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Bungee jumping has become increasingly popular in recent years for thrill-seekers looking for a unique and extreme adventure. Colorado offers a wide range of opportunities for those wanting to experience the rush of bungee jumping, from remote mountain ranges to popular tourist locations. Here’s a look at bungee jumping in Colorado in 2018.

Thrill-Seeking in the Rockies

Bungee jumping in Colorado is an extreme adventure that takes thrill-seeking to the next level. With snow-capped mountains, wild rivers, and breathtaking landscapes, jumpers can enjoy the beauty of the Rockies while experiencing a rush of adrenaline. Whether you’re a first-time jumper or a seasoned professional, Colorado has plenty of spots to satisfy even the most extreme adventure seekers.

For the novice bungee jumper, Colorado offers several options for an introduction to the sport. The Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City is the tallest bridge in the United States and stands at 955 feet above the Arkansas River. The bridge is a popular spot for bungee jumping and offers spectacular views of the Arkansas River Gorge.

The Glenwood Canyon in Glenwood Springs is another popular spot for bungee jumping and is known for its stunning views of the Colorado River. Jumpers can experience a freefall of up to 250 feet and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the canyon.

The Colorado Bungee Experience

When bungee jumping in Colorado, safety is a top priority. Jumpers must be at least 18 years old and should wear a helmet and safety harness at all times. All jumps must be done with a licensed and insured company and the jumpers must have the proper safety training before attempting the jump.

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In addition to the safety requirements, bungee jumpers must be physically fit and in good health. Jumpers should check with their doctor before attempting any extreme sport. It is also important to be aware of the weather conditions and to dress appropriately for the environment.

Unforgettable Views and Adrenaline Rush

The thrill of bungee jumping in Colorado is unmatched. Jumpers can experience the adrenaline rush of taking a leap of faith from a bridge or cliff and enjoy the stunning views of the mountains and rivers.

Jumpers can also choose to add a variety of fun and unique extras to their bungee jumping experience. Many companies offer packages that include a DJ, live music, and other entertainment options, as well as photos and videos of the jump.

For those looking for a truly unique experience, there are several companies that offer special packages for bungee jumping in Colorado. Some companies offer an overnight stay in a mountain hut or a tour of a nearby national park or wildlife refuge.

Bungee jumping in Colorado is the perfect way to experience the thrill of the sport while enjoying the beauty of the Rockies. With a wide range of options and packages available, bungee jumpers of all skill levels can enjoy the excitement and anticipation that comes with taking the plunge. Whether you’re a first-time jumper or an experienced thrill-seeker, bungee jumping in Colorado is sure to be an unforgettable experience.