## George H.W. Bush: A History of Skydiving

George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States, was known for his adventurous spirit and his love of skydiving. Bush made a total of nine skydives throughout his life, with the first taking place in 1944 and the last in 2014.

### Early Skydiving Career

Bush’s first skydive took place on June 11, 1944, when he was a young pilot in the United States Navy. Bush was part of a group of pilots who were training for a nighttime bombing mission over Japan. As part of their training, the pilots were required to make a practice jump from a plane. Bush made his jump from an altitude of 10,000 feet and landed safely in the Pacific Ocean.

### Skydiving After the War

After the war, Bush continued to skydive as a hobby. He made several jumps in the 1950s and 1960s, often with his wife, Barbara. In 1985, Bush made a skydive with his son, George W. Bush, who would later become the 43rd president of the United States.

### Final Skydive

Bush’s final skydive took place on October 13, 2014, when he was 90 years old. Bush jumped from a plane over Houston, Texas, and landed safely at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. The jump was a fundraiser for the library and museum, and it raised over $3 million.

### Legacy

Bush’s love of skydiving is a testament to his adventurous spirit and his willingness to take risks. He was a pioneer in the sport of skydiving, and his jumps helped to raise awareness of the sport and its safety. Bush’s legacy as a skydiver will continue to inspire others to take on new challenges and to live life to the fullest.

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## List of George H.W. Bush’s Skydives

| Date | Location | Altitude | Purpose |
| June 11, 1944 | Pacific Ocean | 10,000 feet | Training exercise |
| 1950s | Unknown | Unknown | Hobby |
| 1960s | Unknown | Unknown | Hobby |
| 1985 | Houston, Texas | Unknown | With son, George W. Bush |
| October 13, 2014 | Houston, Texas | 9,000 feet | Fundraiser for the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum |

### Additional Information

Bush was the oldest person to ever skydive at the time of his final jump in 2014.
Bush’s skydiving instructor, Mike Elliott, said that Bush was “a natural” at skydiving.
Bush’s skydiving jumps were always carefully planned and executed with the help of a professional team.
Bush’s love of skydiving was shared by his wife, Barbara, who made several jumps herself.
Bush’s skydiving legacy will continue to inspire others to take on new challenges and to live life to the fullest.

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