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## How Much Money Do You Need to Travel Central and South America?


Traveling through Central and South America is an incredible experience that offers a diverse range of cultures, landscapes, and adventures. However, planning your budget for this journey can be daunting, given the vastness and varying costs of the region. To help you prepare, this article provides a detailed breakdown of how much money you can expect to spend on your adventure.

### Budget Considerations

The amount of money you need for your trip will depend on several factors, including:

Duration and Itinerary: The longer you travel and the more destinations you visit, the higher your expenses will be.
Travel Style: Backpackers on a budget can save money by staying in hostels, cooking their own meals, and using local transportation.
Time of Year: Traveling during the shoulder season or off-season can result in lower prices for flights and accommodation.
Activity Level: Adventurous activities like zip-lining, scuba diving, and trekking can add significant costs to your budget.

### Estimated Costs

Based on a moderate travel style, the following provides an estimated range of daily expenses for popular destinations in Central and South America:

Central America

Guatemala: $20-$30
Nicaragua: $25-$35
Costa Rica: $35-$50

South America

Colombia: $30-$45
Peru: $35-$50
Ecuador: $30-$40
Brazil: $40-$60
Argentina: $45-$65


Hostel dorm bed: $8-$15 per night
Budget hotel room: $15-$30 per night
Mid-range hotel room: $30-$60 per night
Airbnb rental: $20-$50 per night

Food and Drink

Street food: $2-$5 per meal
Budget restaurant: $5-$10 per meal
Mid-range restaurant: $10-$20 per meal
Drinks: $2-$5 per beer or cocktail


Local buses: $1-$3 per ride
Taxis: $5-$10 per ride
Long-distance buses: $10-$30 per ticket
Flights: $50-$200 per ticket

### Activities

Walking tours: Free or $10-$20 per person
Cooking classes: $20-$40 per person
Guided treks: $50-$100 per day
Adventure activities: $50-$200 per activity

### Sample Budget

For a two-week trip to a combination of Central and South American countries, a budget of $1,500-$2,500 per person would be reasonable. This includes:

Accommodation: $150-$300
Food and Drink: $250-$500
Transportation: $150-$300
Activities: $150-$500
Other Expenses: $100-$300 (visas, insurance, souvenirs, etc.)

### Tips for Saving Money

Negotiate: Always ask for discounts on tours and accommodations.
Eat local: Street food and market vendors offer affordable and authentic meals.
Cook your own meals: If possible, rent an Airbnb with a kitchen or stay in hostels with common areas.
Use local transportation: Buses and trains are usually much cheaper than taxis.
Travel during the off-season: Shoulder season and off-season months often bring lower prices.
Take advantage of free activities: Explore cities on foot, visit museums with free entry, and connect with locals.

### Conclusion

Traveling Central and South America can be a budget-friendly experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in diverse cultures and enjoy unforgettable adventures. By following these guidelines and planning carefully, you can maximize your travel experience while staying within your financial limits. Embrace the region’s unique offerings, savor its local flavors, and remember that the best adventures often come at the most unexpected costs.

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