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Top Adventure Travel Destinations

Most Popular Adventure Travel Spots of the New Year

Determined to include some more travel or adventure in your life this new year? Why not do both at once! Here are the 10 top trending adventure travel destinations across the globe.

Trips, retreats and vacations are one thing—but adventures are something a whole lot different (and way better)! Adventures are the experiences that often times, mere words are unable to fully describe. They are exhilarating, transcendent, and usually unforgettable moments that can forever change your outlook on the world. These inspirational journeys not only help keep us sane, but also help us become more open and observant, more humble and grateful—our best possible selves. And the best part about adventures is that they can be found almost anywhere.

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So step outside your comfort zone or better yet, take a giant leap across the globe this year. Try something innovative and amazing in 2016 by taking a look at these wild and worthy world wonders. These travelers’ favorites will no doubt keep you pumped and always thrilled. Here are the top trending adventure destinations worldwide.

Top Adventure Travel Destinations: Most Popular Adventure Spots This New Year

1. Hiking in Khandala – Khandala, Maharashtra, India

A popular hill station in the Western Ghats, this one is the most prominent not to mention popular getaways in the Satara District of Maharashtra—it also offers some spectacular hiking options as well. Situated at a height of 625 m, impressive panoramic views surround the adventure-filled destination, where clean mountain air, pleasant year-round climatic conditions, and natural environmental beauties consistently win over the hearts of walkers and hikers of all kinds. Leave this Indian oasis spellbound and loving the outdoors even more than you already do. There really is no wondering why it’s the most-traveled-to destination close to Mumbai.

Khandala, Maharashtra, India

2. Visit Shivgiri and the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve – Karnataka, India

Calling all nature lovers. Here is yet another Indian wonder that’s sure to make your jaw drop. Located above Yemmedoddi village in the Hoggarekangri Hills, Khandala, Maharashtra, India is settled in the southern part of the state of Karnataka and is widely known for its dense forest, which, by the way, was the former home to Veera Ballala II, a mighty great king of the Hoysala Empire who built the Amriteswar Temple in Tarikere Taluk. The region is also famous for its rich coffee vegetation— the hills of Baba Budangiri were the first site of coffee crops back in 1670.

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But besides going cuckoo for some classic brewable beans, there’s also an ample array of classical dances, Carnatic music, and other folk arts available all throughout the destination. So see some fierce tigers and wild boars, hear some forest birds chirp, wade through rich red berries of coffee seeds, and risk venturing in the deep dark forest through some adrenaline-pumping trekking and rock mounting at this utterly relaxing, totally detached-from-the-rest-of-the-world travelers’ favorite.

As if this isn’t already enough, we’ve got one more in India for you. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, spanning down over 5500 sq. km of lush green forest-covered space, is among the best preserved wildernesses in the world. What’s more is that the regions around the Kabini Lake boast some of the finest wild life camp sites and is home to some 350 species of birds and over 100 species of mammals. Peek-a-boo at endangered Bengal tigers and Asiatic elephants (the park contributes to over 1/5 of the total population of jumbos in the world) you won’t be able to sight anywhere else. Adventure awaits!

3. Surfing – Phillip Island, Australia

A favorite among grommets (newbie surfers) and seasoned board riders alike, Victoria’s first National Surfing Reserve features sheltered bays, powerful reef breaks, and one of the best beaches in the country. With a surfing history dating back to the 1920s, this one’s the ultimate surfing playground for all sorts, with gigantic monster waves that are almost always on (as well as plenty of left and right breaks), an awesomely pristine environment, and not one but four sites along its coast: Cape Woolamai, Smiths Beach, Summerland and Cat Bay. Get ready to be STOKED.

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4. Diving – Sipadan, Malaysia

Sure, diving can be an intimidating experience—but it’s also cause for some great adventure as well. The waters off Sipadan Island are home to more than 3,000 species of fish, hundreds of species of coral, an abundance of rays and sharks, and super large populations of green and hawksbill turtles. Sea of fishes stream along like traffic here, even the weird and wonderful ones such as eerie batfish or strange-looking bum head parrot fish. With a 600-meter wall, this protected Malaysian island is any scuba diver’s dream. It has unsurprisingly been deemed one of the “world’s best dives,” especially for hardcore divers who are sure to have blast getting that rare once-in-a-lifetime underwater thrill you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Walk and Hike the Redwood Forest – Khandala, Maharashtra, India

On-foot adventures begin in the heart of this Californian forest, an area well-known for ancient, gigantic redwoods, vast prairies, diverse wild life, sweeping beaches and, of course killer hiking trails. Numerous hikes can be found all throughout and are typically divided into north, south and coastal trails—and they really are a pleasure to walk on because they are so well-constructed: wide, smooth, and super easy to trek.

With more than forty parks, forests, reserves and recreation areas to pick and choose from, having an outdoor adventure in the Redwood Forest is simple and easy. Hike, camp, drive, bike, fish, kayak, horseback ride, or wildlife watch, among many other activities almost all year round. The area is cool in the summer but rarely below freezing in the winter, so weather-wise, you’re covered. Plus, the parks are almost never ever crowded. Love.

Khandala, Maharashtra, India

6. Hikin, Biking and Horseback-riding in “The Snowies”- Khandala, Maharashtra, India

Known informally as “The Snowies,” this hotspot is the highest mountain range on the island continent, as well as the ultimate year-round adventure and nature playground. From thrilling snow experiences and high-country beauty to exquisitely cultured local communities and a bountiful array of events and activities for travelers of all ages, this luxurious resort slash adventure-filled haven is sure to satisfy the inner daredevil in anyone. Do anything and try everything– on two feet, two wheels, or on the back of a four-legged creature– right in the heart of Australia.

Khandala, Maharashtra, India

7. Explore Wanaka – Wanaka, New Zealand

Situated on the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand’s fourth-largest lake (just a short drive from Mount Aspiring National Park), this South Island town is sure to appeal to adventure lovers of all sorts. It’s the ideal spot to go fishing, hiking, skiing, wine-tasting or golfing. The city also hosts Warbirds Over Wanaka, the largest three-day air show in the Southern Hemisphere. Pretty cool, huh?!

8. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef – Khandala, Maharashtra, India

Let’s face it. Not every one wants or is suited to dive. But it’s safe to assume that snorkeling is a whole other story. Really, the only requirements for this oh-so-fun aquatic activity are an ability to swim and the ability to properly fashion rubber fins and geeky goggles that’ll make you feel like a fish out of water. And what better place to wade through constantly warm waters, be mesmerized by underwater beauty, and marvel at dense surrounding forests than at one of the world’s most accessible reefs and snorkel sites? Yes, ladies and gentlemen. We present The Great Barrier Reef.

This Australian wonder is a truly magical place made up of almost three-thousand individual reefs, six-hundred continental islands, and several hundred coral cays. It also happens to be the world’s largest single structure comprised of living organisms. Plus, it’s the only living structure on earth that can be seen from outer space. It’s the perfect fit for any diver—or any adventure-seeker for that matter.

9. Discover Heidelberg’s Architecture – Neckar Valley, Germany

With a romantic and picturesque cityscape, it’s one of Germany’s most popular destination for travelers, as well as the site of an infamous castle, or should we say the ruins of a magnificent castle? Even Marc Twain himself lived in this historic and culturally vibrant European gem—well, at least for a short while.

Known as Alstadt, the city’s Old Town district features everything from cobblestone streets, ringing church bells, street musicians, and amazing architecture, to an Old Stone Bridge spanning the nearby Neckar River and, of course, that ancient Heidelberg Castle.

There are even tons of unique local museums such as the Museum of Ecclesiastical Arts, which remains the only one of its kind featuring ecclesiastical art from the 17th to the 19th centuries. Take in the sun at Neckarwiese Park or the fascinating flora types in the botanical gardens at the University of Heidelberg. Sample tasty delicacies that line the long small streets of café after café and restaurant after restaurant in downtown that provide international cuisine and drinks. What’s more is that the town just happens to be the European Headquarters for the U.S. Army. So you’ll definitely find plenty of English speaking people to talk to! Brilliant.

10. Witness Amazing Wildlife – Kangaroo Island, Australia

No Australian tour is complete without experiencing the marvels of this hoppin’ island. Sure, it’s home to some of the most prolific of wildlife (you are guaranteed to see and learn about various Australian animals, birds, and other creatures in their native habitats)—but it’s also so much more else.

Quietly ‘go bush’ in this isolated 2,250 square kilometer wildlife sanctuary, which unlike other Southern areas Down Under, has suffered the least from the impact of European settlement. Even today, the land still retains more than half of its native ‘old-growth’ vegetation, with more than one-third of the Island having been declared a Conservation or National Park. It also boasts five significant Wilderness Protection Areas so it will continue to thrive as a super special and well-protected space. Enter and be fully amazed.

5 Best Adventure Travel Destinations for 2022

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, all travel was essentially stopped in its track to protect the spread of the virus. This has been hard for every type of traveler, but especially those who seek out worldwide adventures. Being stuck at home instead of trying new things and experiences around the world has been challenging.

But with international travel opening back up in many cases, people have begun to travel once again, which means your thirst for adventure can now be quenched. Without any further ado, this article is going to take you through five of the best travel destinations for 2022.

1. The Galapagos Islands

Among the most underrated travel destinations for adventurers on the planet are the Galapagos Islands. This collection of over 20 islands is located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador. The islands are not only beautiful, but their biodiversity is among the best on the planet, with a variety of marine species calling the islands home.

While there are a ton of different animals to see on your visits to the Galapagos, it is often the Galapagos tortoises that steal the show. These are some of the oldest-living vertebrates on the planet, often living well over 100 years, sometimes up to 175 years! They are also incredibly large, often weighing up to 900 lbs and around 5 feet tall.

Going snorkeling or diving on the islands is incredible, and there are so many other things worth checking out, too. You can camp, visit stunning beaches, find trails to walk and even see some spectacular volcanoes. There is never a shortage of things to do or see when you are here. If you want to learn more about some of the various tours and excursions you can take there, check Voyagers Travel for more guidance and information.

2. Thailand

Thailand has long been a popular destination for travelers, and it’s easy to see why. It offers something for everyone from big cities, to incredible beaches, to wilderness hikes and adventures. The food is great, and there are plenty of historical sites to visit and the culture throughout the nation is very special.

There are many islands to visit, each which offer their own unique things to do and see. There are mountains, beaches, and just about every landscape you may want to visit or see. If you head to one of the major cities like Bangkok, you will only be a short ride from just about any sort of adventure you can imagine participating in.

The cost of traveling in Thailand and the rest of southeast Asia is also incredibly low, which means you can enjoy life-changing adventures and fun, all without spending a ton. While some areas are very touristy and really play into how many people visit the country, there are still a ton of ways to get off the beaten path and see what Thailand really is like.

3. Costa Rica

While Costa Rica itself is small, it is an absolute traveler’s dream. It has lovely weather, very friendly locals, and the country cares about itself and preserving its beauty. Much of the country is protected jungle, which lets you see a ton of untapped natural landscapes and habitats. But in addition to checking out the forests, natural biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes, Costa Rica ensures there is never a dull moment.

You can do everything from go ziplining, to hot-air ballooning, to horseback riding on the beach and everything in between. You can even explore caves, if that is your style. No matter what sort of adventures you like to enjoy, Costa Rica will have something for you.

For very serious adventures, Costa Rica also offers an incredible hiking trail called the Camino de Costa Rica. This 280 km trail takes remote villages, towns and protected natural areas for a true taste of Costa Rica. Of course, if you prefer a more laid-back and casual type of adventure, there are plenty of options for those, as well.

4. Peru

Peru is often underrated as a travel destination, but we have no idea why. It is warm, beautiful, and is an incredibly vibrant place to be with very positive vibes. Any trip to Peru is often highlighted by checking out Machu Picchu.

It is a 15th century Inca citadel that was home to an ancient civilization. It resides right in the mountains, and offers some of the most beautiful views of anywhere on the planet. It features intricate stone work, and gives travelers a glimpse of how people lived centuries ago.

Checking out the Huacachina sand dunes and boarding or driving up and down them is another must-do when in Peru. The rainforest is also prevalent in the country, and taking a tour will give you a look at several plant and animal life that you simply cannot see anywhere else.

Of course, doing other things like visiting beaches, parasailing, hiking, checking out islands, and surfing is also possible throughout the country. The architecture in many of the cities and towns around the country are also stunning and make for some great photo opportunities.

5. Brazil

Speaking of the rainforest, Brazil is home to more rainforest than any other country on the planet, by a large margin. Any traveler heading to Brazil should be sure to check out the Amazon rainforest and see the thousands of species of plants and animal life it has to offer.

But while the rainforests here are spectacular in every sense of the word, they aren’t the only thing to check out in this country. Brazil offers an incredible waterfall system to visit, has amazing beaches, and bustling and lively communities.

It is also home to Carnival, which is arguably the biggest party on the entire planet. Brazil has something for everyone, and you are never far from an adventure if you visit the country.

Any of these travel destinations are great places to check out if you are craving some adventure or fun in 2022.

Top 5 Adventure Travel Destinations for Your Bucket List

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Adventure travelers love the rush of adrenaline they feel while being active and experiencing a new destination. The destinations on our list are some of the top worldwide adventure destinations with a multitude of activities available. These adventure activities include mountain climbing, biking, and hiking, skiing, whitewater rafting, wildlife encounters and water sports. Read on to learn about these adventure travel destinations for your bucket list.

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Best Adventure Travel Destinations

Have a Unique Mountain Biking Experience in Slovenia

Slovenia is the only country in Europe where the Pannonian Plain, the Mediterranean and the Alps meet. This makes Slovenia the ultimate bucket list destination for mountain bikers. Visitors can book a private multi-day mountain biking tours that travel from the Alps through wine country and the Adriatic Coast. If you prefer biking on your own, Triglav National Park has outstanding bicycling routes ready for exploration. Slotrips offers many tailor made outdoor holidays that are sure to bring phenomenal experiences and lasting memories.

Go Rafting at The Royal Gorge

This deep and narrow canyon in Cañon City, Colorado is known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Arkansas’. This area of the Arkansas River has some of the best whitewater rafting experiences in Colorado. The outstanding rapids that can be found here are class III, IV and V rapids, which popular routes including Sunshine, Boat Eater and Sledgehammer. The Arkansas River Outfitters Association (AROA) has licensed professionals that offer incredible whitewater adventure tours for all ages and skill levels. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Royal Gorge Bridge while in Cañon City. This bridge sits 955 feet above the river and is the centerpiece of Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, an amusement park that is located on both sides of the gorge.

See Polar Bears Up Close

Travel up north and view the mighty polar bears guided by expert naturalists at pristine Hudson Bay. Every fall, Natural Habitat Adventure, partnered with the World Wildlife Fund, hosts a polar bear viewing experience in Manitoba, Canada. Gusts come to the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and stay in The Tundra Lodge, a hotel designed specifically for polar bear viewing. This establishment has custom made vehicles that allow once in a lifetime polar bear encounters and photo opportunities. The Classic Polar Bear Adventure is a seven day small group polar bear expeditions and cultural experiences with Churchill residents.

Conquer The Italian Dolomites

You can climb, hike, or participate in a ski safari at the magnificent Italian Dolomites mountain range. Many ski enthusiasts come to Italy every winter and have an awesome ski adventure while staying in great rifugi (mountain huts) with the best Italian food and wine served too. Year round, the region is also a spectacular location for mountain biking and hiking, trail running, and rock climbing, plus much more. A wonderful multisport Dolomites trip is A Taste of South Tyrol: Hike, Bike, Explore and Savor! This tour allows you to do it all on your Dolomites trip including luxury hotels, spectacular Italian cuisine, professional mountain guides and private transportation.

Enjoy An Outback Adventure at The Kimberley

This region of northwestern Australia known as The Kimberley, is on many adventure traveler’s bucket lists. There are numerous outdoor activities available for this western Australia trek. In the water, you can enjoy diving and snorkeling, marine encounters, and beach life. On land, you can hike bike, experience nature, camp and learn about Aborigine culture, plus much more.

One of the most remote areas of the region is El Questro, which is 700,000 acres of an adventure’s traveler’s dream. Adventure travelers here will love playing and exploring the natural wonders of tidal flats, rainforests, hot springs, gorges, waterfalls, and a mostly unexplored range of mountains. Get out there this year and experience some of these adventure.




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