## **Did JLo Actually Bungee Jump in Selena?**

Jennifer Lopez’s portrayal of Selena Quintanilla-P茅rez in the 1997 biopic _Selena_ is widely acclaimed. But one scene in the film has raised questions among fans: Did JLo actually bungee jump in the scene where Selena goes bungee jumping with her friends?

### **The Bungee Jumping Scene**

In the scene, Selena and her friends go bungee jumping at a park. Selena is initially hesitant but eventually overcomes her fear and jumps. The scene is shot from a first-person perspective, giving viewers the impression that they are jumping alongside Selena.

### **JLo’s Stunt Double**

However, the stunt double who performed the actual bungee jump was not JLo but a professional stuntwoman named Karima Adebibe. Adebibe has performed stunts in numerous films and TV shows, including _The Matrix_, _Spider-Man 2_, and _Kill Bill_.

### **JLo’s Involvement**

While JLo herself did not perform the bungee jump, she was still involved in the scene. She rehearsed the scene with Adebibe and provided input on the camera angles and timing. She also filmed the close-ups of her face and reactions during the jump.

### **The Illusion of Authenticity**

The combination of JLo’s acting and Adebibe’s stunt work creates a seamless illusion of authenticity. The first-person perspective and JLo’s convincing performance make it appear as though she is actually bungee jumping.

### **Reasons for Using a Stunt Double**

There are several reasons why JLo did not perform the bungee jump herself:

* **Safety:** Bungee jumping is a dangerous activity, and it would have been unwise for JLo to risk her health for a movie scene.
* **Insurance:** JLo’s insurance policy likely would not have covered her for bungee jumping.
* **Expertise:** Adebibe is a professional stuntwoman with the necessary training and experience to perform the jump safely and effectively.

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### **Conclusion**

While JLo did not actually bungee jump in _Selena_, her acting and the use of a stunt double create a convincing illusion of authenticity. The scene remains one of the most memorable in the film, capturing the thrill and excitement of bungee jumping without putting JLo at risk.

### **Additional Notes:**

* The bungee jumping scene was filmed at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, Texas.
* JLo and Adebibe trained for the scene by practicing on a bungee simulator.
* The scene took several days to film, as multiple takes were needed to capture the perfect shots.
* The bungee jumping scene was one of the most expensive scenes in the film to produce.

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