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## Do Short Term Policies Cover Skydiving?

Extreme sports like skydiving can be exhilarating but also risky, making it essential to have proper insurance coverage. Short term policies offer flexibility and affordability, but do they extend to high-risk activities like skydiving? This comprehensive guide explores the coverage details, exclusions, and considerations when purchasing short term policies for skydiving.

Coverage Details

Short term policies typically provide coverage for:

– Accidental medical expenses
– Trip cancellation and interruption
– Lost or stolen luggage
– Personal liability


However, most short term policies explicitly exclude high-risk activities, including:

– Skydiving
– Bungee jumping
– Scuba diving beyond recreational depths
– Rock climbing above a certain elevation

Considerations for Skydiving Coverage

Despite the general exclusion of skydiving, there are certain circumstances where coverage may be available under a short term policy:

– Endorsements: Some insurers offer endorsements or riders that can extend coverage to specific high-risk activities, including skydiving. These endorsements may come with additional premiums.
– Adventure Travel Policies: Specialized adventure travel policies are designed to cover high-risk activities like skydiving. They typically require a medical screening and may have higher premiums, but they provide comprehensive coverage for these activities.

Alternative Insurance Options

If short term policies do not cover skydiving, consider these alternative insurance options:

– Skydiving Insurance: Specialized skydiving insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage for injuries, medical expenses, and liability related to skydiving activities.
– Adventure Sports Insurance: Adventure sports insurance covers a broader range of high-risk activities, including skydiving, rock climbing, and bungee jumping.

Purchasing Insurance

When purchasing insurance for skydiving, consider the following:

– Read the Policy Carefully: Thoroughly review the policy details to ensure the exclusions and coverage limits align with your needs.
– Disclose Skydiving Activities: Be upfront about your intentions to skydive when applying for a policy. Failure to disclose may void the coverage.
– Consider Endorsements: Explore endorsement options to extend coverage to skydiving.
– Compare Quotes: Obtain quotes from multiple insurers to find the best combination of coverage and premiums.


Short term policies generally exclude skydiving, but endorsements or specialized adventure travel policies can provide coverage. When purchasing insurance for skydiving, carefully review the policy details, disclose your activities, consider endorsements, and compare quotes to ensure you have adequate protection for this exhilarating and potentially hazardous activity.

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