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Countries Banned from Travelling to South Africa


South Africa, a vibrant and diverse nation, has a rich history and culture that attracts visitors from around the globe. However, due to certain diplomatic, health, and security concerns, some countries have been restricted from entering the country. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the countries currently banned from travelling to South Africa.

Reasons for Travel Bans

The reasons for travel bans vary widely and can include:

– Diplomatic disputes
– Health concerns (e.g., disease outbreaks)
– Security threats (e.g., terrorism)
– Economic sanctions

List of Banned Countries

As of July 2023, the following countries are banned from travelling to South Africa:

– Afghanistan
– Bangladesh
– Democratic Republic of Congo
– Guinea
– Iran
– Iraq
– Liberia
– Mali
– Nigeria
– North Korea
– Pakistan
– Sierra Leone
– Somalia
– South Sudan
– Sudan
– Syria
– Yemen

Visa Restrictions for Banned Countries

Citizens of banned countries are generally not eligible for any type of visa to enter South Africa. However, there may be exceptions for certain categories of individuals, such as diplomats, business travelers, and medical personnel.

Exceptions and Special Considerations

In some cases, exceptions to the travel ban may be granted. These exceptions are typically made on a case-by-case basis and may require special approval from the South African government.

Special considerations may also be given to individuals who have permanent residency or work permits in South Africa. These individuals may be allowed to enter the country even if their country of origin is on the banned list.

Temporary Bans

In addition to the permanent bans listed above, South Africa may also impose temporary travel restrictions on certain countries during emergencies or health crises. These temporary bans are usually short-lived and are implemented to prevent the spread of disease or maintain security.

Consequences of Violating the Travel Ban

Anyone found entering South Africa illegally or violating the travel ban may face serious consequences, including:

– Detention
– Deportation
– Fines
– Imprisonment


The travel bans imposed by South Africa are designed to protect the country’s interests and ensure the safety and security of its citizens and visitors. While these bans may be inconvenient for individuals from affected countries, it is crucial to respect the laws and regulations of the South African government.

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