What type of boat can be used to travel from U.S. to Europe?

There are a few great ways to sail the ocean from the United States to Europe. The boat you take will depend upon your departure location, your destination and the season in which you wish to travel in. Many people take boats because they don’t like to fly, have bad a back, bad knees, can’t sit for long periods of time or simply just love to sail and smell the fresh salt air. Whatever your reason for sailing, instead of flying to Europe, you’ve definitely got your choice in vessels.

Cruise Ship
Make getting there part of your trip experience by taking a cruise ship to Europe. Several hundred large cruise ships make voyages on routes worldwide. Taking a cruise ship to Europe means you have to travel within certain months of the year, May- August for some ship lines and spring and fall for others. The advantages of taking a cruise ship are the food, entertainment, sea life sightings and the comfortable atmosphere. Many of the accommodations are downright luxurious. The length of your voyage will depend upon weather and the number of port of calls the ship stops at.

Private Yacht
If you have the money, chartering a private yacht is a trip made in heaven for a long distance ocean passage such as from United States to Europe—that is if you can handle the rolling waves. They come with a full crew or you can learn and help with the sailing yourself. Stops are made along the way for watching sea life and partaking in water activities like scuba diving. The length of voyage depends upon the stops that are made and, of course, the time for ocean passage.

It is still possible in this day and age to hop a freighter to sail to Europe. Many freighters limit the number of passengers, but you won’t be bunking with anyone else. The accommodations are not by any means as luxurious as a cruise ship or yacht, but they do have their own charms, are quite adequate and your meals are provided. There are age restrictions of those age 5 years and below to 79 years and above, though these ages may vary a bit between lines. The trips themselves are slow going. For example, a trip from Los Angeles to Germany takes around 41 days.

Sailing is a great way to travel for those who wish to take it slow and easy on their voyage to Europe. Each type of vessel has its perks, but all can be costly. Most ship lines and charter services ask for at least half of the total price of voyage up front, and that can amount to a couple of thousand dollars per person, depending on your choice.

One of the most important ways to protect yourself from losing that money, in the event you have to cancel your trip, is to purchase travel insurance. Travel cancellation insurance is inexpensive and valuable with many reasons for cancellation being covered. Don’t put yourself or travel mate at risk of losing a great deal of money, get financial protection up front.

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How To Travel To Europe By Boat

One of the biggest draws of taking a transatlantic cruise is that you can experience a longer vacation on an award-winning cruise ship at an exceptional price. Transatlantic cruises are often more affordable than other cruise vacations because they sail during the shoulder seasons, dont stop in many ports of call, and include several days at sea.

If you love spending time on the open ocean , a transatlantic cruise is the perfect vacation.

Whats A Transatlantic Cruise

Transatlantic cruises are cruises that sail anywhere across the Atlantic Ocean from one continent to another. Most cruises that travel across the Atlantic either depart from Europe and end in the United States, or the other way around. Some transatlantic sailings also travel to and from South America, too.

In the cruising industry, transatlantic sailings are also called repositioning cruises. Repositioning cruises are cruises that sail from one region of the world to another after the tourist season in one area has ended and the ship then relocates to another area, most often with a warmer climate.

Feeding A Dog During Travel

Keeping your dog fed during travel can be a complicated process and one that needs to be taken into careful consideration.

On the one hand, eating means that your dog will need to empty his or her bowels sooner or later. If theyre in a pet carrier for several hours, thats going to be far from ideal theyll be uncomfortable whether they hold it or decide to relieve themselves.

On the other hand, meanwhile, eating can be very calming for a dog especially if they have the opportunity to lick and chew, which are both soothing behaviors. This is perhaps even more important when traveling, as swallowing regularly will prevent ears from popping and stop your dog from experiencing too much discomfort from this.

Overall, this suggests that the best approach to feeding a dog while they travel is to offer a selection and array of interesting treats that will require a substantial amount of chewing. This will keep your dog amused and distract them from any nerves, while also satisfying any hunger.

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Dont forget to provide plenty of fresh water as well though, as dehydration is a very real risk to your dog during travel. Follow our advice on what to do if your dog is dehydrated if youre worried about their safety following a long trip on an airplane or ship.

How To Travel From Uk To The Us By Boat

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Transatlantic travel has changed drastically in the last fifty years. Dozens of airlines make the voyage from the United Kingdom to the United States on a daily basis. Yet, there are fewer ships offering this itinerary, and boats no longer offer room and board in exchange for passage. However, there are still a number of options, including cruise ships, positioning cruises and freighters. You will need to do research and be more flexible when you choose sea travel over plane travel. Learn how to travel from the UK to the US by boat.

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hidden europe

Banks often give a poor exchange rate, then charge a currency conversion fee as well. A Curve MasterCard means no foreign transaction fees and gives you the mid-market exchange rate, at least up to a certain limit, £500 per month as I write this. The balance goes straight onto one of your existing debit or credit cards. And you can get a Curve card for free.

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Kennet And Avon Canal England

If you liked the Thames route, and the trip whetted your appetite for navigating along a canal yourself, then why not continue westward along the Kennet and Avon Canal? The canal connects the river Kennet, which in turn joins the Thames, with the River Avon and meanders through the gorgeous southwest English countryside following the rough route of the Great West Way between London and Bristol. Narrow boat hire is so popular here, that you can either go the entire 87 miles or choose your favorite shorter distance route for a day or two, such as between Devizes and Bath Spa.

Pro Tip: You can also walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal, along the towpath, so you could opt to take a boat trip one way and walk back the other. My favorite route is between Bath and Bradford on Avon, which takes around three hours of walking, but longer if you stop at the pubs along the way. Do plan those pubs into your itinerary, be it from the boat or while on foot because they are fabulous, especially the Cross Guns Avoncliff with its beer garden overlooking the weir.

How To Travel By Ship From America To Europe

Transatlantic cruises can be a luxurious way to travel to Europe from the U.S.

An ocean voyage! Images from old romantic movies come to mind: a ship under a star-filled sky, two figures entwined on deck while the ship slides silently through the mysterious deep blue ocean towards an unknown future. Or perhaps pirates, instead: swashbuckling and profane. Either way, seafaring vessels are awash with connotations both serene and wild.

In more practical terms, a transatlantic cruise can be a great choice for 21st century travelers. Less fraught than flying, it’s a leisurely experience that still holds the tantalizing promise of adventure. It can be a lot of just plain old fun, too.

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Keeping A Dog Calm During Travel

If youre looking to keep a dog calm while theyre traveling, dont immediately assume that youre going to have to get a job lot of tranquilizers from the vet. There are ways that you can attempt to keep your dog sedate within their carrier, even if youre not there to comfort them.

  • Line your dogs carrier with comforting smells, such as beloved blankets and shirts that you sleep in.
  • Use naturally calming oils, such as lavender.
  • Give your dog a little Rescue Remedy, or a similar OTC product, before they hop onto the plane.
  • Dress your dog in a thundershirt, or other similar products designed to calm anxiety.
  • Provide plenty of toys and snacks that will take your mind off the fact that they are traveling.

None of these techniques are foolproof, but they should do a long way to calming your dogs fretfulness about the travel process.

Are All Dog Breeds Welcome To Europe

No, a great many dog breeds are banned in Europe. This means that you will not be able to bring certain canines into a new country.

The list of banned breeds varies from territory to territory, so always check with somebody associated with your new country of residence before you set off in search of a new life together.

To give some idea, however, here a handful of the breeds of dog that many European countries will not welcome:

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Argentine or Brazilian Mastiff
  • Rottweiler
  • Dobermann

If your dog falls into any of these categories, check that they will be welcome in a European country before heading off on your new adventure.

The Play Zone & Child Care

The Zone is aft on deck 6, staffed by a team of friendly young British-trained nannies. It has a toddler zone for ages 1-3, a Play Zone for ages 4-6 and The Zone with various computer games and other activities for older kids up to 17. There’s plenty to do, and activities such as treasure hunts or ship tours are organised by the Play Zone team.

Freighter Cruises To Europe From Usa

Freighter cruises to Europe from usa. What makes travelling by cargo ship such a unique experience? Slow way of travelling great for getting a feeling of how large the world is Giving the possibility to visit ports and places that are not on the beaten track Experiencing life on board hanging out with the officers and crew on Freighter cruises, visiting the bridge and engine-room for cruises to Europe Resting and relaxing while the ship is at sea and experiencing the bustle of the ports when docked Encountering wildlife like whales, dolphins and flying fish.Its not even necessary to forgo luxury when travelling on a cargo ship. Cabins all have en-suite bathrooms, and the ships have a swimming pool and sauna. Meals on board are excellent and an added bonus is that there are no restrictions on how much luggage can be taken on board for cruises to Europe from usa.

What Will It Cost

A common misconception is that if you are willing to spend an extended amount of time on open water you can score an inexpensive mode of transportation to your next travel destination.

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Traveling as a passenger on a cargo ship is, in fact, more expensive than your average airfare. But before you scoff at the price plan on an average price of $80-140/day consider this: your ticket pays for room, meals, and experiences that cannot be had anywhere else.

The days where a person could work for their passage are long gone. The cargo lines will not allow you to work your way across the Atlantic just so you can have a free trip overseas. You will, however, get to meet crew members and will most likely find yourself spending a great deal of time getting to know many of them when they take a break or have some time off to relax a little.

Definitely Book Complex Routes For Train Travel In Europe In Advance

Best Ways To See Europe And Make The Most Of It

If youre traveling from Rome to Florence or Madrid to Barcelona, especially if you dont mind taking a regional/slow train, you can book your train tickets once you already arrive in Europe.

For more complex or longer routes, though, youll make things much easier on yourself if you book before you start your trip abroad.

Onward Trains From London To Paris & beyond

Onwards to Paris: Allow plenty of time for onward connections, certainly several hours, and maybe stay in London overnight. For Paris, take a UK domestic train from Southampton central to London Waterloo , then take a taxi or Underground across London to St Pancras Station. Eurostar runs every hour or so from London St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord in central Paris, journey time 2 hours 20 minutes. For a beginner’s guide to Eurostar travel,see the London to Paris by Eurostar page. You can book tickets online in advance atwww.eurostar.com, and you should indeed pre-book, as London-Paris prices start from just £44 in advance but up to £180 if you wait and buy on the day of travel.

Onwards to other countries: See this page for information on getting from London to any country in Europe. Having crossed the Atlantic on the luxurious Queen Mary 2, how about taking theVenice Simplon Orient Express vintage luxury train to Italy? This runs on most Thursdays from April to October, and takes 24 hours from London to Venice, a real treat. You can book European trains yourself, but if you want an agency to put together a package of train connections and hotels from anywhere in Europe to Southampton for you, callRailbookerson 0207 864 4600 or 1-888-829-4775 .

What Are Typical Ports Of Call When You Cruise From Europe To The Usa

A cruise between Europe and the USA doesnt just consist of days at sea. Youll also discover several international ports of call along the way, with stops in Mediterranean hot spots like Mallorca and Lisbon, cities in the United States including New York and Boston, and islands such as Bermuda and the Azores.

Some of the ports of call you could visit on a cruise between Europe and the USA include:

  • Agadir, Morocco

First Vs Second Class Tickets

When traveling via train in Europe, youll generally have a choice between first and second-class tickets.

Buying a first-class ticket generally comes with slightly larger seats, sometimes the ability to reserve your exact seats when you cant in second class and possibly a small snack like a water bottle and a pack of cookiesgenerally nothing worth paying extra for in our opinion.

Take The Train From London Waterloo

Fast air-conditioned trains run from London Waterloo to Southampton Central every 30 minutes taking around 1h17. No reservation is necessary, just turn up, buy a ticket and hop on the next train.

The fare is £46.10 adult one-way , children under 16 half price, children under 5 free. First class costs £78.30 .

Check train times & fares from London Waterloo or anywhere in Britain to Southampton atwww.raileurope.comorwww.nationalrail.co.uk. Direct trains run from Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Reading, Bristol & Cardiff to Southampton, so you won’t have to cross London. See a beginner’s guide to UK train travel.

For train connections from Paris or any other European city to London, see here. I’d recommend a night in London before taking the train to Southampton on sailing day.

Discounted Prices On Ferries

It is often possible to buy these discounted ferry tickets in advance. We recommend you purchase these tickets in advance when planning to travel during high season. To make your booking, contact the ferry company directly. In some cases, you can buy the ticket with the discount already included. Occasionally however, you will have to buy the full fare ticket and the ferry company will refund the discount.

For free passage on international ferry routes, your pass must be valid for the country of departure and arrival. For discounted passage, your pass must be valid for the country of departure or arrival.

Exit The Train Quickly And Smoothly

When you reach your stop, be ready to exit immediatelythat means luggage in hand and waiting at the end of the train car to exit. Youll generally see people start to queue up a few minutes before arrival.

The train stops long enough for everyone to exit comfortably, so you dont need to push past other people or even hurry if youre prepared, but if you wait until the train stops before even getting your luggage together, wellif your station isnt the final stop, you might find the train moves on before you have time to get off.

Whens The Best Time To Cruise From Europe To The Usa

European cruise season starts in April and ends in November. Most transatlantic cruises set sail in the shoulder season months of April, October, and November.

Cruises to Europe from the USA usually set sail in April in order to get to Europe in time for the high summer tourist season, which kicks off in late May. After the high cruise season in the Mediterranean and Europe ends, ships need to relocate once again, therefore cruises from Europe to the USA usually depart in October and November. Some transatlantic cruises to Iceland and Greenland set sail in August.

Traveling To Europe By Boat

How to get from Mykonos to Santorini Ferry Information .

Hi everyone, I have a health condition that prohibits me from flying. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find info on boat trips to Europe. I’ll take a cruise ship, sail boat or cargo! Whatever is fast and cheap! Any thoughts you have would be appreciated Thanks!

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 has regular crossings from NYC to Southampton, UK, and some to Hamburg & Le Havre. However, if you want fast and cheap by sea, good luck!

If you are flexible, you have many options. Most of the cruises lines have repositioning cruises in the spring and fall as they move ships between Europe in the summer and Caribbean in the fall. The rates can be very reasonable in the range of $100 – $150/day. Obviously, round trips are not available. And, as mentioned early there is limited, regular service between New York and Europe. I have of heard of some cargo ships taking a few passengers but you would have to have a high sense of adventure for that. Not sure I would want to bounce around in the Atlantic on a cargo ship. ‘Cause you would bounce. If you cannot fly that is about your only other choice.

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Frank and Will: Please note that the OP specifies FAST and cheap. Repositioning cruises are not fast, neither are freighters.

Yup. Sounds pretty hopeless. I think it will be cheaper and easier to grow a new pair of lungs…

How to Travel from Europe to America by Ship

How to travel on a ship from Europe to America or USA

I’ll start this post by commenting the title: yes, I know “America” means much more than the United States of America. Still, I know many people who search “Europe to America without flying” wish to know how to get to the United States. If that’s your goal, you can read the first part of the guide and skip the rest.

For others, I’ve examined flightless travel routes from Europe to both North and South America in the second part of this guide.

Part 1: Europe to USA by ship

You need a ship of some sort to get from Europe to the United States without flying, Many cruise ships cross the Atlantic. However, if you avoid flying for environmental reasons, you should note that cruises and ferries cause a lot more CO2 emissions than flights.

How can you get to the USA in a more environmentally friendly way? If you cross the Atlantic, you can travel on a cargo ship, which is considered almost CO2 neutral. You can also travel on a lighter vessel such as a sailing boat. If you don’t have your own sailing boat, you can try to hitch a ride.

Here’s information about both these options.

Europe to USA on a freighter

Option 1: Crossing the Atlantic on a Cargo Ship

Lots of freighters that take passengers travel from Europe to the USA. The crossing takes roughly 10-15 days. The price of the journey is around 100-150 US dollars or euros per day, meals included. Here are some cargo ship routes from Europe to the United States:

    • One of the fastest ways to cross the Atlantic to the USA is by taking a freighter from Le Havre, France, to New York.
    • Just like the previous entry, this cargo ship takes you from Central Europe to the Atlantic side of the United States. However, you can get on this freighter from The Netherlands and continue further south on the other side.
    • You can also start your freighter journey from Europe to America from the Mediterranean Sea. This ship lets you embark in cities such as Barcelona and Valencia.

    Option 2: Hitching a Ride on a Sailboat from Europe to the USA

    If you want to travel from Europe to America without flying, you can possibly hitch a ride on a sailboat. However, sailboats heading across the Atlantic are most likely to head towards the Caribbean instead of the United States.

    It’s not easy, but you could try traveling to the Caribbean first and continue your journey to the United States with another vessel. Because of the long distances, there are very few regular ferries between the countries of the Caribbean. If you wish to travel on a ferry to the United States, you need to reach the Bahamas and take a ferry to Florida.

    I’ve gathered more information about crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat in the second part of this guide.

    Part 2: Europe to America without Flying

    In the section above, I covered two ways to travel overseas from Europe to the United States. Now we focus on ways to travel from Europe to other parts of America.

    There are many ways to get from Europe to America without flying. The quickest routes across on a cargo ship take you to North America, but if you wish, you can take a freighter to South America as well. Most sailboats take you to the Caribbean. You can also skip the Atlantic crossing altogether and travel to America without flying by heading east.

    Let’s go through these three options – freighter travel, sailing and a journey across Asia – in more detail.

    Freighter routes from Europe to America

    Option 1: Freighter travel from Europe to America

    I described how to get from Europe to the United States on a cargo ship at the beginning of this travel guide. Here are a few example routes that take you to other parts of the Americas.

      , 8 nights

      • Here’s one of the quickest ways to travel to North America on a freighter. Just head directly to Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. This journey takes a bit more than a week and costs about a thousand euros/dollars per person.
      • Caribbean, here we come! This freighter route offers one of the easies overseas ways to reach the Caribbean. Getting from France to Guadeloupe takes only 9 days. You can also continue past the Caribbean Islands to Panama and Colombia.
      • The route heads from Europe to the Northeast coast of South America. The last stop of South America is in Natal, Brazil. You can cut the journey by multiple nights if you embark in the Netherlands or France instead of England and if you disembark in one of the many harbors preceding Natal.
      • Wow, what a journey! Just discovering this route filled my heart with joy. Do you want to get from Europe to the west side of South America with little hassle? This Eurosal XL route takes you there through the Panama Channel.

      Option 2: Hitching a Ride on a Sailboat to the Caribbean

      If you have your own seaworthy sailboat, you don’t need this guide to tell you how to get from Europe to America on a boat. Here’s information for the others who need to hitch their ride.

      There are plenty of guides about boat hitchhkiking. I won’t compete with the experts: if you’re seriously planning to hitchhike a boat, continue your research after my flightless travel guide. But to help you get started, here’s a quick rundown of hitchhiking a boat across the Atlantic.

      Websites such as FindACrew.net or Crewseeker.net help you find sailboats that cross the Atlantic. You can also head to a harbour or a yacht club to use the bulletin board (been there!) and ask around. A friend of mine who hitchhiked across the Atlantic found her boat in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. She told me that boats depart from all the Canary Islands. According to her, Las Palmas is the most popular starting point, and Tenerife is a good second choice.

      To reach the Canary Islands without flying, you can try to hitchhike from Spain or Portugal. You can also take a ferry from Cadiz or Huelva to Las Palmas. It takes those ferries 32-36 hours to reach their destination.

      Boat hitchhiking is not as simple as hitchhiking on dry land. You’ll spend weeks on a small boat, and the captain wants you to be useful during the journey. Having sailing experience beforehand will greatly increase your chances of getting a ride. If you can’t practice with someone you know, consider taking a sailing course to learn the basics.

      Crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat usually takes three to four weeks. Your timing matters a lot. According to Kitiara Pascoe, the best season to sail to the Caribbean or South America is between November and February.

      Traveling overseas to San Francisco

      Option 3: Europe to America without Flying from West to East

      You can also travel from Europe to America without flying by heading east and crossing the Pacific. For example, you can get to the east side of Asia and travel on a freighter (or a sailboat) to America. Here are a few available cargo ship routes from Asia to America:

        , 19 nights

        • This route gets you from Southeast Asia to the west coast of the United States. You can embark in multiple countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.
        • Your port of departure and port of arrival make a huge difference on the duration of your trip. If you’d embark in Singapore instead of Shanghai, this journey would take 10 days longer.
        • It takes almost a month to get from South Korea to Peru on a cargo vessel. To reach dry land faster, get off in Mexico or Colombia to save 5-11 days.

        Traveling from Europe to America by ship

        We’ve now gone through multiple ways to get from Europe to America by ferry and other ships. I wrote this guide during the global COVID pandemic, which adds its own challenges. For example, freighters don’t currently (early 2021) take passengers, but the situation should change in the near future. Make sure you check the latest information as you plan your journey.

        I haven’t personally travelled from Europe to America without flying. When I did my 2-year trip around the world some years ago, I traveled mostly overland. I reached North America on a cargo ship from New Zealand, and that journey turned me into a fan of freighter travel.

        The Atlantic Ocean offers plenty of opportunities for flightless travel. If you’re thinking about switching a long flight to a flightless journey, this is one of your best chances to do so.

        Source https://www.travelinsurancereview.net/2010/04/26/what-type-of-boat-can-be-used-to-travel-from-u-s-to-europe/

        Source https://www.boatproclub.com/how-to-travel-to-europe-by-boat/

        Source https://arimotravels.com/europe-to-america-without-flying/

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