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## How to Speedrun Launch Paraglider

Speedrunning launch paraglider is a skill that takes practice and patience to master. With the right technique, you can launch your paraglider quickly and efficiently, giving you a head start on your flight.

### Step 1: Prepare Your Gear

Before you can launch your paraglider, you need to make sure that all of your gear is in order. This includes your paraglider, harness, helmet, and reserve parachute.

Paraglider: Make sure that your paraglider is properly laid out and free of any tangles.
Harness: Adjust your harness so that it is snug but not too tight. You should be able to move around freely, but the harness should not be loose enough to slide around.
Helmet: Wear a helmet every time you fly. A helmet will protect your head in the event of a crash.
Reserve parachute: Your reserve parachute is a safety device that you can use in the event of an emergency. Make sure that your reserve parachute is properly packed and attached to your harness.

### Step 2: Find a Suitable Launch Site

The launch site you choose will depend on the conditions of the day. Look for a site that is free of obstacles and has a gentle slope. The wind should be blowing into the slope, which will help you to launch your paraglider.

### Step 3: Lay Out Your Paraglider

Once you have found a suitable launch site, lay out your paraglider on the ground. Make sure that the leading edge is facing into the wind and that the trailing edge is spread out evenly.

### Step 4: Attach Your Lines

Attach your lines to the paraglider bridle. Make sure that the lines are free of any tangles.

### Step 5: Position Yourself

Stand behind your paraglider with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grip the brake toggles with your hands.

### Step 6: Launch

To launch your paraglider, take a few steps forward and pull up on the brake toggles. The paraglider will inflate and lift you into the air.

### Step 7: Control Your Flight

Once you are in the air, you can control your flight by using the brake toggles. Pulling on the brake toggles will slow you down, while releasing the brake toggles will speed you up. To turn, pull on the brake toggle on the side that you want to turn towards.

### Tips for Speedrunning Launch Paraglider

Practice: The best way to improve your launch technique is to practice. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with the process.
Use a launch assist: A launch assist can help you to get your paraglider into the air quickly and efficiently. There are a variety of different launch assists available, so do some research to find one that suits your needs.
Be patient: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t master launch paraglider right away. It takes time and practice to develop the necessary skills.

### Conclusion

Speedrunning launch paraglider is a skill that can take your paragliding to the next level. With the right technique, you can launch your paraglider quickly and efficiently, giving you a head start on your flight. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can improve your launch technique and become a better paraglider pilot.

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