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## How to Equip Skydive Emotes in Apex Legends

Skydive emotes are a fun way to show off your personality in Apex Legends. They can be equipped in the Legends menu, and there are a variety of different emotes to choose from.

To equip a skydive emote:

1. Go to the Legends menu.
2. Select the Legend you want to equip the emote for.
3. Click on the “Emotes” tab.
4. Select the emote you want to equip.
5. Click on the “Equip” button.

Your skydive emote will now be equipped and will be played automatically when you skydive from the dropship.

Here are some tips for choosing a skydive emote:

Choose an emote that reflects your personality.
Choose an emote that you think is cool or funny.
Choose an emote that you think will make your friends laugh.

Here is a list of all the skydive emotes in Apex Legends:

Air Guitar
Chicken Dance
Fist Pump
High Five
Jump Up
Peace Out

In addition to the skydive emotes listed above, there are also a number of exclusive skydive emotes that can be obtained through the following methods:

Pre-ordering the game
Purchasing the Battle Pass
Participating in special events

Here is a list of all the exclusive skydive emotes in Apex Legends:

Bloodhound: The Hunt
Gibraltar: The Shield
Lifeline: The Medic
Mirage: The Decoy
Octane: The Speedster
Pathfinder: The Grappler
Wraith: The Phase Walker

Skydive emotes are a great way to add some personality to your Apex Legends experience. So experiment with different emotes and find one that you love!

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