11 Awesome Places for Paragliding in Switzerland

Flying in the skies is an exciting experience that you should experience at least once in a lifetime. Paragliding is a sport that has gained popularity in the recent past as many people want to explore the world and different places using parachutes. Paragliding is defined as flying from a slope or a cliff wearing a lightweight glider and this will give you a chance to see what the natural environment has to offer below you. If you are looking for a spot to enjoy your paragliding then Switzerland is the right location that you should visit.

Switzerland is considered as the heaven of tourism and there are numerous tourism activities that you should check out in the country. The country is filled with a wide array of unique valleys, mountains, range, escarpments among others. Imagine seeing all these things from the sky. The experience of paragliding is priceless and you should visit Switzerland to enjoy these features. Here are the places that you should visit.

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1) Interlaken

Our list begins with the best destination to paraglide and this is Interlaken. Interlaken is considered as the best location because of its near-perfect weather conditions throughout the year. The town is situated between two lakes and this makes it an ideal location that you should for paragliding. Lake Brienz and Lake Thun are both around this area and you can have a beautiful view of the lake from the skies. Different activities are available for you to enjoy in this region.

If you haven’t read my paragliding experience, feel free to check it out here.

You can visit this destination during the winter and summer period to enjoy the best views that it has to offer. You can access the area by boarding a car that will take you up where the pilot will fly with you to the mountain. You will experience 10 minutes of airtime at an altitude of 1400 meters. Be sure to check the prices before embarking on a flight.

2) Davos

Davos paragliding

Davos is a beautiful location in Switzerland that is has a rugged topography coupled with scenic trails that are perfect for paragliding. The trails are covered in a sparkling sheet of snow during the winter period and paragliding during this period is an amazing experience that you will never get elsewhere.

Fly over the snowcapped mountain in Davos with skilled trainers and enjoy the best views that you can ever see.

In case you’d like to explore more of Davos than flying over it, here’s my Davos itinerary that will help you find interesting activities in this beautiful city.

3) Zurich

If the thought of flying gets your adrenaline high then you should go to Zurich where you will experience the best paragliding activities that you have ever seen. The Zurich mountain of Uetliberg is one of the sites that you can pick your paragliding activities.

While you are high in the sky you can enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Zurich and the city itself, which is by far my favorite activity in Zurich.

4) Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen from above

Are you anxious about going to paraglide in the Swiss Alps, well, all you need to do is put your best foot forward and visit Lauterbrunnen. This is a perfect destination for your skiing activities as you will have adequate time to visit the area.

You will be flying over the most magnificent valleys and this is one of the most sought after experiences by many visitors. Also, Lauterbrunnen is known as the majestic hiking destination with dozen of hiking trails.

5) Engelberg

Have you ever sat somewhere thinking about what freedom feels like? Flying across the Engelberg like a bird while you gaze at the snowcapped mountains, mountain slopes, and the amazing panoramic views.

The trails meander way up to the mountains and you can watch the town below from high the sky. This is one of the best places that you can go paragliding in Switzerland.

6) Geneva

Lake Geneva

Geneva paragliding offers one of the best places that you can visit this location and take a leap at the balcony of Geneva as it is commonly known.

While paragliding in this location you will fly above the beautiful city of Geneva and see the exceptional Jura Mountains and the ranges of the Alps. The clear blue skies and the sparkling turquoise lake will give you a lifetime of experience.

7) Gandria

This is a lakeside town that is in the last part of the Swiss territory as you head to the Italian border. It is important to understand that this is more than just a paraglide because other than the Swiss amazing experience, you will get to check out the Italian side as well.

If you want to enjoy the best views of the region you should paraglide with a trained pilot.

8) Klosters

Klosters is an exceptional Swiss village that is frequented by tourists for various reasons that it has the best sites as well as many outdoor activities that you can enjoy. It is pretty close to Zurich and you have a hub of adventure enthusiasts who will take you around.

The serene environment coupled with high flying mountain ranges from afar makes it a perfect destination that you must visit.

9) Kriens

If you are looking for some unique undisturbed Swiss towns for paragliding experience then Kriens is the best place that you should visit. This town is in Lucerne and it is one of the places that you can enjoy cheap paragliding activities in Switzerland.

You can watch the lush green valley across the country and the mountain covering the ranges. This is a perfect location that you should visit while in Switzerland.

10) Wengen

Wengen village

Wengen village is a popular tourist destination in Switzerland and it is not only for its nature but also for the adventure it offers to tourists. You van visiting this location during any time of the year and enjoy paragliding with the best in the industry.

The snowcapped peaks, surreal mountainscape, and exceptional landscape present you with the best chance to enjoy your stay in the country. Wengen gives you the best paragliding experience that you should never miss.

In case you’re into hiking, Wengen offers a variety of amazing hiking trails no matter your physical condition.

11) Grindewald

Grindewald might be popular for skiing and other winter sports activities. However, this is not that this remote village has to offer, you can enjoy paragliding in this location and you should choose a trained pilot if you want to see the best of this village.

Have you ever experienced paragliding in Switzerland? Share your experiences below.

Go Paragliding In Switzerland For The Most Amazing Swiss Alps Experience In 2022

Best for adventure

Flying in the sky excites you? But skydive seems like an option too harsh on the pocket? Paragliding is just the activity for an adventure enthusiast like you. Looking for a paragliding school in Switzerland? Confused what to wear when paragliding? How much would paragliding in Switzerland cost you? Read on and find answers to all the questions that might pop up in your mind about paragliding in this beautiful country. Gear up for the adrenaline rush and find out the most exciting places to enjoy paragliding in Switzerland.

Top 10 Places To Enjoy Paragliding In Switzerland

Switzerland is often addressed as ‘a heaven on earth’, for its unbeatable mesmerising scenic views. Now, imagine yourself viewing this paradise from sky, while soaring like a bird. What an astonishing feeling, isn’t it? So, we have shortlisted for you, some of the cities that offer the best views when paragliding in the Swiss Alps. And do not think twice about the cheapest paragliding here, such experiences are priceless!

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1. Zurich


The thought of flying gets your adrenaline pumping faster? Do you crave adventure more than food? If you do, then Zurich is the place to set yourself lose. The amazing paragliding sites here would set you soaring high in the clouds. Zurich’s local mountain of Uetliberg is one of the best from these sites of paragliding in Switzerland. Enjoy the panoramic views of the city and lake of Zurich here!

2. Geneva

High in the sky

Seeking an unforgettable experience? Take a leap of faith from the ‘Balcony of Geneva’, the Salève mountain. Experience the tandem paragliding in Geneva, Switzerland. Float above the beautiful city of Geneva and the daunting ranges of the Alps and Jura mountains. The clear blue skies above and the sparkling lake of Geneva beneath is once in a lifetime experience!

3. Lauterbrunnen

closee to mountain

Anxious much? Well, this couldn’t be any easier! All you have to do is to put your best foot forward and in no time you would be flying over one of the most magnificent valleys in the Alps amidst the colossal rocks and snow covered peaks. Paragliding in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, is one of the most sought experiences. Enjoy the sights of the beautiful alpine meadows while paragliding here.

4. Interlaken

Interlaken paragliding

Interlaken is the adventure capital of Switzerland. Interlaken paragliding in Switzerland is quite famous as it has some of the best sites to paraglide. For best paragliding in interlaken, Beatenberg is one of the best vantage points here and one gets to paraglide against the backdrop of the towering Alps. So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and experience tandem paragliding in interlaken.

5. Davos

beautiful view from Sky

Davos is a beautiful terrain of rugged topography, mapped with scenic trails for the best paragliding in Switzerland. These trails during the winter months are covered in a sparkling sheet of pristine snow. Paragliding in winter in Switzerland is another adventure in itself. Fly over the snow-covered town of Davos as you enjoy a tandem flight with the skilled trainers. So take a step ahead as the edge of the cliff would become your best memory later of the bygone days as it is one of the best places to paraglide in Switzerland.

6. Engelberg

beautiful view from Sky

Ever sit and think what freedom is like? If it is flying free like a bird above beguiling mountain slopes, gazing at the snow-capped sedentary peaks then head to Engelberg in Switzerland. Here you can enjoy one of the best paragliding in Switzerland. Watch the trails meander their way up to Mt. Titlis and enjoy panoramic views of the town below from the beautiful sky as it is amongst the best places for paragliding in Switzerland.

7. Klosters

View of Mountains

Klosters is a beautiful Swiss village which is often frequented by tourists for its various outdoor activities. The village has plenty of adventures to partake in. Quite close to Zurich, the village is a hub of adventure enthusiasts. It is an extension of Davos and one can enjoy the serene views of both these Swiss places from sky high while paragliding. شحن نتلر بالكاش يو It is also known for skiing activities.

8. Gandria

Gandria paragliding

This lakeside town is the last of the Swiss territory right before the Italian soils. The fun of paragliding here is totally different because other than just the Swiss glimpse, one gets to enjoy the Italian views too. The tandem paragliding in Switzerland can be experienced here and there’s nothing to be scared as one flies with professionally trained pilots. So don’t hold yourself back!

9. Kriens

snow mountains

If you are looking for some offbeat Swiss towns for an undisturbed paragliding experience then Kriens could be your pick. This is a town of Lucerne in Switzerland. Like all the Swiss cities, it offers the best scenic views. It is also one of the places to enjoy the cheapest paragliding in Switzerland due to fewer tourists. Watch the green valley and Mount Sonnenberg during your tandem flight from the slopes of Kriens.

10. Grindelwald

paragliding on snow m,ountains

Mostly famed for skiing in winters and hiking in summers, Grindelwald is a treasure trove full of adventures. The village is the base point for the mountain climbers and a haven for nature lovers. The beautiful waterfalls and gorges attract tourists from all over the world. And this is not all because the best is yet to come. You can enjoy the best tandem paragliding with trained professionals hands down in this Swiss city of Grindelwald!

11. Wengen

Thrilling Adventure Sport

This village is famous for hiking and skiing all year-round along with paragliding adventure sports. You can visit during any time of the year and enjoy gliding in the sky amidst snow-capped peaks and witnessing the mountains and the surreal landscape from a different perspective. Paragliding happens to be one of the favourite sports at this destination.

Enough watching the Swiss Alps in Bollywood flicks. Now watch them for real and do not fret about the travel, stay, and cost of paragliding in Switzerland. Just go ahead and book a hassle-free trip to Switzerland with TravelTriangle now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paragliding In Switzerland

Is paragliding in Switzerland safe?

It is very safe. While not without risk, the training that Swiss pilots, including tandem pilots, receive is the most extensive that I have come across.

Where can I go paragliding in Switzerland? بطولة اليورو 2023

Zurich, Geneva, and Danos are some prime locations.

Can you paraglide in the rain in Switzerland?

It is considered unsafe and not recommended during the rain.

Is there a weight limit to paragliding?

There is no weight limit for paragliding tandems, as long as we have enough wind.

What is the most scenic sight to paraglide in Zurich?

Uetliberg is one of the best sites in Zurich to paraglide and view many scenic vistas. You get to see a panoramic view of the city and beautiful landscapes spread across the city.

Which is the best place in Switzerland to get a view of the Alps while paragliding?

This paragliding spot in Geneva is also known as the ‘Balcony of Geneva,’ which gives the breathtaking view of the Alps and the surrounding landscapes.

Where should you glide to get a beautiful view of the valleys and meadows in Switzerland?

Lauterbrunnen is the best paragliding site in Switzerland to get the best view of meadows and valleys in the Alps mountain range.

What is the maximum height you can reach while paragliding at Interlaken?

You will fly at a maximum height of 800 meters at this sight. Picture as well as video service is also provided at this site. اسرار الروليت

Which is the best site to paraglide in winter in Switzerland?

Davos has scenic landscapes and terrains. If you choose winter for paragliding you can glide at Davos and view the pristine snow-capped mountains and other picturesque vistas.

Which place in Switzerland offers cheap paragliding?

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Kriens in Switzerland offers the best scenic vistas at a cheaper price. You can choose to glide over green landscapes, valleys, and Mount Sonnenberg.

Paragliding in Switzerland

Paragliding is an extremely popular sport in Switzerland. The unique landscape with a mixture of lakes, rivers and mountain giants is perfectly suited for a flight with a paraglider. Tandem flights are offered at countless locations in Switzerland, for which no prior knowledge is necessary.

Popular places in Switzerland for Paragliding

Lucerne Region – Lake Lucerne

Bern Region

Graubünden region

Valais region

Zurich region

Paragliding Activities and tickets

Selfie paragliding flight Pilatus

In lofty heights you can enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and adrenaline to the fullest during this tandem paragliding flight from Pilatus!

Unfortunately, this offer is not bookable at the moment.

Unfortunately, this offer is not bookable at the moment.

Unfortunately, this offer is not bookable at the moment.

Paragliding Zurich

On this paragliding flight with an experienced pilot you will experience the city of Zurich from a bird’s eye view and experience extraordinary moments in the air!

Unfortunately, this offer is not bookable at the moment.

Unfortunately, this offer is not bookable at the moment.

Unfortunately, this offer is not bookable at the moment.

Paragliding Fondue Davos

The snow-covered mountains around Davos offer the perfect backdrop for a winter paragliding flight. Enjoy the romance of the Grisons mountains over a cozy fondue before returning to the valley by air.

Duration: 28 hours

Use your phone or print out the voucher

No booking fees

For Today + Tomorrow

Paraglider Büelen Selfie

Jump from Büelen with a professional tandem pilot into a paragliding adventure of the extra class. Jump at an altitude of over 1100 meters!

Unfortunately, this offer is not bookable at the moment.

Unfortunately, this offer is not bookable at the moment.

Unfortunately, this offer is not bookable at the moment.

Find out more about Paragliding

Hardly any other country offers so many possibilities for sporting activities in such a small area as Switzerland. Many cantons offer the perfect terrain for spectacular paragliding flights

Paragliding is probably the closest thing to the movement of a bird. However, it also requires some skill. Flying like a bird has become a learnable reality for us humans thanks to the paraglider. Today, the sport of flying inspires not only experienced pilots, but also beginners intoxicated by the zeal of flight

Beginners and novices usually start in tandem. For almost 90% of the participants the first flight is a tandem flight. During a tandem flight, you sit back, relax and enjoy the view while an experienced pilot controls the paraglider. After only a few seconds of flight, you will find a comfortable sitting position with the help of the pilot. A few quick steps before, the paraglider opens and you rise gently into the air. You can do (almost) nothing wrong

Paragliding flight (Photo: Switzerland Tourism My Switzerland)

Paragliding flight (Photo: Switzerland Tourism My Switzerland)

Flight School Horgen (Photo: Switzerland Tourism My Switzerland)

Flight School Horgen (Photo: Switzerland Tourism My Switzerland)

Paragliding flights are offered all year round. With a fast-paced ski launch, you’ll also get your money’s worth if you want to fly in winter

In winter, the air is usually very calm and is therefore ideal for tandem flying. On the other hand, turbulence can occur in the summer, especially in the afternoon. If you don’t tolerate the jerking so well, the pilot will immediately head for the landing site or recommend you to fly rather in the early and calmer morning hours.

Paragliding in general

Paragliding has been around in its infancy for more than 70 years. NASA engineer Francis Melvin Rogallo received the first patent of a predecessor paraglider in 1948

In Switzerland, the German Strasilla brothers, together with Andrea Kuhn of Switzerland, developed the world’s first paraglider from towed parachutes in 1973. They registered their own paraglider patent as the Skywing. Even then, their glider had an ingenious system of arresting and control lines

Dieter and Udo Strasilla were the first people to fly together from the Jungfraujoch at 3463 meters above sea level to Lauterbrunnen, covering 2676 meters of altitude. This was the birth of paragliding in Switzerland. Even today, the world’s first paraglider, an 11-cell glider made of spinnaker fabric, can still be seen at the Schleissheim airfield near Munich

How does paragliding work?

The pilot sits safely in a harness under the paraglider, which is connected to the harness by lines. He steers the flight by means of control lines. In a tandem flight, the passenger sits in a second, tightly connected harness directly in front of the pilot. All the equipment fits into a backpack and weighs between 15 and 20 kg.

How do you take off when paragliding?

In the mountains, the flight is usually done with a forward takeoff. The paraglider is behind you and you start walking slowly until the paraglider has filled with air and is above you. After a few steps downhill, the paraglider lifts you into the air at 20 km/h already.

The start to the flight takes place over four phases:

The launch preparation: Exploring the launch site, mental preparation.

Launch phase: This phase starts from the feeling. Here you determine by pressing the line whether the glider needs to be counter-steered.

Control phase: Probably the most important phase decides whether to launch or abort the launch

Acceleration and take-off: You accelerate continuously until the take-off speed is reached. You decelerate in a controlled manner and continue to run until your last steps in the air

For whom is paragliding suitable?

As a passenger of a tandem flight you do not need any previous experience. You will be briefed by the pilot before the paragliding flight in the launch preparation. Thereby you will learn what you have to pay attention to during take-off, landing and during the flight

The provider of a tandem flight often specifies a minimum and maximum weight, which is usually between 30 kg and 120 kg. A special fitness is not required. In case of serious illnesses, however, you should consult your doctor beforehand. It is better to specify this when booking

If you suffer from motion sickness or have a strong fear of heights, a paragliding flight is not suitable for you. Paragliding is also not suitable for pregnant women.

Tandem paragliding flight

During a tandem flight, the professional flight instructor or pilot will take care of everything important. You can do one thing above all: enjoy the magnificent scenery. For example, if you like to plunge from the Jakobshorn or the Gotschnagrat, you can book a tandem flight with a renowned provider for about 190 CHF. The approximate cost of a general paragliding flight in Switzerland ranges from about 150 to 250 CHF, depending on the duration. Usually it’s an unforgettable 20 to 40 minutes that you float over a beautiful alpine landscape.

(Photo: Paragliding Interlaken)

(Photo: Paragliding Interlaken)

Tandem flight (Photo: Paragliding Interlaken)

Tandem flight (Photo: Paragliding Interlaken)

Learn to paraglide

Paragliding can become a lifelong passion. is an experiential process that always needs training. Training as well as learning should not be effort, but fun. In any case, paragliding is an uncomplicated, easy to learn and above all safe sport

The good training, professionally supervised flight areas, attractive paragliding trips and interesting advanced training courses promote the popularity of this sport in Switzerland

Swiss Activities tips for paragliding

  • In less overflown areas, animals are not yet familiar with the silhouette of the paraglider. Therefore you should keep enough distance to the ground.
  • Fiesch in the Valais offers a wonderful and special flying experience: The flight “Barrierefrei” is a 20-minute paragliding flight in a wheelchair. It is carried out by a professional tandem partner.
  • A steep mountain slope provides further altitude gain for cross-country pilots due to the sunshine that has been rising for some time. Here you can use the thermals to your advantage.
  • Long-term and regular weather observation is indispensable for alpine pilots
  • For destinations up to 1000 meters altitude a good general condition is sufficient.

Paragliding Switzerland – 7 popular areas

Switzerland declares itself the Dorado for paragliders. The trump cards are the diversity and beauty of the landscape, the countless paragliding schools and the transport network. Wherever there is a breeze and there is a mountain, paragliding takes place in Switzerland.

Interlaken is considered a good terrain. Flying in the area of the Aletsch Glacier, a World Heritage Site in the cantons of Bern and Valais, is no less enthusiastic. On the Fiescheralp there are particularly good upwinds. Grindelwald First is the top spot for great panoramic views over the Jungfrau region

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If you prefer flying over lakes, then you should take off in the area of Lake Lucerne or Lake Lugano. Get inspired and get to know 7 wonderful locations for paragliding in Switzerland.

Paragliding Interlaken Bernese Oberland

Interlaken stands for a fantastic location and ideal flying conditions. There are numerous passenger flights offered from various launch sites. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the blue shimmering mountain lakes and the Jungfrau massif. A flight in this dreamlike area is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience in a class of its own

Since the region around Interlaken is so popular for paragliding flights, we have compiled a separate article with the best paragliding flights from Interlaken.

Tandem flight paragliding (Photo: Paragliding Interlaken)

Tandem flight paragliding (Photo: Paragliding Interlaken)

Landing approach (Photo: Paragliding Interlaken)

Landing approach (Photo: Paragliding Interlaken)

Paragliding Central Switzerland

Thanks to the excellent flying conditions, you can paraglide all year round in Central Switzerland Paragliding. You float above the beautiful landscape of the Alps of Central Switzerland.- The route for Paragliding Niederbauen / Emmetten is considered one of the most beautiful for paragliding. The view over Lake Lucerne is breathtakingly beautiful. After a fabulous flight experience of over 15 to 30 minutes, you land gently back in the valley

Since the area in central Switzerland is so wonderfully suited for this sport, we have also created a separate guide for paragliding.

Paragliding Ticino

The mountains in Ticino offer ideal jumping ramps for “Icaruses”. From Sasso Ferro or even from Monte Nudo, you glide gently down and land on the field of Icaro. But that’s not all: all paragliding flights are absolutely suitable for families. Even the youngest ones will enjoy the unique flight experience and the unforgettable view of Ticino

Strong emotions are offered on a flight from the 1704 m high summit of Monte Generoso. The stone flower of the architect Mario Botta is enthroned at the top. During the flight, the landscape of this region presents itself in all its beauty: the Mendriosotto with its vineyards, Lake Lugano and the enchanting Alpine chain. You will share the sky with falcons, eagles and many other birds

Monte Tamaro also offers a great opportunity for a flight with a magnificent view. On your way down to the valley you will climb about 1000 meters in altitude. Depending on the thermals, you will enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Lugano, Bellinzona and Lake Maggiore.

Meanwhile, passionate paragliders appreciate Monte Lema as an extremely suitable place to pursue their passion. At an altitude of 1620 m.a.s.l. paragliders from all over the world meet. Some flights extend over 200 km and go as far as Engadin or Valtellina. However, these are then not suitable for tandem flights.

Paragliding Ticino (Photo: Switzerland Tourism MySwitzerland)

Paragliding Ticino (Photo: Switzerland Tourism MySwitzerland)

Paragliding Lake Lugano (Photo: Switzerland Tourism MySwitzerland)

Paragliding Lake Lugano (Photo: Switzerland Tourism MySwitzerland)

Paragliding Eastern Switzerland

Thanks to its exceptional panorama, eastern Switzerland is a highly frequented region for paragliding

Paragliding Walensee: Above Lake Walen, a pearl between Zurich and Chur, you can enjoy the light-heartedness of the skies. There are ideal thermal conditions for a panoramic flight. Whether in winter or summer: Based on the optimal conditions of this area, panoramic flights as well as thermal flights are offered

Paragliding Alpstein: Touch the clouds and fly free like a bird through the air Here you take the gondola up to Ebenalp and fly past the world famous mountain restaurant Äscher and enjoy the view of the Seealpsee. The flight ends in Wasserauen next to the valley station of the mountain railroad

Paragliding Toggenburg: From the mountain station Chäserrugg it is only a 15 min walk to the starting point on the Hinterrugg. Here you can start a magnificent paragliding flight with a view of the Churfirsten, a mountain range in Toggenburg. Passenger flights are also offered for disabled people who are bound to a wheelchair

(Photo: MySwitzerland)

(Photo: MySwitzerland)

(Photo: MySwitzerland)

(Photo: MySwitzerland)

Paragliding Davos Klosters

Besides snow sports, this area is a very popular hotspot for paragliding in Davos. And this is true at any time of the year.

During a paragliding flight in Parsenn you will look at the snow mountains lying in the sun as well as at the dark Davos forests

In the winter sports area Parsenn you also have the possibility to start from the Gotschnagrat. From an altitude of 1000 m you can enjoy the breathtaking alpine landscape of this region in Graubünden over a flight time of 15 to 35 minutes

And finally, you take to the air at Jakobshorn for joy. Probably this launch site is so popular among paraglider pilots because the upwind blows here a bit stronger and more constant than elsewhere. In addition to the good thermal conditions, the flight over magnificent peaks and forests is thrilling

Paragliding Zurich

In the beautiful surroundings of Zurich, paragliding over the Uetliberg is a first-class experience. If you like, and weather conditions permit, you can fly into the sunset on a summer evening. Also, at your request, particularly rapid maneuvers are conceivable – of course under the care of an experienced paraglider pilot.

Paragliding in winter (Photo: MySwitzerland)

Paragliding in winter (Photo: MySwitzerland)

(Photo: MySwitzerland)

(Photo: MySwitzerland)

Paragliding Valais

The Aletsch Arena promises boundless freedom in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this area, Kühboden is a mecca for paragliders and delta pilots. Fiescheralp, Bettmeralp and Riederalp are famous for paragliding. They are located on the southern saddle of the Aletsch Glacier and are ideal for a scenic flight.

Finally, Zermatt attracts with a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn and the surrounding four-thousand-meter peaks. Numerous passenger flights are offered, which let you experience Zermatt and the region with 38 fantastic peaks with over 4000 m height from the bird’s eye perspective

Paragliding for children

In the Aletsch Arena, children as young as four can take part in the flight spectacle. These are exclusively tandem flights with an experienced pilot. The little passengers love to have a bird’s eye view of the houses, streets and hiking trails. With quick steps the tandem pilot rushes down the slope. The wind reaches under the sails and the paraglider silently takes off: children’s hearts beat faster

Many providers specify a minimum age. As a rule, however, the little sky stormers can be taken along. For children from about seven years, a tandem flight is possible in most cases, but there must be a permission of the custodian. In addition, it should be really clear that the child also wants to carry out the flight, since there is no turning back in the air

Depending on the organizer, children between the ages of 3 and 15 are allowed to participate in a tandem children’s paragliding flight. The minimum weight varies between 15 to 25 kg. A normal mental and physical condition is required.

(Photo: Flugtaxi Switzerland)

(Photo: Flugtaxi Switzerland)

(Photo: Flugtaxi Switzerland)

(Photo: Flugtaxi Switzerland)

Paragliding safety

Professionalism and safety are guaranteed in paragliding. Without exception, all pilots are certified by the Swiss Hang Gliding Association SHV. They possess the hang gliding certificate, which confirms their skills. Pilots who are allowed to perform tandem flights go through an additional, strict examination

There are also very strict regulations for paragliders. All parts of the paraglider must be able to withstand at least an eightfold load. In addition, every paraglider is equipped with a rescue parachute that is pulled in case of emergency.

Equipment for paragliding

Good mountain equipment is in principle also suitable for paragliding. Personal equipment is chosen to serve both functions. First and foremost, it must be safe, packable in small pieces and suitably light.

Sturdy shoes, long trousers and a windbreaker are a must In summer, good, ankle-high shoes, a light windbreaker or a sweater are recommended. In winter, good, ankle-high shoes and a warm jacket and pants are also important. Not to be forgotten are the gloves. For a ski start, skis and a ski suit are needed, of course. Light equipment fits well in a large alpine backpack and weighs less than 10 kg

Paragliding equipment should meet safety standards. Helmet, reserve parachute and protector are always included

Source https://golookexplore.com/paragliding-in-switzerland/

Source https://traveltriangle.com/blog/paragliding-in-switzerland/

Source https://www.swissactivities.com/en-ch/paragliding-switzerland-ultimate-guide/

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