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## How Much is Bungee Jumping in Macau Tower?


Macau Tower, standing tall at 338 meters, offers one of the most exhilarating and iconic bungee jumping experiences in the world. Whether you’re a seasoned thrill-seeker or a first-time jumper, the adrenaline rush and panoramic views from Macau Tower’s observation deck are unforgettable. In this article, we’ll delve into the costs associated with bungee jumping at Macau Tower and guide you through the booking process.

**Cost of Bungee Jumping**

The cost of bungee jumping in Macau Tower varies depending on the package you choose and the time of year.

* **Standard Jump:**

* **Weekday:** 2,330 MOP (approximately $290 USD)
* **Weekend:** 2,530 MOP (approximately $315 USD)

* **Deluxe Jump:**

* Includes a commemorative video and photo package.
* **Weekday:** 2,630 MOP (approximately $325 USD)
* **Weekend:** 2,830 MOP (approximately $350 USD)

**Factors Affecting Price**

Several factors can influence the price of bungee jumping at Macau Tower:

* **Season:** Prices are typically higher during peak season (July-August).
* **Time of Day:** Jumps later in the evening often come with a surcharge.
* **Package:** Opting for the Deluxe Jump with the video and photo package will increase the cost.

**Booking Process**

To book your bungee jumping experience at Macau Tower, follow these steps:

1. **Visit the Official Website:** Head to the Macau Tower website ( and navigate to the “Bungee Jump” section.
2. **Select a Package:** Choose the Standard Jump or Deluxe Jump package based on your preferences.
3. **Check Availability:** Select your desired date and time and check for availability.
4. **Provide Personal Information:** Fill out the online form with your name, contact information, and weight.
5. **Make Payment:** Proceed to make the payment using a credit card or other accepted methods.
6. **Receive Confirmation:** You will receive an email confirmation with your booking details and jump time.

**Additional Costs**

Besides the base price of the jump, there may be additional costs to consider:

* **Transportation:** Getting to and from Macau Tower may require taxi or bus fares.
* **Camera Rental:** If you want to capture your jump with your own camera, you can rent one at an additional cost.
* **Souvenirs:** Macau Tower offers a range of souvenirs, such as photos and videos of your jump, which can be purchased onsite.

**Safety Measures**

Macau Tower adheres to strict safety standards to ensure the well-being of jumpers. All participants are required to:

* Be at least 10 years old and weigh between 40 and 140 kilograms (88-308 pounds).
* Sign a waiver acknowledging the risks involved.
* Wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
* Follow the instructions of the jumpmasters and safety guidelines.


Bungee jumping at Macau Tower is an unforgettable experience that comes with a price tag. The cost ranges from $290 to $350 USD, depending on the package and time of year. While the initial investment may seem substantial, the memories and thrill you gain are priceless. By following the steps outlined above, you can book your bungee jumping adventure and prepare for an adrenaline-filled day at the iconic Macau Tower.

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