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Why adventure tourist travel



  • Everything in business is negotiable EXCEPT QUALITY
  • We give you the best possible price without sacrificing quality.
  • We will endeavour to better any other written quote and offer value for money.
  • All our trips are customized according to your needs.
  • Every component of your tour is meticulously taken care of.
  • Excellent relationships with service providers ensure we pass on a high level of service.
  • All our instructors are dedicated and qualified personnel who love travelling with a passion.
  • We pair you with experienced Tour Directors who stay with you from the moment you start the trip till the time you set off for home again.
  • Our Tour Directors undergo extensive training to ensure they are equipped to manage any and every challenging situation.
  • And of course, we are at your service 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • Our educational philosophy is simple : the best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. Thus we seek to create global educational programmes that demolish the walls between the classroom and the world and seamlessly blend classroom, digital & experiential learning for students.
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  • Ignite Ambitions
  • Explore the Future
  • Experiential Learning
  • Holistic development
  • Hands on Experience
  • Real Life Experiences & Learning
  • Reflection writing
  • Empowering the youth


Regular Travel Company Services

Team Adventure : Services

Approach & Marketed by Sales Executive who has never been on the trip

Approach & Marketed by Team Adventure Executives who have a vast real time experience about the requirements of a school students, Teachers & Parents & knowing the correct facts & the concerns about the trip

Basic Tourist Destination

Itinerary Crafted & Designed as per the need of the grade of the students & as per the demand of the Curriculum

Apart from Hygienic Food & Meals we do take care of personalised dietary requirements and also serve snack hampers, chocolate hampers and juices at regular intervals and journeys

02 Bottles of Mineral water

Unlimited Branded Mineral Water is served throughout the entire journey

We do not patronise any Hotel or Resorts but choose as per your budget ensuring personal Hygiene, Security features like C.C.Tv. Cameras, Security personal, Floor Plan location , proximity to the basic amenities and city centre and above all a student friendly hotel which would allow them the freedom to explore their projects


Guides at Select Attractions

Apart from the Local Guides at Select attractions we do conduct a Workshop in school or on site before the students go to the attraction in form of Research papars, Treasure Hunts and Power point presentations and Team building activities

Safety Audit is Seldom the priority

At Team Adventure we have the highest standards of Safety audit for every trip and have a contingency plan and a back up arrangement in place to meet any circumstances

Our Tour Guides are a Team of experienced Male and Female heads who are Trained from years in managing school students and school trips and value and understand their minute requirements weather it is in a Bus / Train / flight / accommodation / entertainment / Games / Tea, building activities / Educational impact / constant instructions and have a sense to handle situations at different levels and the Authority to take decisions on the scene.

Apart from the souvenirs and Goodies we do carry a Knowledge Kit for the students on site

Apart from the daily feed back our Head office has a policy to interact directly with the school head on trip and ask for suggestions and feed backs of the day which helps us to improve / change or mend programs as per our clients desire and in case of any concern its solved on the scene itself.

1 Tour Manager for the group

Our Team endeavours to have dedicated and passionate male and female trip educators who are there 24 x 7 for the students.

We do have a minimum of USD 50000 insurance coverage mandatory for all our International departures

After sales services

After a great Educational experience our School Business Head does take a brief report and feed back for concerns raised and does a proper check for each and every guests

All your Outdoor Educational Travel Need by One Team

  1. International Tours
    • Tailor made Tours as per your Requirements all over the World
    • Student Exchange Programs
    • Space Programs
    • USA & NASA Tours
    • CERN & Euro Space Camps
    • C. A . S . International trips
    • Conference to EUMUM & Round Square
    • Cosmonaut Centre with Moscow & St. Petersburg
    • Wild life Safaris
    • Sports Tournament Tours
    • Cultural and Language Tours
    • University Tours
    • Architecture Tours
    • NSLC Short term career oriented summer courses
    • Theatre tours
    • Fashion Design Tours
    • Students educational outdoor development program
  2. Domestic Trips
    • Tailor made Tours as per your Requirements all over the World
    • Student Exchange Programs
    • ISRO Space Programs
    • Syllabus Oriented Project study Tours
    • Wild life Safaris
    • Visit to the Tallest Statue of the world along with Educational visits
    • Sports Tournament Tours
    • Cultural and Language Tours
    • Architecture Tours
    • Fashion Design Tours
    • Students educational outdoor development program
  3. Camps
    • IAYP Camps
    • Scout Guide / NCC / RSP / Interact / Nature study
    • Adventure camps
    • Outdoor education all round Camps
    • Trekking and hiking camps
    • C. A. S < Community Activity and Service >oriented camps
  4. Day Field Trips and Factory Visits & Educational Excursions
  5. One Day picnics with Value Education as per Govt Norms
  6. Leadership Training
  8. BE AN ASTRONAUT PROGRAM : Spacetrax Program in your school or on a select campsite
  9. Visit on special permission to GOVT. ORGANISATIONS
    • N.D.A ,
    • I S R O
    • Parliament House
    • Defence Academy
    • Port Visit
    • Maritime Naval Visit
    • Atomic and Research Centre
    • Telecommunications
    • Reserve Bank of India
    • Army Bunker
    • Army Cantonment
    • Artillery Museum and Naval aviation Museum
    • R. T. 0
    • Police Department
    • Science Centres
    • Airport

Adventure Education Tours (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd. is today recognized as India’s fastest growing Travel & Tour Company (For online & offline activities). Whether you are on a holiday, a tour, picnic or a conference, our services are professionally designed, high in quality and cost effective, to enable you to fulfill your lifelong dream.

What are the benefits of adventure tourism?

The adventure is totally different from our normal and ordinary life. An adventure is about challenging yourself or trying something new in life. Remember that innovation is very important in our life just like adventure also plays a very important role because following the same schedule makes people bored and irritated.

Why is adventure tourism popular?

Adventure tourism has grown exponentially around the world in recent years, with tourists visiting previously unknown destinations. This allows new destinations to present themselves as truly unique, appealing to travelers seeking rare and unparalleled experiences.

What is the impact of adventure tourism?

The positive impacts of adventure tourism on the local economy are numerous: injection of money into the local economy, job creation, opportunities for the development of businesses and family businesses and, in exceptional cases, development facilities such as schools and medical services.

  • They are very dangerous.
  • It’s like putting your life in unnecessary danger just for recreational purposes.
  • There is a very high possibility of injury even with safety precautions.
  • In addition, sometimes it happens that a person does not realize how fragile his health is and may get into trouble.
  • These sports can also be traumatic.

What are the disadvantages of tourism?

Top 8 Disadvantages of Tourism

  • Environmental damage.
  • Exploitation of Culture.
  • Bad behavior of tourists.
  • Loss of jobs.
  • Lack of job security.
  • Uneven infrastructure growth.
  • Foreign business owners.
  • Neglect of other sectors.

What do we learn from the adventure?

Adventure is the greatest path to knowledge and happiness You had to go through this experience yourself to really learn the lesson. By always adventuring, you put yourself on the path to constantly learning new things. It is in this space where happiness likes to hide.

What makes a woman adventurous?

Find a way to help. The thrill of conquering new things. Be open to what might be around the corner. Something new; something fun; something I’ve never been; an experience that makes me smile.

Which state in India is the leader in medical tourism?

The major medical tourism destinations in India are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, New Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

What is special about adventure tourism?

Adventure tourism is defined as the movement of people from place to place outside their comfort zone for exploration or travel to remote, exotic, and possibly hostile regions. Adventure tourism derives much of its excitement from allowing tourists to step out of their comfort zone.

What do you need to know about adventure tourism?

Course blog. Adventure Tourism Course Blog. Adventure tourism is a type of niche tourism involving exploration or travel to remote areas, where the traveler should expect the unexpected. Adventure tourism is rapidly gaining popularity as tourists seek unusual vacations that are different from the typical beach vacation.

Why is tourism so important to the world?

The tourism sector is an important driver of economic growth and job creation around the world, and until recently (hello COVID-19!) accounted for around 10% of global GDP. More and more countries are turning to tourism for economic growth, and travel itself has never been more accessible to more people than it is today.

How to be an adventure traveler in New Zealand?

1. Be able to safely guide visitors through an adventure tourism activity that lasts more than one day 2. Design and provide an appropriate interpretive plan for the visit 3. Have experienced a range of activities of adventure tourism offered to tourists in New Zealand 4. Identify and use information and communication technologies for guided tours

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tourism?

But apart from some difficult circumstances that can harm it, tourism often helps boost the local economy, create employment opportunities that can even result in positive public relations for the country. But tourism, including adventure tourism, like almost everything else, has its own positive and negative effects, read on to find out more.

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

Reasons Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

Reasons Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

Table of Contents

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

Travel and adventure go hand in hand. Probably if you look back to the beginnings of travel, it was the thrill and adventure of venturing into unknown places that fueled travel. With the development that the world has seen in transportation and communication the raw adventure that one used to associate with travel has come down and consequently resulted in a whole new genre of travel – Adventure Travel.

The travelers of today seek more from their travel than the mere visiting of places and ticking off names from a bucket list. Most travelers today have an insatiable appetite for adventure and are always on the lookout for adventure travel experiences, the more extreme the better. The accompanying risk makes the adventure all the more enticing and irresistible. The mere mention of adventure sports like Paragliding, River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Snorkeling, Hot Air Ballooning, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving and many more are enough to get the adrenaline rushing.

Reasons why you should consider adventure travel

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

  • Improves physical health
  • It helps reduce stress
  • It gives a sense of accomplishment
  • You learn new skills

There are countless places on the surface of the earth to quench your thirst for adventure travel. Ranging from the rainforests of Africa, the desert sands of the Sahara, to the snowy cold Himalayan ranges, the world packs adventure in every nook and corner. But the utmost thrill of adventure is experienced with the unexpected. Finding adventure around the bend in the road unexpectedly takes the excitement to an altogether different level.

Adventure Travel Destinations in India

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

India, is a treasure trove of adventure travel destinations, Goa, for example, is the best spot for Flyboarding and Scuba Diving in India whereas beautiful Kerala ranks top for Parasailing and Canoeing and Kayaking.

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

On the other hand, how can you forget the wettest place on our planet Earth, Mawsynram? Frolicking in the rain at the wettest place on earth is in itself an adventurous high.

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

The caves in Meghalaya also shouldn’t be excluded from the list given that the state of Meghalaya has possibly the best places to go for caving in India.

Adventure Travel Destinations in the World

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

To talk about the best adventure spots in the world, Angel Falls in Venezuela can’t be missed given that it’s the tallest waterfall in the world. Gansbaai in South Africa, the best spot if you want some extreme fun adventures underwater. It’s guaranteed to have a clear glance of whales as long as you play it cool. Oymyakon in Russia is specifically suggested for those who are always on the lookout for a travel destination with cold temperatures to fulfill their adventure travel needs. It’s the coldest place on earth with the average temperature of about -58 degrees F. You can witness here the grounds totally covered in white ice.

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

On the other hand, those who are always seeking out for a dry place for adventure travel, the destination is the Atacama Desert in Chile. You may have to think of buying the best kind of sunscreen before you plan to travel to this place since it’s the driest destination on earth. To move further on, if you are looking for the hottest place to add more flavor to your adventure travels, do consider Lut Desert in Iran. But be cautious, you will certainly need a good game plan to keep yourself cool and hydrated while you travel this place since the temperature here is as high as 158 degrees F.

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

Traveling far away from the maddening crowd, to travel the road less traveled, and to go where few dare to venture. If this is your travel philosophy then you must consider traveling to Tristan da Cunha in the United Kingdom. It’s the most isolated place on earth and sure to give you an all-time high.

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel -

The more extreme the adventure travel experience that you immerse yourself, the more the risks that are involved. Every moment you are exposing your body to risk. Risk of injury or health issues or even something more serious. Risk is a part and parcel of adventure travel undoubtedly, but it is prudent to take precautions and follow all safety norms.

How to Minimize Risk

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

A travel insurance plan goes a long way in minimizing risks. Just have a travel insurance plan. Travel insurance will work like a shield when you travel to any destination, anywhere in the world. The job of travel insurance is to protect the insured persons against various travel-related complications such as luggage loss, flight delay, stolen baggage and as well as provides medical assistance in case of any injuries or physical troubles. Whether you are traveling to a foreign country for education purpose, job purpose or adventure travel purpose, you should always ensure that you have a good travel insurance plan.

Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

A travel insurance policy is a must in case of adventure travel, given that it includes a lot of risks. How would you deal with such circumstances where you go through any medical emergencies that need emergency hospitalization when you travel overseas? You can’t really predict your medical expenses when you travel plus it will certainly hamper your vacation. Therefore buying travel insurance is a must before traveling to any destination. A travel policy compensates all the damages and losses that you may face while on vacation. Make sure you have an adequate travel insurance plan before you pack your bag and head out on to your next adventure travel destination.

A lot of companies are available in India to choose and buy travel insurance from. You can purchase it online without hassle as well. The online insurance portals like GIBL.IN, Policy Bazaar, Bank Bazaar etc are some of the ranked websites for buying instant travel insurance. We find GIBL as one of the best insurance portals available in India from where you can easily purchase travel insurance plans.

Click here to get the best Insurance plans in India.

Travel with a travel insurance policy to enjoy fully your adventures to the hilt.

Adventure travel is beneficial to your body and mind and it enlightens your soul. We have given you enough reasons as to why you should consider adventure travel. Do you agree?

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Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

Reasons Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel Reasons Why You Should Consider Adventure Travel

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