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## How to Treat PVC Rubber River Whitwater Rafts

### Introduction

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rubber river whitwater rafts are durable and versatile, but they can also be damaged by the sun, heat, and abrasion. Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of your raft and keep it performing at its best.

### Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of raft care is cleaning. Dirt, sand, and other debris can build up on the raft’s surface, which can damage the fabric and make it more difficult to paddle.

To clean your raft, follow these steps:

1. Rinse the raft with fresh water.
2. Use a mild soap and water solution to wash the raft.
3. Rinse the raft thoroughly with fresh water.
4. Allow the raft to dry completely.

### Storage

When you’re not using your raft, it’s important to store it properly to protect it from the elements. Here are some tips for storing your raft:

Store the raft in a cool, dry place.
Avoid storing the raft in direct sunlight.
If you’re storing the raft for an extended period of time, apply a coat of UV protectant to the fabric.
Deflate the raft and fold it loosely.
Do not store the raft in a compressed state.

### Repairs

If your raft is damaged, it’s important to repair it promptly to prevent further damage. Here are some tips for repairing your raft:

Small punctures can be repaired with a patch kit.
Large punctures or tears may require professional repair.
If you’re not sure how to repair your raft, consult with a rafting expert.

### Safety

When you’re using your raft, it’s important to follow these safety tips:

Always wear a life jacket.
Never overload the raft.
Be aware of your surroundings.
Avoid paddling in whitewater that is too challenging for your skill level.
If you have any doubts about your safety, err on the side of caution.

### Conclusion

By following these tips, you can keep your PVC rubber river whitwater raft in good condition for many years to come. Remember, proper care and maintenance is essential for keeping your raft safe and reliable.

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