Victoria Falls Bungee Jumping

As of 2022, bungee jumping Zambia prices are USD 160. The Victoria Falls bungee swing is USD 160 for a solo jump and USD 240 for tandem (so USD 120 each).

Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls

Despite the fact that Victoria Falls is the highest bungee site in the world, you may not know where to start your jump. The bridge at the base of the falls is 365 feet high, making it the highest commercial bungee site. Many bungee enthusiasts have deemed the Victoria Fall bungee jump the best in the world.

You will be weighed before bungee jumping, and a crew will tie a harness around your ankles. This is your swinging point, so focus on the view and your body as you dangle from the cable. Once you’ve reached the top, your jump master will winch you back down the bridge to a catwalk below the bridge. It is recommended that you look out to the horizon and not down.

The Victoria Falls Bridge bungee is considered one of the safest in the world, with only one reported accident since it opened in 1993. Moreover, it has been operational for over twenty years, so you can be assured that there won’t be any complications. A good idea is to go bungee jumping with someone with no previous experience. You’ll be able to see the magnificent Victoria Falls from a completely new perspective, which is not possible without a professional training.

About Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls

With the Falls behind you and the river rushing below the Victoria Falls Bridge this is certainly no ordinary bungee jump. At 111 metres it is also one of the highest jumps in the world and the adrenaline rush is as wild as the river itself.

You meet at the Day Activity Centre at a time convenient to yourself and stroll to the Victoria Falls Bridge with your passport, passing through the Zambian immigration point. Including the walk, the entire experience takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

The minimum age is 14 years, with a minimum weight of 40 KGs and a maximum weight of 140 kgs.

Info About the Victoria Falls Bungee Jumping

• It is 111 meters high.
• Operates off Victoria Falls Bridge the border crossing point between Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Minimum age 14 years.
Minimum weight of 40 kg, a maximum weight of 120 kg.
Passports are required by clients to access the bridge. You must notify passport control that you are going to Bungee. This does not entitle you to enter the country on the other side.
• Jumps operate from 9 am to 5 pm every day – (10 am March to June.), with a lunchtime break between 1 pm and 2 pm
• Ankle and body harnesses are attached separately to clients.
• After jumping clients are winched back onto the bridge.
• Photographs and videos are taken of each jumper and are available for purchase.
• Videos cost US$55 each, and photos are US$30. A combination of video and photos is packaged at US$65.
Transfers are not included with this activity, so clients are expected to make their own way there, or make use of the Bridge Bus which leaves the Shearwater Cafe at 10 am and 2 pm daily. You can book your seat when you book your bungee.
• During the rainy season (November to May), there may be interruptions in jumps because the cords have to be kept dry.

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There is nothing in this world that compares to bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge

Victoria Falls Bungee Jump FAQs

Can you bungee jump off Victoria Falls?

The Victoria Falls Bungee Jump is undoubtedly the most scenic bungee jump in the World. With the Victoria Falls themselves as the backdrop, and the mighty Zambezi River flowing beneath you, this is sure to be one of the greatest bungee jumps in the World.

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How much is bungee jumping in Victoria Falls?

The Victoria Falls bungee swing is USD 160 for a solo jump and USD 240 for tandem (so USD 120 each). They do a special deal – and this is where they get you – of USD 220 for the bungee jump, bungee swing, and zip line.

How old do you have to be to bungee jump in Victoria?

You have to be at least 14 years old to do the bungee jump. Although transfers are not included to the Victoria Falls Bungee Jump bridge, there is a complimentary shuttle from the Shearwater Cafe in Victoria Falls town at 10 am and 2 pm daily.

How high is the bungee jump in Zimbabwe?

It is 111 meters high. Operates off Victoria Falls Bridge the border crossing point between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Minimum age 14 years. Minimum weight of 40 kg, maximum weight of 120 kg.

How fast do bungee jumpers fall?

Between about 2.5 seconds and 4.5 seconds, the jumper is freely falling and the acceleration is near –9.8 m/s2. When all of the slack is out of the bungee cord, the acceleration begins to change. As the bungee cord stretches, it exerts an upward force on the jumper.

Guide to Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls

If you’ve ever wanted to jump off a bridge, then Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls is an experience that should be on your bucket list. The bridge, which marks the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is the perfect location to do it, and there are options for physically challenged individuals, too. Most people who go bungee jumping in Victoria Falls will do the traditional headfirst dive. Experienced bungee jumpers will try backflips, flips, and inward tucks. If you’re looking for a thrill, you’ll have to book your spot early and pre-pay, or you can cancel your reservation for free.

The Victoria Falls Bungee Jump is a thrilling activity that you can take with your family and friends. The bridge provides amazing views of the Falls, including the Zambezi River thundering into the Batoka Gorge below. When you arrive at the bridge, you’ll be connected to a bungee cord that is attached to your body and lower legs. Once you’ve jumped, you’ll be winched back onto the bridge, where you’ll be greeted by the master of the leap.

The Victoria Falls Bungee Jump is an adrenaline rush that is sure to make you feel exhilarated and ecstatic. You’ll experience the awe-inspiring views of the falls from the heights of 111 meters! Then, you can try the zip-line or an ankle-tied backflip! You’ll feel like you’re floating over the Zambezi River at an incredible height of 150 meters!

The Victoria Falls Bungee Jump is an adrenaline rush that you won’t soon forget. This 111-metre drop will send your heart racing and your blood pounding. As you plunge through the Zambezi River, the sound of crashing waves will echo in your ears, and your breath will be filled with excitement. Afterwards, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the waterfall.

One of the best platforms for Bungee Jumping in the world is the Victoria Falls bridge. With a drop of 345 meters, it’s one of the highest bungee jumps in the world. You’ll need to have a passport and pass through an immigration point in Zambia to partake in this adventure. However, despite the sheer height, the elation that comes afterwards will be worth the thrill of a lifetime.

The Victoria Falls Bridge is a great place to bungee jump. It’s the highest platform in the world and is 111 metres high. If you’re brave enough, you can even jump over the falls! To make it a memorable experience, go with a school that specializes in bungee jumping in Victoria Falls. There are reputable and experienced instructors at these locations who follow strict safety standards. Some of these schools also offer other activities such as bridge swings and slides.

The Victoria Falls Bridge is the highest platform for bungee jumping in the world. At 111 metres high, the bridge provides a unique jumping experience. The bridge is also home to a bridge slide and a swing, so you can try your luck on these thrilling adventures. The height is only limited by your imagination. You must be at least 14 years old to do the activity. Minimum weight of 40 kg is required and you must weigh at least 140 kg.

If you’re a seasoned bungee jumper, you can watch them in action from the ground. It’s an experience that’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s well worth it. The sheer height of the jump is impressive, and the view from the top is truly breathtaking. You’ll experience the sensation of weightlessness after jumping over the crocodile-infested river.

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If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, Bungee jumping in Victoria Falls is the ideal activity. There are many activities for visitors to enjoy, including hiking trails, ziplining, and canoeing trips. No matter what you do, Bungee Jumping in the city is a fantastic experience for any age. The only thing you should bring is your passport. If you’re unsure about whether you’re allowed to bungee in Victoria Falls, you can consult with local authorities to find out if you need to have a visa or an exemption.


Tsuki Adventure: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

  • Post published: December 8, 2018
  • Post category: Adventure / Android / Cheats / Guide / iPad Game / iPhone game / Walkthrough
  • Post comments: 25 Comments

Tsuki Adventure
By: HyperBeard Games

Tsuki is an adorable little rabbit who gets tired of his office job in the big city and decided to move to the country to manage his uncle’s carrot farm. It’s a mostly hands-off game that you return to every once in a while to see what Tsuki is doing. But there are some interactive objects and other things you can do. People keep asking for help on my videos, so I figured I’d start a guide with some tips and tricks I picked up. Feel free to ask for extra help or offer your own in the comments section.


Carrots are the game’s currency. You get 50 every time you pick them. Use them to buy items. I recommend saving up 1000 for a golden ticket to the city, though. You can also purchase more carrots through IAPs or by watching ads (which the game oddly calls a survey).


You can buy different items in the shop. Those items will then appear in your inventory, but some of them will also show up in Tsuki’s home. You can then tap on them and use them. For instance, you can use the fishing rod to get Tsuki to go fishing, or use the kite to have him go fly a kite. Make sure to check the house after you buy an item to see if it shows up there.


You can sell the fish to the shopkeeper for a few carrots! Other than that, I’m not sure that they serve any purpose.


You can use tickets in the toy dispenser to win one of many collectible toys (GACHAPON) in the game.

The City:

After you play for a while, the train to the city will become available. But a ticket costs 1000 carrots. Once you save up, buy a golden ticket from the train station and then talk to the conductor. Give him your ticket when you’re ready to leave.

This has been bugged for me, though, so every time I go to the city, I end up only seeing the train station. If this happens to you, try going into settings, then the safe and enter TSUKIOFFER as a code to get 1000 carrots to replace the ones you lost. If that doesn’t work, try YAYTSUKI. Another is ILOVERABBITS.

Stuck in the City?

If you get stuck in the city due to a bug, and want to get back to the country, go to settings, open the safe, and enter the code COUNTRYROAD.


Part 6, Tsuki in the City:

More coming soon!

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This Post Has 25 Comments

My tsuki has been in the city for four days now, I’m getting worried it’s a bug!

Is your Tsuki still there? I think mine’s stuck too

Actually it’s gonna take a quite long time to get to the city and then another couple of days for tsuki to stay there. I have gone to the city twice and everything is okay, don’t think it’s a bug. A lot of things to expect while stay in the city actually, like they get me a luxurious hotel room today (not the little one with the mini bar anymore).

Is it me or after i enter “yaytsuki”, all the other codes wont work anymore?

out of the 3 codes only yaytsuki works for me too, and i didnt enter in yaytsuki first

None work for me at all

I have duck eggs but Bobo doesn’t ask for them. He never asked even before I didn’t have them. Idk what to do so he would ask for them? Do I need to talk to him a lot? I have red hearts with him. And I don’t want to sell my duck eggs because now when I go to the place where you can get those eggs, the duck won’t appear no matter how many times i try! Even at night, even at daytime.

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you should be able to click on the item to sell it.

IΓÇÖve recently updated the app, and since then the train conductor has disappeared from his usual spot. Is this a bug or is there another way to get to the city now?

ItΓÇÖs part of the update, he shows up randomly now, he will be back soon!

Does Bungee Jumping Hurt

Does Bungee Jumping Hurt

You may be wondering, does Bungee Jumping hurt? While it’s an exciting sport, it’s also dangerous. Free fallers can suffer serious injuries, such as a herniated disc or compression fracture. The cord can also rupture or tear and cause spaces between vertebrae. These problems are serious and could lead to paralysis or quadriplegia. But, don’t be alarmed! The experience is certainly worth it!

A bungee jump can injure the eyes. The sudden increase in blood pressure in the eyes can damage the retina. When the elastic chord jerks upward, fluid flows to the head, causing high blood pressure in the eyes. The damage can occur to the retina, a thin layer of cells at the back of the eye, and the conjunctiva, the thin mucous lining of the eye.

The first bounce of bungee jumping is the biggest and most painful, with the person falling face-first into the water. The rebound is so large that the person feels a rush of blood to the head. The person is then released from the bungee harness. This is the first bounce, which is always the largest. This scream is accompanied by a frightened and scared reaction from those watching.

Best Adrenaline Activity in Victoria Falls

When you jump, your ankles are tied together, knees bent and your arms raised. Then, you will jump from the sky, head-first. The wind will ruffle your hair, and the ground will be screaming at you. It will be a thrilling experience that will stay with you for a long time. And remember, there is no pain like the first time you did it! You won’t even realize it was so intense!

The first time you do it, you’ll probably feel a little afraid, but it’s the most exhilarating part of the adventure. You’ll see the most spectacular views of the city and feel like you’re in heaven. And when the rope rebounds, your hope fades. Nature smiles and tells you that you’re alive! If you’re a fan of the sport, you’ll never regret it. It’s definitely worth the risks.

While the National Safety Council advises that you try bungee jumping only with the assistance of a professional instructor, it is a great sport for all ages. The risk is minimal, and it’s possible to enjoy it with your whole family. The National Safety Council’s recommendations are based on real-life situations, so don’t worry! Despite the dangers, you’ll feel a sense of well-being once you’re done.

First Time Bungee Jumping

The first time you bungee jump, you’ll discover that it’s a great thrill! You’ll experience the sensation of floating in the air as you leap from 134 metres above the ground. You’ll feel the wind in your hair and feel the ground rush towards you. A strong jumper will be alarmed for a while. A strong bungee cord is a safer bet than a broken one.

The most common risks involve the safety of the jumpers. The risk of a fatality is very low. Most people can safely perform a bungee jump in the safety of a certified instructor. However, there are still dangers. The height of a bungee tower is the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. Other locations include the Bloukrans Bridge in Western Cape, South Africa, the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe, and Nevis Highwire in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Bungee Jumping is a Thrilling Activity

Bungee jumping is a thrilling activity that requires you to hold onto a rope with both your hands. The cords that hold you up are connected to the bungee tower by the ankles. It’s a high-risk sport, and it’s a good way to get in shape for a jump. It’s also a great way to spend time with your friends. If you’ve been wondering, do it.

While it’s unlikely to cause serious injuries, the risk of a serious spinal injury is not zero. A fall from a bungee tower can be deadly if the rope breaks. Despite the risks, you can do it safely. Just be sure to do your research. A safety expert can help you decide whether the activity is safe for you. Do your research before jumping. Make sure you know the laws and regulations surrounding the activity.




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