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## How to Inflate a River Run Raft

A river run raft is a great way to enjoy a day on the river with friends or family. They are relatively easy to inflate, but there are a few things you need to know to do it properly.

### Materials

– River run raft
– Air pump
– Inflation needle
– Repair kit

### Instructions

1. Unfold the raft. Carefully unfold the raft and lay it out on a flat surface. Make sure that the valves are all closed.
2. Attach the inflation needle to the air pump. Most air pumps will come with an inflation needle that is specific to the type of raft you have. If you are not sure which inflation needle to use, consult your raft’s manual.
3. Insert the inflation needle into the valve. Locate the valve on the raft and insert the inflation needle into it. Make sure that the needle is fully inserted into the valve.
4. Begin inflating the raft. Start pumping air into the raft using the air pump. You will need to pump for several minutes until the raft is fully inflated.
5. Check the pressure. Once the raft is fully inflated, check the pressure using the pressure gauge on the air pump. The pressure should be between 2 and 3 PSI.
6. Close the valve. Once the raft is inflated to the desired pressure, close the valve. Make sure that the valve is fully closed.
7. Inspect the raft. Before you get on the raft, inspect it for any leaks. If you find any leaks, use the repair kit to patch them.

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### Tips

– Make sure that the raft is completely dry before you store it.
– Store the raft in a cool, dry place.
– Avoid exposing the raft to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

### Troubleshooting

– If you are having trouble inflating the raft, make sure that the inflation needle is fully inserted into the valve.
– If the raft is not inflating evenly, try moving the air pump around to different areas of the raft.
– If the raft is leaking, use the repair kit to patch the leak.

### Conclusion

Inflating a river run raft is a relatively easy task. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your raft is inflated properly and ready to use.

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