being your guide, you will find that your body will have a pull to a certain direction—go with it. To this day I still discover new roads, routes, and gorgeous havens that amaze me all the time. I recently found a magical forest near one of my favorite beaches. I couldn’t believe that 8 years went by and I hadn’t discovered it until about a week ago. That’s the beauty of adventure and following your feet!

2. Take Mini-Trips

Month-long and year-long adventures are not realistic for many people. But most of us can find a day or a weekend to get out of town and explore. Getting out of your city and exploring a new city or quiet rural village, or island, is an adventurous way to spark joy into your life. Out here in Vancouver, there are many islands near the mainland that feel like I am far away from the bustle of my own city and transport me to a whole new life, if even for just a weekend. Whether you live near some islands, or are simply a few hours away from another gorgeous city or town, getting out of your everyday surroundings helps to spark your spirit and rejuvenate your sense of appreciation and joy for the little things.

3. Use a different route to work

If you are not in a huge rush and can afford an extra 10 minutes to give a new route a try, do it! Through walking or driving down a different street you may discover a new shop or park that you never knew existed. So many treasures often lurk just meters away from us. If you always stay on the same path, you will never know what wonders are just around the corner. Since not taking your regular route can throw your timing off balance I recommend leaving your house a few minutes earlier to account for the minor time difference it may take. It is incredible how just one block over you may discover the place you dreamed of.

4. Shop for groceries somewhere new.

I find when I travel, the supermarkets and stores are always so different than what I am used to back home. Usually it’s because I am in some mega store in the USA where there is ten times the options as here in Canada, or I’m in Mexico astonished at their wide selection of tropical fruits and tortillas, and small overall assortment of food through the aisles. Nonetheless it contributes to the adventure of discovering a new place. I do the same thing here. There are a few major chain stores and several mini-marts. I find that when I go into a store I rarely visit, I discover an exciting and different array of options, and it contributes to a sense of adventure in my discovery of something new to try. It’s amazing how these little things really add a sense of adventure to your day.

5. Do something out of the ordinary.

When I travel I am always checking out new cafes and restaurants. My daily routine changes and I am living more in the moment. When I am lacking adventure, I’ll purposefully get out of my regular routine, and head off to a new café as if I was traveling, or start my day off in a slightly different manner. If you find that every Saturday you have the same weekend routine, splash it up by deliberately changing what you do. It may involve going out to eat somewhere different, or putting your chores on hold while you craft up something new and fun to do. During the week you might decide to set your alarm a little earlier so that you can start your day differently, perhaps with a little walk or reading a book. The little changes that you make to your daily or weekend routine create a sense of novelty and joy.

Now it’s your turn. Did this article inspire you? Then put it into action! Take one of these tips and mark down in your calendar when you plan to engage in your first adventure. Then have fun with it and see where the adventure takes you. Report your plans and insights in the comments below. Let’s all live with a little more adventure and fun in our lives.

What Is Adventure and What Does It Mean to Be Adventurous

Adventure is a word that is so often used, but does anyone REALLY know what it means?

What is adventure? What does it mean to be adventurous?

Heck, our blog name even has the word adventure in it! Does it always have to entail jumping off airplanes or diving through shipwrecks (both of which we’ve actually done)? Sure, by those standards you could say Tom and I are adventurous travelers.

We love going off to the unknown to experience something new. If we were standing by a waterfall and someone tells Tom to jump, without blinking an eye, he would. Our bucket list consists of cage diving with great white sharks, trekking through the Amazon Jungle, and bungee jumping off a bridge.

But, is that really what adventure is?

I turned to my trusty friend Google and it gave me the definition of;

Adventure Meaning

“Engaging in an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.”

Sure, that covered all our bases, but to us, adventure means so much more. Yes, we realize that our idea of adventure may be completely different from the person sitting next to us.

We might find that eating strange Filipino street food (like fried bugs and animal innards) is adventurous to us, but to the average local person, eating those is part of their everyday life.

Although somewhat perplexing, I realized that it was part of the beauty of adventure. It is the fact that each person has a different opinion of what adventure is.

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Adventure is about…

going out of your comfort zone to open yourself up to the experiences and beauty that life gives you, no matter what path you choose to go on.

Adventure is all about taking each experience, regardless if you know the outcome or not and facing it head-on. It is about seeing the world from a different perspective, even if you’ve seen it a million times before.

It is choosing to see the beauty from the ordinary and finding ways on how to do it differently.

Editor’s Note: Check out the Best Adventure Quotes of all time if you have a minute!

Travel quotes - adventures are the best way to learn

So just because we are jumping off 200m high gorges, bathing elephant and climbing volcanoes, does it mean that our adventure is better than everyone else’s? Absolutely not.

To us, adventure is stepping out of your comfort zone by doing something that you normally wouldn’t do. From helping out a random person to working up the courage to make friends with a stranger. It is about finding something that you love and pursuing it relentlessly.

Adventure is Not…

always about going away to some exotic destination, but about finding excitement in both the new and the old.

It is exploring where you are and choosing to look at it differently. It’s about going on a road trip not because you want to reach a particular destination, but because the journey there would awesome! Adventure can be found in our everyday lives. In the little things. If only you choose to see it.

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Travel quotes - adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you

Adventure Could Mean…

taking the selfless leap of raising a family.

Massive recognition needs to be given to people entering the roller coaster of parenthood as they take on the role of becoming a mother and father, or sometimes even both. Both my sisters are raising families of their own and there isn’t a day that goes by where I am not proud of what they are doing.

For some people, getting married and having kids may be the biggest adventure that they will ever take on, but they do it none the less. They face it with nothing but determination and selflessness in order to provide the best for their families.

Adventure Could Also Mean…

working your ass off to become successful in your job.

Whether you are building a business or making a name for yourself in your company, if that is what you want in life, why should you not view it as an adventure? Some people put their blood, sweat and tears into a job where they constantly strive to build their skills on a daily basis.

As long as you see the bigger picture and are working towards a goal, pursuing your career could be your adventure. To us, growing this blog has been an adventure in itself. It has its ups and its downs, but every day, we wake up realizing how lucky we are to be able to pursue our passions in life.

Travel quotes - life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

Adventure could mean spicing up your daily routine by trying out a new meal, ordering your coffee in a different way, or even something as simple as trying out a new look from time to time. In any situation, you can find different ways to be adventurous as you try something new and exciting.

Adventure is about trying out new experiences, whether you will like it or not. I must admit that even though I have jumped off planes and have done more adventurous things than anyone in my family, I often get scared. Just the thought of jumping off high places make my palms sweat and my heart race.

However, I do them anyways. Why? Because I don’t want to live my life in the safety of my comfort zone. I want to live a life that exhilarates and excites me.

Travel quotes - the biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams

At the End of the Day, Adventure is About…

seizing opportunities and taking on life with nothing but passion, enthusiasm and excitement.

Our point is that every day should be treated as an adventure. Whether you are hiking through the Sahara desert, growing an enterprise, or chasing your kids down your yard, choose to look every day with a sense of marvel and excitement.

Dare yourself to do something out of the ordinary and breakaway from your everyday routines.

This is what adventure means to us. Pursuing whatever you want out of life relentlessly and passionately. So to those that say adventure is only for those that hike through caves and trek through jungles, hear this. Adventure is a choice.

Life is a big adventure and it is up to YOU to choose how you are going to live it.

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Everyone talks about going on an adventure. but really, what the hell does adventure mean?

Editor In Chief

Anna is the Editor in Chief of this blog and has been traveling the world for the last 9 years. She is passionate about discovering incredible food spots, good travel gear, and outdoor adventures. When she isn’t outdoors, you can find her eating her way around the world.

19 thoughts on “What Is Adventure and What Does It Mean to Be Adventurous”

Adventure is when you have no safety net…you’re thousands of miles away from rescue and completely on your own, reliant on yourself for the life and death decisions you have to make in order to survive the next five minutes. There’s a split second between absolute fear and the realization that you’re experiencing true adventure when you know that you are incredibly alive. Every cell you possess will tingle and the act of living is an amazing burst of clarity.That moment is the most electric connection to living a person can ever feel. After that….bungee jumping and ‘crazy travel’ seem no more exciting than a day at Disneyland. My first time was when handling an open cockpit trimaran in the South China Sea during a massive monsoon typhoon and lightning bolts the size of giant tree’s were crashing down all around me as 40 to 60 foot swells threatened to tear me away from the wheel in the driving rain and vicious winds. That micro-second of light created by the lightning bolts allowed me to see the deadly black chaos surrounding me. There was no calling 911 or going back to the hotel to change my shorts. I either had the balls to hang on and use all my fierce skill to survive or I could freak out and die…that’s adventure friends….and once you’ve had it…nothing else comes close. When dawn broke and the wind had subsided I saw we were surrounded by a forest of tornado’s walking across the surface of the sea…calm by comparison to what I’d been through the night before. In the distance I saw the broken wreck of a freighter that had been cracked open across an exposed reef in some previous storm…likely causing the death of all aboard. I was still a thousand miles off the north coast of Borneo and a thousand miles west of the Palawan…and my journey had just begun.

WOW!! That sounds intense..and sure as hell sounds like an adventure! Glad you made it out alive to tell the tale @jwesthardin:disqus

I like your thoughts about adventure, and I agree with you. You can make a simple day adventurous by stepping out of your ordinary routine, doing things differently or seeing life in a beautiful way. I think that, a lot of times as travelers we see travel or crazy travel experiences like jumping out of a plane in Australia as the way to be adventurous. But, you are completely right. Adventure can be having the courage to start a family or quitting your job and following your dreams, whatever those may be.

Exactly! Glad you got what we were trying to say. Thanks for reading @Fromtourist2local:disqus

I love people who tell me they are jealous of my adventures. My adventures occur because I am willing to take the chance and step out of my comfort zone. Personally, I feel that adventure is what you make of it. Some people its going somewhere new others, its extreme sports. Adventure is something you do to expand yourself.

Exactly! It doesn’t always have to mean crazy stunts or travels!

I’ve been called “adventurous” because I’ve swam with great whites, skydived, and rappelled down a mountain. But I don’t consider myself adventurous at all. I’m actually a very big chicken. But I want to experience life and live it fully, so I guess no one will ever really be able to agree on a definition.

Hahaha! I’m a big chicken too-I just work up the courage to do it..because I always think to myself that life is too short to live within the bounds of our comfort zone!

LOVE this post. “It is about seizing opportunities and taking on life with nothing but passion, enthusiasm and excitement.” YES! That’s what we’re all about and all about inspiring – whatever that opportunity or passion happens to be! Adventure can totally be applied to anything in life if it means stepping outside your comfort zone, venturing into unknown territory and finding and going for your passion no matter what that may be!! Bookmarking this to share!

Thank you @carolannandmacrae:disqus!!

Great post. Adventure means different things to different people. Perhaps that’s why it’s so hard to define, one person’s adventure may be someone else’s boring routine. That’s way its always important to keep growing, learning and challenging yourself.

I’m not sure I’d quite stretch “adventure” to everything you mention in your post, but completely agree that “adventure” is about stretching your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be exciting. In fact, I prefer safer adventures, the Christopher Robin-type adventures Nothing wrong with that.

Safe adventures are perfectly fine as well, like I said, your adventures may be someone else’s routine and vice versa! Thanks for reading!

I’m with you. An adventure is anything you want it to be, all it takes is the right frame of mind.

I am huge on seizing opportunities frequently to free myself. Adventure to me means making freeing but sometimes uncomfortable choices to create a freeing, epic, fun, fascinating, inspired life. I have circled the globe for 4 years after not taking a vacation for 22 years. I dove in Keep on inspiring!

Thanks @ryanbiddulph:disqus !! Unlike Tom I actually get quite scared before doing crazy stuff, but like you said, it is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and freeing yourself!

I have a series on my site called tales from the anti-adventurist – because for me, being adventurous means wearing white after Labor Day or taking a bike ride! But I’ve learned you don’t have to be wild to enjoy travel – it’s about pushing your own personal limits, not keeping up with the crowd. Sometimes the best adventures are quiet ones. Great post!

Love it! We will definitely check out your series! Yes, exactly. Some people think adventure has to be something big and exciting but really, it is about expanding and experiencing!

Love this! For us an adventure is also just getting out of our comfort zone and trying something new. We travel with a 5 yr old in tow, so most days everything is an adventure for him and it helps us see it as something new and exciting too!




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