10 Reasons Adventure Travel is Good for You

Adventure travel is good for you in many different ways. It helps you feel better on the inside and outside, while providing you with tons of new experiences.

Everyone deserves a good adventure and traveling is the best way to achieve it. Adventure travel – going beyond the sandy beaches and city breaks – can have plenty of benefits aside from providing you with enjoyment and memories. Here are the ten reasons adventure travel is good for you and why you might want to book your next holiday right away.

1. Learn to stay cool under pressure

Adventure travel will throw tricky situations on your way. But being faced with these situations will only help you learn how to deal with them better. You’ll gain strength and confidence to deal with life’s many sides. Next time you have an emergency at work, you can just close your eyes and think back on how the single bar of Bertie Beetle saved your life.

2. Gain perspective on your life

Seeing new situations, learning about nature at its rawest, and experiencing new cultures and traditions will give a new perspective on life. You will see your own troubles and the good things you have much clearer when things around you are so different from your own experiences. You can distance yourself from your current situation and take a fresh look at the things around you. Perhaps it’s time to learn a new skill at NewSkill.com.au or ditch the self-obsessed spouse.

3. Prove your abilities

Adventure travel is the perfect confidence booster. Surviving a night at the airport, sleeping in a tent under the stars next to Uluru, and eating Indomie instant noodles for two days in a row is bound to make you feel invincible. If you survive a good adventure with its vicissitudes, you’ll survive anything. You can better understand your strengths – perhaps you are great at managing conflict situations or your physical fitness is much better than you gave yourself credit for.

4. Live within your means

You won’t have access to life’s little luxuries on an adventure travel. In fact, you probably need to learn to use your limited budget and make the most out of it to be able to experience an adventure in the first place. You’ll learn to live within your means and find those secret online travel deals at OZCodes.com.au. You will become the master of managing your finances, creating big experiences from a few resources.

5. Forge new relationships

Traveling is the best way to meet new friends or to strengthen your existing friendships. You’ll meet new people, creating long lasting relationships with people who you wouldn’t otherwise have met.But you’ll also learn to appreciate the friends you already have more when you’re not spending time with them.

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6. Improve your health

Outdoor activities have been shown to improve health and therefore, adventure travel can boost your wellbeing. You stay more active, you get fresh air and these will contribute to your health improving and staying strong. The best part about it is that you don’t even feel like doing a lot of work – you’ll be having fun, spending time with friends and being surrounded by amazing scenery and beautiful wildlife.

7. Learn a new skill

Whether you learn how to make ten different types of ropes, turn can of SAFCOL tuna into a delicious meal, or speak Spanish with the help of local herders (and Duolingo app), you are bound to learn something new. The skills will be put to use later on in life, no matter how obscure they might.

8. Grow your brain

Not only can you become healthier as a result of adventure travel, you are also going to boost your brainpower. According to a study, people who had exercised outdoors had more activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain than before the exercise. Furthermore, adventure has been shown to increase the activity in hippocampus, which is an important part of the brain in terms of memory and learning.

9. Help local people

Traveling can sometimes have a bad reputation, but there are responsible travel companies out there and eco-friendly travel is possible. In fact, if you are smart at picking your destinations, using guides like The Outbound Collective, you can put money into local communities and help people in the remote and poor parts of the world prosper. By visiting these destinations, you can help preserve them and grow the local economies.

10. Realize your dreams

You can realize your dreams with the help of adventure travel. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef or spend time learning about Native American tribes. It can even be something such as doing things on you own or spending more time with your family – whatever your dreams, you can realize them during traveling and go even further.

As the above shows, adventure travel is good for you in many different ways. It helps you feel better on the inside and outside, while providing you with tons of new experiences. You’ll gain new skills and knowledge, which you can put to good use later on in life. So, don’t wait any longer, but go out and experience an adventure!

We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures and follow local regulations. Please explore responsibly!

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Why People Are Passionate About Travel

Whether it is India or abroad, it is not difficult to find people who are love travel more than anything. Even though the population of ardent vacationers in India is quite less than that of those living in more developed countries, the number is still big enough to motivate those living around them. The non-travelers often have a question to ask- why do people travel? What is there in wandering around places, which people cannot find in their homes? The answer is simple, yet complicated.

Many travelers, before they become full-time travelers, think that travel for leisure is not easy. They would think that it is difficult to be out of the town for days or weeks without going bankrupt. However, it is better to realize that visiting new places and meeting new people is better than squandering the time on virtual friendships online or watching Big Boss every night. Before their eyesight begins to fail them or they die of cancer someday, the travelers find it better to gain the real experience of their valuable lives.

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Travel helps people unwind after long months of work, relax on a beach, and figure out the direction of their lives. They find a solution to their relationship issues only by getting out of their house. As Mark Twain once quoted that you can quickly figure out whether you love someone or despise them just by vacationing with them. Travel helps people shed their reservations and shyness, and bring a change in their otherwise dull existence.

Travel makes travelers gain patience wisdom, perspective, appreciation, and relationships. When you go to new place, you have to deal with a lot of unexpected things. You need to deal with different kinds of people, try foods you may or may not want to eat, adapt to new cultures- all these things teach patience.

Living at home lets publics have a lot of luxuries that they may take for granted. At home, they may never value water, electricity, food, and clothes. However, when they have to pay the price on the road for the necessities of life, they start valuing things more than ever. They realize the things that they always neglected in the city are actually luxuries for more than half a population across the globe.

Being on their own forces them to take decisions without any help from people they always trusted, which gives wisdom and experience. There can be more than one ways to solve one problem. Being on the go lets one see things from other’s perspectives and how they deal with the same issues as that of theirs. They may gain the view that some problems are no issues at all; they are big concerns only in mind.

One common thing that travel lets them experience is deconditioning. While watching people with different mannerisms of eating, clothing, speaking, lazing, commuting, they tend to appreciate various forms of leading lives. They tend to distance themselves from the stubborn ways of religion, food habits, clothing, desires, and needs that you were always habitual of. The realization that everything you saw since your childhood is not absolute and unquestionable; it may be just a perspective of their society that may alter with geography.

Travelers are often less stubborn than regular folks who have never seen anything outside their city. They are, in other words, the proverbial frog in the well. Although any rare wanderer would demean others, the fact is that one needs to learn the ways to unlearn so that they can vacate some space in their mind and heart to accommodate new things. Only a traveler can define the true meaning of travel, or maybe even he or she cannot do so because the definition and goals of travel differ for each person. One needs to experience an occurrence on one’s own to find out the meaning or implications of it in life soon. So why wait, pack you bag and explore some new places with your loved ones, book self-drive car for an unstoppable journey.

10 Reasons Why Adventure Travel Is Good for You

For the past several years, I have been writing about adventure topics for the Good Nature Travel blog, on everything from the merits of bumpy roads to tracking devices on narwhals. From my own thoughts on adventure to the latest scientific research, we’ve covered a lot of ground together.

Looking over all of these articles since my first appeared here on February 9, 2010, I realize that one theme keeps showing up: adventure travel is simply good for you. So I’ve compiled a Top 10 list of the reasons why.

While there are several physical health benefits to adventure travel (see nos. 1, 2 and 3, below), the advantages for your mental wellness are just as impressive (nos. 4, 5 and 6). Too, adventure travel can enlighten your soul (nos. 7 and 8 ) and even help save the world (nos. 9 and 10).

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Can you think of anything else that can do all that?

One wilderness just doesn’t seem to be enough; your soul quickly calls for more. ©Candice Gaukel Andrews

One wilderness just doesn’t seem to be enough; your soul quickly calls for more. ©Candice Gaukel Andrews

1) When you get dirty, you improve your physical health.

Scientists have recently reported that our modern obsession with cleanliness might be leading to a rise in allergies, asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. Getting dirty could just be the best path to developing a strong immune system. Going on adventures means getting dirty—and healthier.

2) Outdoor activities can prevent (or treat) a wide range of health problems.

Doctors around the country are now handing out “park prescriptions” for conditions ranging from heart disease to obesity to attention deficit disorder. Adventure travel takes park prescriptions to the next level.

3) There are no age limits on adventure.

Anyone can make nature a playground. Adventure travel is an activity you can stick with for life.

4) Take a hike, get a bigger brain.

Research indicates that hiking or walking grows brains. Typically, your hippocampus gets smaller once you hit your mid 50s, leading to memory loss. But a group of middle-aged adults that took three, 40-minute walks a week for a year grew their hippocampi, on average, by 2 percent, which could improve their retention for years. Hiking adventures will keep you mentally sharp.

5) Going on adventures raises your tolerance for uncertainty.

Placing yourself in situations where things don’t always go as planned—such as on an adventure trip—helps you learn to cope with the uncertainties in life. And there is no shortage of those.

6) Adventure travel lets you safely “try on” alternate lives.

One of the best things about embarking on an adventure is that you can shed your familiar skin for a while and pretend to be anything you want to be—before you take a drastic and permanent step. Who would you be if you lived there?

7) Going on adventures fosters reflectiveness, a mental skill often in short supply today.

Adventures give us pleasant memories, which we often bring back to the forefront of our minds for reminiscing. This means that our journeys “marinate” awhile, an especially valuable exercise these days when we’re all so perpetually busy that most of what we do passes by in a flash and is gone forever—without having any real meaning attached to it. But reliving our adventures again and again allows us the time—and capability—to learn something from them.

In nine years, global warming may become impossible to reverse. Individuals will need to step up their environmental efforts, if the world is to survive. Those special individuals will be adventure travelers. ©Candice Gaukel Andrews

Adventure travelers need to become environmental activists. ©Candice Gaukel Andrews

8 ) Adventure travel feeds your dreams and builds your confidence.

The editor of National Geographic Traveler Magazine once suggested that the “Cycle of Travel” went like this: 1) dream, 2) plan, 3) go, 4) share. But no matter how many steps it takes to get there, the one thing that’s certain about traveling to spectacular nature spots is that it soon becomes addictive. Experiencing one wilderness just doesn’t seem to be enough; your soul quickly calls for more. And each time you go, you find yourself changing. Adventures build your confidence; and with each successive one, you challenge yourself just a little bit more. I would add a fifth step to the Travel Cycle: dream bigger.

9) Adventure experiences remedy a societal ill: loss of adventurous children and the extinguishing of wanderlust.

Today, the United States is facing what some have described as an epidemic: the loss of the adventurous childhood. The Outdoor Foundation reports that youth participation in outside activities has declined for three straight years. And when parents overschedule kids and insist on being involved in every one of their activities—when they become “helicopter parents”—they kill a child’s desire to explore. The spark for wanderlust goes out, permanently.

10) Adventure travelers may be more important than ever for saving the world.

Some scientists warn that in nine years’ time (or less), global warming will become impossible to reverse, triggering accelerated climate change. If they’re right, a group of individuals within the general public is going to have to come forward and upgrade their environmental efforts, if the world is to survive. That select group of people just may turn out to be adventure travelers: those who typically venture beyond the envelope in the outdoors.

As Mark Twain once wrote, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Here’s to your adventures, in whatever corner of the world you find them,

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