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## Questions to Ask a Skydiving Company Before You Jump

Before you take the plunge and go skydiving, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable company. Here are some questions to ask to help you make an informed decision:

### Experience and Certifications

How long has the company been in business?
What is the experience level of the instructors?
Are the instructors certified by a reputable organization, such as the United States Parachute Association (USPA)?

### Safety Record

What is the company’s safety record?
How many accidents or incidents have they had in the past?
What are their safety procedures and protocols?

### Equipment and Aircraft

What type of skydiving equipment do they use?
Is the equipment regularly inspected and maintained?
What type of aircraft will you be jumping from?
Is the aircraft inspected and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)?

### Training and Preparation

What type of training do they provide before the jump?
How long does the training take?
What is the student-to-instructor ratio during training?
Do they offer any additional training or certification programs?

### Experience Options

What different types of skydiving experiences do they offer?
Do they offer tandem jumps, solo jumps, or group jumps?
What are the altitude options for jumps?
Do they offer any special packages or discounts?

### Location and Weather

Where is the skydiving facility located?
What are the weather conditions like in the area?
Do they operate year-round or only during certain seasons?

### Pricing and Policies

What is the cost of a skydiving jump?
What is included in the price?
Are there any additional fees or charges?
What is the company’s refund policy?

### Customer Service and Reviews

How do they handle customer inquiries and complaints?
What are the reviews and testimonials from past customers?
Do they have a good reputation in the skydiving community?

### Additional Considerations

Do they offer photography or videography services?
Do they have a gift certificate program?
Do they offer any discounts for groups or military personnel?

By asking these questions, you can get a better understanding of the company’s safety, experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction. This will help you make an informed decision and choose a skydiving company that will provide you with a safe and unforgettable experience.

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