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Follow these simple steps to check your Uber rating

It’s no secret that as a passenger, you are being rated by the Uber and Lyft drivers. But why does it pay off to try and improve your Uber rating? It’s simple: you are more likely to be accepted as a customer even when it’s very busy due to bad weather or when a big event, like a football match or a concert has just finished. We hate nothing more than waiting too long to book after an event has finished and then watching the Uber waiting time jump from 5 minutes to 45 minutes! These are the moments when you really need to have a five star passenger status.

If the driver gets a request during a peak time from a customer whose rating is below 4.5, for the driver it may be better to skip this customer and wait for a better one, as in big cities you will get the next request within 30 seconds and this time, it will be from a better customer. Passengers with the rating of 4.8 or higher are more likely to be on time and more polite. But as Uber doesn’t exactly advertise your own rating to you, how can you know how many stars out of five you have? Here’s how. 

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How can I check my Uber passenger rating?

  1. Go to your app
  2. Go to help  > Account and Payment > Account Settings and Ratings > I’d like to know my rating
  3. Click submit
  4. A pop-up will open up with your rating out of five stars

What is the average Uber passenger rating?

The average Uber passenger rating is 4,8 stars out of 5. If you have 4,5 or below, it is an indication to the drivers that other drivers have had problems with you in the past. Usually being late is a quick way to get a poor rating, as waiting equals loss in earnings for the driver. Another pitfall is cancelling the ride. Next, I will tell you exactly how to improve your rating, so you get great drivers quicker in the future.

How can I improve my Uber rating?

You can improve your Uber rating easily, if you take a moment to consider how you can help the driver get through their day. If you are a courteous and prompt person that looks after personal hygiene and have some manners too, you are off to a good start. Here’s my tips how to improve your Uber rating:

  • Be on time: it’s much easier for the driver to find the right location, if you are standing by the road when they pull up. It’s not difficult to estimate the car’s time of arrival, as you can see it on your screen. Making the driver wait equals loss in their earnings, so being late is a sure way to decrease your Uber rating
  • Update your phone number in the app – it’s impossible for the driver to get a hold of you without the correct number
  • If the driver helps you with heavy luggage, it’s courteous to thank them
  • It’s polite to ask how the driver’s day has been. Sometimes the driver is not in the mood for a chat, so it’s OK to leave the small talk there, if neither of you feel up for it. However, chatty passengers tend to get higher ratings
  • Leave your wet umbrella on the floor so you don’t get the seat wet
  • Don’t drink alcohol or eat in the car out of courtesy
  • Even if you are heading to a party, try to avoid yelling with your friends, as it can be incredibly annoying to someone who has done a 16 hour shift and is heading home to sleep
  • It’s not a good idea to bring your pet along
  • Sometimes if you have smoked outside when the car is approaching, your stench can actually be smelled by someone who is not a smoker
  • When you book an Uber, stick with your booking! Don’t just hail down a cab if you see one. Cancellations can affect your rating
  • Kids fighting in the backseat can also lower your rating. How to avoid this is however a whole different matter.  Unfortunately I have no instructions how to make the fighting between two young siblings stop!

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