The ATTA is a vital leadership voice and partner for the adventure travel industry around the world. Our mission is to empower the global travel community to protect natural and cultural capital while creating economic value that benefits both trade members and destinations.

Each course can be taken at your own pace, so it can vary from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

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All the courses were created with COVID as a consideration. ATTA’s COVID guidelines, which you can find here, are one type of safety consideration that can be implemented using the methodology of the course. In other words, the COVID guidelines are the ‘what’ and the courses are the ‘how’.

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Course Content

All courses were created in such a way that they have something to offer for everyone. But off course each course has a specific target audience.

Adventure Travel Business Management Course: This course is recommended for company owners, managers and staff, working as ground activity suppliers, tour operators, accommodation providers and travel agents in active-, nature- and culture-based travel.

Safety and Risk Management Course: This course is recommended for small and large tour operators and service providers that are looking for ways to implement additional safety, sanitation and hygiene practices in a much more efficient, organized and structured way.

Adventure Travel Guide Training: Like the name suggests, this course was made for guides. Because we’re focusing more on universal skills then on activity-specific skills, it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. This course can be taken by those who are just starting out and want to understand the core-competencies that you’ll need as a guide, but also by seasoned veterans who want to improve a particular skill set.

The course material is a combination between on-demand video and video tutorials, expert interviews, downloadable resources, quizzes and links to sources for additional learning.


Established in 1990, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is widely recognized as a vital leadership voice and partner for the adventure travel industry. The association’s constituency of more than 1,300 member organizations in 100 countries is made up of tour operators, tourism boards, specialty agents, and accommodations all sharing a vested interest in the sustainable development of adventure tourism. With specialized expertise in research, events, education, media, and promotion, the ATTA’s business services and events division, Adventure 360, delivers a portfolio of strategic solutions and a robust ecosystem of global events.

Why are you a member of the ATCF?

Although there are several nonprofits around the world that address environmental and socioeconomic challenges, there is no single international nonprofit for the travel trade that exists to provide funding for the conservation of these natural and cultural resources. The ATCF was founded to provide support to those international projects and due to the generosity of the Adventure Leaders, 100% of member dues go directly to funding projects. Every year ATCF members have the privilege of both nominating and voting on projects to determine which ones will receive funding. Projects who are awarded grants are required to provide updates to ATCF members so we can witness the progress and impact of the donation. All of these aspects combined and the international focus of the non-profit makes it a meaningful fit for the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

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Why is conservation of tourism destinations important to your organization?

The ATTA recognizes that the adventure tourism industry is highly dependent on the conservation of the world’s natural resources, and the socioeconomic stability of local communities. In order to have sustained, long-term, success and growth for businesses in this industry, we believe we must do our part to protect and preserve those international destinations the adventure travel community enjoys. The Adventure Travel Trade Association has the ability to make an even great impact acting as an Adventure Leader which allows for 100% of all other ATCF membership dues to go directly toward funding projects.

What would you say to other organization in the industry who are not yet members of the ATCF?

“Join today! Membership dues are scaled to suit the performance of each business model so everyone has a financially feasible opportunity of participating. The nominated projects are sourced directly from people and organizations working in the places the adventure travel community enjoys, so even if your business doesn’t have a project in mind, you have direct access to making a difference in a real way with people you know and trust in a location that matters.”
Shannon Stowell, CEO

What is adventure travel trade association

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What is Adventure Travel?

Adventure travel isn’t just about adrenaline, distance, or physical challenge. Adventure travelers are seeking to learn about history and culture, to immerse themselves in nature, and to engage deeply with your destination. We’re not looking for theme parks or mass group tours—we want connection, insight, history, and depth. And we understand the value of it.

ATTA believes adventure is for everybody—anyone, at any age, with any ability—and that it means something different to every traveler. For some, it may be a walking food tour with a local chef in Latin America. For others, it might be a short hike in a new city close to home or a long-distance trek on the other side of the world. Some call themselves adventurers, and others don’t. But the way we see it, an adventure is an experience that involves the combination of nature, culture, and physical activity.

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Adventure travel covers a diverse array of activities ranging from birdwatching to surfing to culinary and language exploration. It can mean outdoor travel, nature travel, ecotourism, active adventure, and so much more. ATTA sees adventure travel as a sustainable form of tourism that supports conservation of nature and historical resources while investing in local, community-driven economic development.

ATTA’s team is made up of experienced travel practitioners who have been in the business for years and travel for adventure in their own free time. Through decades of experience, we’ve seen firsthand how the adventure community can transform tourism for good, and support a more sustainable supply chain in destinations throughout the world. On average, adventure travelers visit for longer, spend more money, and are more likely to spend with small, locally-grown businesses than with multinational chains operating in dozens of markets.

Adventure travel is for everybody. It opens up your senses. It breaks your routine in a positive way. It transforms people for good.

Shannon Stowell



Adventure travelers want to visit less-known corners of your destination, bringing significant income to small businesses in rural areas. Our destination partners have seen high returns on investment in positioning their suppliers to meet interest from adventure travelers. In Jordan, for example, which hosted a multi-year AdventureNEXT program, adventure travelers spend about $300 per person per day for multi-day itineraries. It has been calculated that investing in adventure travel could yield up to $10 million per year for the Jordanian economy.

We can help you activate new markets. ATTA has a full range of services to help destinations and brands build credibility and improve competitiveness in the adventure travel market. Take a look at our offerings and reach out to our team.

About Us

Established in 1990, the Adventure Travel Trade Association is the largest global network of adventure travel leaders. Our community is made up of ~30,000 individual guides, tour operators, lodges, travel advisors, tourism boards, destination marketing and management organizations, outdoor educators, gear companies and travel media who share a belief and commitment to sustainable tourism. The connections and creativity of this vibrant community come together both virtually and in person to create and deliver the solutions that propel our businesses and our communities toward a responsible and profitable future.




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