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Does the Scuba Diving Gas Run Out in GTA V?

Scuba diving is a popular activity in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), allowing players to explore the vast depths of the game’s underwater world. However, one common concern among divers is whether the scuba diving gas runs out, potentially leaving them stranded underwater.

Understanding Scuba Diving Mechanics in GTA V

In GTA V, scuba diving is facilitated by the Scuba Gear, which players can acquire from various locations throughout the game. Once equipped, players can dive underwater for a limited period before needing to resurface and refill their air supply.

Gas Consumption Rate

The rate at which scuba diving gas is consumed in GTA V depends on several factors, including:

– Depth: Diving deeper consumes gas faster than staying closer to the surface.
– Movement: Swimming and exploring underwater also contribute to gas consumption.
– Character’s Lung Capacity: Characters with higher lung capacities can hold their breath for longer underwater.

Air Capacity and Duration

The default air capacity for scuba diving in GTA V is approximately 30 seconds. However, players can increase their lung capacity by performing certain in-game actions, such as:

– Swimming: Regular swimming can gradually improve a character’s lung capacity.
– Using Sonar: Activating the Sonar device underwater can temporarily boost a character’s air supply.
– Collecting Oysters: Collecting oysters can refill a character’s air supply and improve lung capacity.

Refilling Air Supply

Once the character’s scuba diving gas runs out, they will need to resurface and refill their air supply. This can be done by:

– Reaching the Surface: Ascend to the game’s surface and wait for a few seconds to refill air automatically.
– Using a Dock or Pier: Locate a dock or pier with a small life jacket icon and press the interaction button to refill air instantly.

Consequences of Running Out of Gas

If a character runs out of scuba diving gas underwater, they will gradually lose health and eventually drown. To avoid this, divers should:

– Keep Track of Air Supply: Regularly monitor their air gauge to anticipate when they need to resurface.
– Plan Dives Carefully: Avoid diving too far or too deep for their current lung capacity.
– Use Sonar and Collect Oysters: Utilize these in-game features to extend dives and refill air supply.


The scuba diving gas in GTA V does not run out indefinitely. However, players need to be mindful of their gas consumption and plan their dives accordingly. By understanding the mechanics, increasing lung capacity, and utilizing air refill options, divers can safely explore the underwater world of GTA V without fear of running out of gas.

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