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50-Plus Travel Reviews & Ratings

Good and no so goog

Recently returned from a Viking Rhine trip on 10/14. The good: Rhine water levels were good, no issues. Service on the vessel was A+, excluding one attendant with.

Beautiful Way To See America

This is the second time we cruised the Columbia/Snake Rivers with American Cruise Lines. We took this trip on ACL Song in Oct. 2021. That time the fall leaves were.

Authentic Paddlewheel Cruising

We loved the Columbia/Snake river itinerary. It was beautiful on this 4th of July cruise with this authentic America West Paddlewheel ship all decked out in her fla.

Avoid Great Rail Journeys

This was their July 22 Cruise “Delights if the Danube” Absolutely awful company, great at taking your bookings and money but it then ends there. We paid a premium r.

Horribly unresponsive!

I am speaking from my personal experience, so if you find what I am writing here offensive in any way, my apologies to you in advance. Nevertheless, I must be honest.

50-Plus Travel Tour Selection Trips

  • If choosing a wildlife safari, you may want to look for one that features shorter distances driving over rough, bumpy roads; staying local or flying between different reserves is worth the time and money in forgone sore bones.
  • Some river cruise lines, cycling tour operators and other travel providers market almost exclusively to ages 50 and up, while others also cater to younger clientele, including families; it’s your choice.
  • “Comfortable” lodging doesn’t necessarily mean “luxurious;” there are many budget tours that offer two- or three-star accommodations — perhaps in small inns with lots of local atmosphere — that you may find not only acceptable but adding to the charm.
  • If authenticity is important when you travel, look for guided trips that offer visits to local residents’ homes, schools, or work locations.
  • If you want to assist the local people in destinations you are traveling to, look for tour operators who “give back” to the communities you visit, such as making donations to local schools.
  • The size of a guided tour group can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of a trip; generally speaking, the smaller the group, the better the experience.
  • Be sure to notify the trip organizers and leaders if you have special dietary or medicinal requirements, physical impairments that may affect your ability to participate in all group activities, or other needs — most will try to accommodate you if possible.
  • Be realistic about your physical abilities and stamina when choosing an adventure-oriented trip. There is more than one way to get to Machu Picchu.
  • If you have grown children and/or grandchildren, consider asking them to join you on a multi-generational trip; some travel providers offer special itineraries geared toward several different age groups.

Types of Tours for 50+ Travelers

With the available time and money to travel more often and farther from home, baby boomers have a wide range of guided tour choices. From self-guided to fully guided, adventure, to river cruising, there’s a world of opportunity awaiting 50+ travelers. Some of the most popular types of tours for baby boomers include:

Multigenerational travel

Baby boomers are discovering the value of traveling with several generations of family, making special moments in person instead of constantly through social media posts. Priceless connections are fostered as grandparents introduce grandchildren to their lifelong passions or destinations they love. Baby boomers are considering river cruising, small-ship cruising, soft adventure tours, safaris and more for first-time multigenerational trips with their families.

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Ancestral travel

Travelers in the 50+ age group are increasingly interested in genealogy and learning more about their ancestors and places of origin. Self-guided and guided tours that visit the land of one’s ancestors is a welcoming way to discover and share one’s roots. Baby boomers appreciate these ancestral tours, in particular, for their emotional connections with the destination.

River cruising

More than ever before, baby boomers value the experiential nature of travel and nothing fits the bill more than river cruising. With a focus on the journey itself, river cruising – whether through Europe or Asia or South America – allows baby boomers to slow down and fully immerse themselves in a new place.

Many river cruises offer themed itineraries for 50+ travelers, from food and wine to walking and biking. Back on the ship, upscale amenities and fine wine and cuisine appeal to baby boomers’ desire to pamper themselves while traveling. After a day of exploration, there’s a comforting feeling to know that a familiar crew, the same stateroom and planned dining and amenities are waiting back on board.

And, perhaps most importantly, baby boomers hoping to check a variety of destinations off their bucket list can do so quite easily with just one or two river cruises. Each itinerary visits a number of ports, each with enticing opportunities for cultural activities and interactions with the local lifestyle.

Active travel tours

Baby boomers love to get active on vacation, whether they’re visiting a new place or further exploring a favorite destination in a new way. Active tours for 50+ travelers blur the line between extreme adventure and upscale active travel, offering comfortable amenities and a range of physical levels on each trip.

The range of activities is wide, from hiking and snowshoeing to kayaking and biking. Walking tours for baby boomers are particularly popular for their in-depth immersion in a destination. Guided and self-guided walking (and, often, biking) are available on just about every continent.

What are the most popular 50+ tours?

Nowadays, almost every corner of our planet is accessible, no matter your age. Some travel destinations are more popular than others among 50 plus travelers.

Here is a brief list of group travel experiences most popular amongst travelers aged 50 years and above:

  • Cruises to Antarctica
  • Luxury African safaris in Africa
  • Trips traversing the Italian countryside
  • River cruises on the Rhine, through the agricultural heartland of Europe
  • Tours into the dazzling city of Bangkok, Thailand
  • Immersion in the pristine wilderness of Yosemite National Park

Are 50+ tours handicap accessible?

One common question that faces many older travelers is whether or not their trip will be accessible to them. The good news is that, despite your ability, there is a trip out there that caters to you — even when traveling to remote and wild places.

Many travel companies actually specialize in creating an incredible travel experience for those with disabilities or handicaps. Stride also ranks its 50+ trips by physical difficulty to help make your travel decision easier. For more insight into some of the best accessible tours, take a look at Stride’s list of Top Handicap Accessible Tours & Destinations.

Are 50+ tours solo traveler friendly?

One of the benefits of a 50+ travel group is that you no longer have to worry about finding a travel buddy. Not only are group tours a great way to travel safely and led by experts in the region, but traveling in a group also means you get to meet new people. In fact, group trips are an especially great way to meet like-minded travelers.

On family friendly tours, which focus on designing expeditions for all ages, many 50+ individuals report enjoying having had an opportunity to get to know and interact with people from all generations. This answers another common question — are “50+ trips” really just for seniors? The answer is no, not necessarily!

Single Tours for 50+ Travelers

More and more travelers in the 50+ range are traveling as singles. Tours are an excellent way to meet new friends who have similar interests and are a similar age. Through the conduit of travel friendships form easily, and you can end up forming deep relationships with people from around the globe.

The Benefits of 50+ Group Travel

The chance to meet similar travelers — and choose the age group your travel with — is only one plus of traveling in a 50+ tour group. Once again, another benefit of a group tour is having everything organized. On a group tour, complications like finding accommodation, food, and the language barrier immediately disappear.

Not only this, but having access to an informed and experienced tour guide can make or break a trip. Another, lesser-known, aspect of group travel is that it can also cut costs. One major bonus to being in a group is benefitting from group discounts, whether they be for restaurants or activities.

50+ travelers also stand to benefit from special discounts. For example, seniors can purchase a lifetime pass to any U.S. national park for only $80, making future trips even more tempting!

Baby Boomers Traveling on a Budget

With the kids off on their own and more time to take vacations, baby boomers catch the travel bug. How does a 50+ traveler see the world while on a budget? Top tips include traveling in the off season (or shoulder season) and planning ahead of time. Here are a few more ways to travel well on a budget if you’re a baby boomer:

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Make travel a priority in your life

Take some time to think about where you want to go and how you want to travel when there. Then, consider other expenses in your life that could be moderated … new cars, home renovations, eating out. If you are a baby boomer with a modest income, you can still travel well and widely by making your trips a priority in budget planning.

50+ travelers plan ahead for vacation

It almost goes without saying, but bears repeating, that in travel, baby boomers will have the most selection of destination, mode of travel, accommodations and more when planning vacations as far ahead of time as possible. You’re likely to save money with early-bird specials, plus, if you have a very specific trip in mind, you’ll have a better chance of nabbing a spot.

Be flexible when travel planning

On the other side of the coin, there are also savings and good deals to be had if 50+ travelers can take last-minute vacations. And, with a more flexible schedule, baby boomers are often likely to take advantage of these trips at a moment’s notice.

Economical baby-boomer travel during the shoulder season

Retirees in the 50-plus and baby boomer age group are tied to vacation hours and are available to travel on tours during the shoulder or off season. In addition to lower tour costs, off-season travels is much less crowded.

Look for baby boomer-focused travel that combines several destinations.

Small-ship cruises and river cruising are great choices for 50+ travelers who are looking to visit several countries or cities in one tour. You’ll have the chance to delve into each destination, yet enjoy the hassle-free ease of having to unpack and pack only once. This is an excellent way to use your travel dollars wisely during your baby-boomer years, knocking off a few bucket list destinations in one go.

Packing Suggestions for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers love to travel and yet with all that heaving and hauling of luggage – into and out of trains, planes and automobiles – come inevitable aches and pains. More reason to travel light! Here are a few packing tips for 50+ travelers venturing out on vacation:

  • Bring along a lightweight, sturdy crossbody bag or a backpack.
  • Choose spinner suitcases for your baby-boomer-focused guided tour, with four wheels instead of two. (And, if your tour involves airplane travel, try hard to pack only in a carry-on.)
  • Pack a down (puffy) jacket that can bunch into small crevices in your carry-on or overhead compartment instead of bulky overcoats and sweaters.
  • Use packing cubes to organize your carry-on or suitcase.
  • Create a travel wardrobe of simple, interchangeable items. Think no-iron shirts and pants, black leggings and scarves.
  • Pack comfortable, supportive walking shoes. Most baby-boomer guided tours will offer some amount of active excursions and you’ll last a lot longer and have much more fun if your feet are happy. (Hint: Pack your socks inside your shoes.)
  • Consider shopping where you are. Prices may be better, depending on where your 50+ travel tour is located and clothing from a memorable trip makes for a fun souvenir.

Baby boomer travel trends reflect 50+ travelers taking tours all over the world and with varying degrees of activity. Keep your particular guided tour in mind and ask your tour operator for packing suggestions. What may work for a baby-boomer wine and food river cruise in Europe won’t necessarily work for a multisport active vacation in northern California.

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Belize Cruise Belize Cruise Port Belize Adventure Tours Belize Cruise Excursions Belize City Tours
If you are seeking the ultimate wildlife encounter and boundless adventure tours in Belize then, look no further. We, here at A Plus adventures Belize, have been providing exciting and spectacular wildlife adventure tours to many of our guests from across the globe visiting our shores. We specialize in creating and conducting amazing tours to Belize’s most popular wildlife sanctuary for viewing and interacting with unique and beautiful wild animals found in Belize in their natural habitat.

Visit the Crooked Tree wildlife Sanctuary, a birdwatcher paradise, were you get to see a wide variety of tropical birds whilst traversing the largest wetland protected nature park in the country – the Crooked Tree Lagoon.

Our tour of the Community Baboon Sanctuary is very special as you get to observe, listen and get up close and personal to the loudest mammal in the rainforest, the Black Howler Monkeys, in their natural environment.

You can see and interact with many more of these wild creatures found in this region and Belize as we also arrange and conduct tours at the Belize Zoo (also dubbed the best little zoo in the world). All the animals there are kept in their natural habitat.
Besides these fantastic tours that truly satisfy your craving for wildlife we also offer other superb adventures filled with fun and excitement such as trips to the ancient Mayan temples, cave tubing and exploration, zip-line adventures, nature trails and educational and interesting tours of Belize’s rich culture and history. We have a team of well trained, experienced and licensed tour guides.

Our company is second to none as we offer the most reliable, efficient and affordable tour packages, multi-day tours and shore excursion to long stay visitors and cruise passengers. Our tours are private and customized as we believe that you deserve nothing but the best and most memorable Belize experience.
Book now and let us assist you in making your dream vacation in our beautiful country Belize a reality.

Belize Adventure Tour Company offering personalized tours and shore excursions services. All of our shore excursions and tours are family friendly and can be done by most age groups. Now we offer our services to visitors staying in Ambergris Caye San Pedro, Caye Caulker, San Ignacio, Belize City, and visitors cruising to Belize. Generally speaking we also offer our services to visitors cruising on Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Princess Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and World Cruise Line. So, if you like to save on a private shore excursion book with us and save!

Source https://www.travelstride.com/trip-list/50-plus-travel?style=

Source https://travel.aaa.com/

Source http://www.aplusadventuresbelize.com/

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