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## Where Was the Skydiving for the TV Show “Cutaway” Filmed?

The thrilling skydiving scenes in the TV show “Cutaway” were shot in several locations to capture the diverse landscapes and provide a realistic backdrop for the characters’ adventures. Let’s explore the specific locations where these adrenaline-pumping sequences were filmed:

### Southern California

Skydive Elsinore (Lake Elsinore)

Located approximately 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Skydive Elsinore is one of the most renowned skydiving dropzones in Southern California. Its prime location, with sweeping views of the Santa Rosa Mountains, provided the perfect setting for the breathtaking skydiving scenes in “Cutaway.” The experienced tandem instructors at Skydive Elsinore ensured the safety of the cast and crew throughout the filming process.

### Utah

Zion National Park

The iconic sandstone cliffs and vibrant red rock formations of Zion National Park served as a stunning backdrop for the skydiving scenes in the “Cutaway” episode titled “Birds of Prey.” The park’s vast wilderness and awe-inspiring scenery added an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the high-altitude sequences.

### Nevada

Skydive Mesquite (Mesquite)

This popular dropzone near Las Vegas was used to film the skydiving scenes in the “Cutaway” episode titled “The Fall.” The expansive views of the Mojave Desert and the proximity to the city’s vibrant nightlife made Skydive Mesquite an ideal location for the show’s production.

### Additional Locations

In addition to the primary filming locations mentioned above, some of the skydiving scenes in “Cutaway” were also filmed in other locations, including:

– Skydive Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe, California)
– Skydive Big Sky (Big Sky, Montana)
– Skydive Sebastian (Sebastian, Florida)

### Behind-the-Scenes Safety Measures

The safety of the cast and crew was paramount during the filming of the skydiving scenes in “Cutaway.” The production team worked closely with experienced skydiving professionals and followed strict safety protocols. Specialized cameras were mounted on the skydivers’ helmets to capture the breathtaking footage.

### Conclusion

The skydiving sequences in the TV show “Cutaway” transported viewers into a world of adrenaline and adventure. The diverse filming locations, from the picturesque landscapes of Southern California to the rugged beauty of Zion National Park, amplified the impact of these thrilling scenes. With the utmost attention to safety, the production team captured breathtaking footage that left audiences on the edge of their seats.

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