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## What Rhymes with Bungee Jumping?

### Perfect Rhymes

* **Flung**
* **Hung**
* **Lungs**
* **Sung**
* **Tongue**
* **Young**

### Near Rhymes

* **Clump** (near rhyme with “bung”)
* **Jump** (near rhyme with “bung”)
* **Mump** (near rhyme with “bung”)
* **Plunge** (near rhyme with “bung”)
* **Pump** (near rhyme with “bung”)

### Off-Rhymes

* **Amusing**
* **Bruising**
* **Confusing**
* **Diffusing**
* **Fusing**
* **Gallon**
* **Onion**
* **Person**
* **Pushing**
* **Season**

### Rhyming Phrases

* **Jump off the bungee**
* **Bounce on the string**
* **Hang in the air**
* **Swing like a bell**
* **Free fall into the abyss**

### Tongue Twisters

* **Betty bought a bungee**
* **Jimmy jumped off the bridge**
* **The bungee cord stretched tight**
* **The jumper swung into the sky**
* **The crowd gasped in amazement**

### Songs

* **”Jump” by Van Halen**
* **”Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty**
* **”I’m So High” by The Rolling Stones**
* **”Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz**
* **”Reach for the Stars” by Elton John**

### Poems

**Ode to Bungee Jumping**

Oh, bungee jumping, how I love thee,
Your thrilling rush, your pure ecstasy.
I leap from the platform, high and proud,
As the cord stretches taut, I hear the crowd.

My heart pounds in my chest,
As I fall towards the unknown.
The wind whispers in my ears,
As I swing through the air, free as a bird.

I feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins,
As I bounce up and down, again and again.
Bungee jumping, you are my addiction,
My thrill, my passion, my obsession.

**Bungee Jumper’s Lament**

I’ve bungee jumped from the highest tower,
And soared through the air with reckless power.
But now my knees tremble and my heart skips a beat,
As I stand at the edge of this daunting feat.

I know the risks, I’ve heard the tales,
Of jumpers who have met with tragic trails.
But still, the lure is too strong to resist,
The urge to defy gravity, to take the twist.

So here I stand, my fate in my hands,
As I step off the platform, into the abyss.
May the winds be kind and the cord be true,
As I bungee jump once more, for me and for you.

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