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For thrill seekers searching for a heart-pumping adventure, Costa Rica rafting is the ultimate outdoor experience. The country is known for its wide array of rivers, providing a range of difficulty levels that are certain to keep rafters on their toes. With the right items of clothing, you can ensure that you’re ready for anything Costa Rica rafting throws at you. Read on to discover what to wear for a safe and comfortable experience.

Essential Gear for Rafting in Costa Rica

The most important items for Costa Rica rafting are those designed for water activities. A wetsuit is ideal, as it guards against hypothermia and provides some protection if you fall in. The thickness of the wetsuit should depend on the temperature of the water; a 2-3mm wetsuit is typically used in Costa Rica. A wetsuit top is also a wise choice, as it will keep you warm and give you some protection against the sun. You may also want to wear a neoprene hood or skull cap to keep your head warm.

Other essential items of clothing include a life jacket and a helmet. These are two of the most important pieces of safety equipment, so make sure you use them properly and don’t take them off until you’ve finished your adventure. You should also consider bringing a pair of shoes with good grip and strong soles. This will help you to keep your footing on the raft and help you to navigate rapids with confidence.

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Layering for Comfort and Safety

When it comes to Costa Rica rafting, it’s important to wear the right layers for maximum comfort and safety. Start with a base layer made from wicking material that will keep you dry and warm. This could be a long-sleeved shirt and leggings/long shorts. Next, add a mid-layer for extra warmth and protection; this could be a lightweight fleece or a thick sweater. Finally, top off your layers with a waterproof jacket or windbreaker. Make sure the jacket is breathable and that it fits snugly around the hips and wrists.

For those who are sensitive to the sun, consider investing in a sun-protective rash guard or wetsuit top. This will help to keep you cooler and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Combatting the Elements with Rafting Attire

The final layer of clothing you should wear when rafting in Costa Rica is outerwear designed to protect you from the elements. Sun hats and sunglasses are a must when out on the water, as they will protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and keep you cool. A neck gaiter or bandana is also a good idea for those who are sensitive to the sun. A waterproof, breathable rain jacket is essential for protecting against heavy rain and wind. Finally, a pair of waterproof shoes will keep your feet dry and provide good grip in the boat.

Costa Rica rafting is a great way to experience the country’s wild rivers, but it is important to be prepared with the right clothing. Make sure you have the right gear for protection and comfort, as well as layers that will help you to combat the elements. With the right items of clothing and a little bit of preparation, you’ll be ready to have a safe and unforgettable rafting experience.