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## Is Scuba Diving Included at Excellence Resorts?

Excellence Resorts are renowned for their all-inclusive packages that offer a plethora of amenities and activities to guests. While many assume that scuba diving is part of these all-inclusive offerings, the reality is more nuanced.

### Understanding the All-Inclusive Concept

All-inclusive resorts typically cover the following expenses:

Meals and beverages
Select activities (e.g., swimming, kayaking, snorkeling)

Activities that require specialized equipment or external service providers (e.g., scuba diving, deep-sea fishing) are often excluded from the all-inclusive package and incur additional charges.

### Scuba Diving at Excellence Resorts

Excellence Resorts offer scuba diving packages and excursions through their affiliated dive centers. While these packages are not included in the all-inclusive rate, they provide guests with the opportunity to experience the underwater wonders of the Caribbean Sea.

The diving packages typically include:

Equipment rental
Certified dive master guidance
Boat transportation to dive sites
Shallow-water training session (for beginners)

The cost of scuba diving packages varies depending on the number of dives, dive sites, and equipment rental needs.

### Alternatives to Scuba Diving

If scuba diving is not included in your all-inclusive package or exceeds your budget, Excellence Resorts offer a range of alternative water activities:

Snorkeling: Explore the vibrant coral reefs and marine life near the resort’s shoreline. Complimentary snorkeling equipment is available at most Excellence Resorts.

Kayaking: Paddle across the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea and enjoy scenic views.

Swimming: Dive into the resort’s swimming pools or designated ocean areas.

### Additional Considerations

Certification: Certified divers should bring their certification cards to take advantage of guided dives.
Experience Level: The affiliated dive centers offer packages for both beginners and experienced divers.
Health Considerations: Diving is not recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions (e.g., heart disease, lung problems).
Environmental Protection: Excellence Resorts emphasize the importance of protecting the marine environment. Divers are expected to follow responsible diving practices.

### Conclusion

While scuba diving is not typically included in the all-inclusive packages at Excellence Resorts, guests can enjoy a range of alternative water activities. By selecting a scuba diving package or exploring other water sports, guests can enhance their vacation experience and create lasting memories.

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