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## Extended Paragliding in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW) introduced paragliding as a thrilling way to traverse the vast world of Hyrule. However, the standard paraglider can sometimes limit exploration, leaving players frustrated. This article explores various methods to extend the range and capabilities of the paraglider in BOTW, unlocking unprecedented aerial adventures.

### Upgrades and Modifications:
1. Paraglider Sail Upgrades:
Basic Sail: The default paraglider sail provides limited lift and range.
Advanced Sail: This upgrade increases the paraglider’s lift and glide distance.
Master Sail: The most advanced sail further enhances lift and glide, making prolonged flights possible.

2. Sheikah Slate Enhancements:
Magnesis Rune: By using Magnesis to attach to metallic objects and surfaces, players can extend their flight distance by jumping off the attached object.
Stasis Rune: Slowing down time with Stasis allows players to increase their glide time and reach distant areas.

### Technique and Strategy:
1. Updraft Exploitation:
Certain areas in Hyrule, such as updrafts created by cliffs or waterfalls, can provide a natural boost to the paraglider. By flying into these updrafts, players can gain altitude and extend their flight.

2. Crouch Flying:
Crouching while paragliding reduces air resistance, increasing the paraglider’s glide distance. However, it is important to maintain speed while crouching.

3. Restarting Flight:
After landing, players can quickly restart their flight by immediately drawing their paraglider again. This technique allows for seamless transitions between gliding and walking.

4. Mid-Air Jumps:
Jump off a tall object and immediately open the paraglider. This technique gives the paraglider an initial boost of altitude, allowing players to glide over greater distances.

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### Advanced Techniques:
1. Subterranean Flight:
Certain underground areas in BOTW have air pockets that allow players to paraglide. By taking advantage of these pockets, players can explore hidden caves and dungeons.

2. Wind Bombing:
Wind Bombing involves combining the use of the Remote Bomb, Magnesis Rune, and paraglider to launch players into the air. By detonating a bomb while attached to a metallic object with Magnesis, players can gain incredible speed and altitude, enabling them to reach unprecedented heights and distances.

3. Glide Boosting:
Glide Boosting is a technique that involves using a combination of Magnesis, Stasis, and crouching to extend paraglider flights. By attaching to a metallic object, slowing down time, and crouching, players can gain significant distance and altitude.

### Conclusion:
Extending the paraglider’s capabilities in BOTW unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing players to explore the vast realm of Hyrule like never before. By utilizing upgrades, exploiting updrafts, employing advanced techniques, and mastering the art of paragliding, players can soar through the skies, conquer distant lands, and discover the hidden wonders of Hyrule.

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