## Can You Go Skydiving with a Motorcycle Helmet?

Skydiving is an exhilarating experience that offers a unique perspective of the world below. However, it’s important to wear the proper safety gear to minimize the risks involved. One of the most important pieces of gear is the helmet. Skydiving helmets are specifically designed to protect the head and face from impact, wind, and other hazards. Motorcycle helmets, on the other hand, are designed for a different purpose. They are primarily intended to protect the head from impact in a motorcycle accident.

Differences Between Skydiving and Motorcycle Helmets

There are several key differences between skydiving helmets and motorcycle helmets that make them unsuitable for use in skydiving:

Shape: Skydiving helmets are typically rounder in shape than motorcycle helmets, which are more elongated. This is because skydiving helmets need to provide a wider field of vision for the skydiver. Motorcycle helmets, on the other hand, need to be more aerodynamic to reduce drag.
Materials: Skydiving helmets are typically made of fiberglass or carbon fiber, which are very strong and lightweight materials. Motorcycle helmets, on the other hand, are often made of polycarbonate, which is a less strong but more affordable material.
Face Shield: Skydiving helmets have a full face shield that protects the eyes, nose, and mouth from wind and debris. Motorcycle helmets do not have a face shield.
Ventilation: Skydiving helmets have multiple vents to allow air to circulate and keep the skydiver cool. Motorcycle helmets have fewer vents, as they are not designed for use in high-speed environments.
Weight: Skydiving helmets are typically lighter than motorcycle helmets, as they need to be easy to wear for extended periods. Motorcycle helmets are heavier, as they need to provide more protection in the event of an accident.

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Risks of Using a Motorcycle Helmet for Skydiving

Using a motorcycle helmet for skydiving can be dangerous for several reasons:

Insufficient Protection: Motorcycle helmets are not designed to protect the head and face from the high-speed winds and debris encountered in skydiving. They may not provide adequate protection in the event of an impact.
Obstructed Vision: The lack of a face shield on a motorcycle helmet can obstruct the skydiver’s vision, making it difficult to see other skydivers, obstacles, and the ground.
Weight: The weight of a motorcycle helmet can be tiring to wear for extended periods, especially during freefall.


While it may be tempting to use a motorcycle helmet for skydiving, it is strongly discouraged. Motorcycle helmets are not designed for skydiving and do not provide the same level of protection as skydiving helmets. Using a motorcycle helmet for skydiving can increase the risk of injury or death.

For your safety, always use a properly fitted skydiving helmet when skydiving.

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