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## Where to Put Your Cell Phone While Scuba Diving


Scuba diving is an exhilarating experience that allows adventurers to explore the underwater world. However, one common dilemma faced by divers is where to safely and conveniently store their cell phones while submerged. Here’s a comprehensive guide to various options and their respective pros and cons.

Options for Storing Cell Phones:

1. Dry Box:

Waterproof and keeps the phone completely dry.
Easily attaches to your dive gear.
Can be bulky and restrict movement.
May not fit larger phones.

2. Phone Case with Waterproof Pouch:

Compact and easy to use.
Protects the phone from splashes and light water exposure.
Not submersible in depths beyond shallow snorkeling.
May not be compatible with all phone models.

3. Camera Filter Mount:

Mounts the phone securely to your diving mask.
Allows for hands-free photography and videography.
Requires a compatible filter mount.
Can obstruct your field of vision when not in use.

4. Floating Bag:

Keeps the phone buoyant on the water’s surface.
Easy to access and retrieve.
Not waterproof and can expose the phone to water damage.
May interfere with your buoyancy control.

5. Dive Buddy Storage:

Convenient if you have a dive buddy who can hold onto the phone.
Frees up your hands and allows you to focus on diving.
Relies on the reliability of your dive buddy.
May be less secure than other options.

Factors to Consider:

Depth and Dive Duration: The depth and duration of your dive will determine the level of water resistance required for your phone protection.
Phone Size and Model: Not all storage options are compatible with all phone models and sizes.
Safety and Accessibility: Choose an option that provides both safety and easy access to your phone when needed.
Convenience and Comfort: Consider your personal preferences and what works best for your diving style and equipment.

Additional Tips:

Invest in a waterproof phone case for added protection, even if using a dry box.
Keep the phone turned off to conserve battery power.
Test your storage method in shallow water before a deep dive.
Avoid exposing the phone to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.


Storing your cell phone while scuba diving requires careful consideration of your needs and preferences. By choosing the appropriate option and following these tips, you can protect your device and have peace of mind while exploring the underwater realm. Remember, the most important aspect is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your diving experience.

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