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Who Makes Redhead Hiking Boots?

who makes redhead hiking boots

Who makes redhead hiking boots? What to look for in your chosen boot is highly dependent on the sort of trek you will be undertaking. In terms of categories, there are generally understood to be three: day boots, hiking sneakers, and backpacking boots. Hiking shoes have an ankle cut and are best suited for shorter treks or trail running. Day boots end just below the shin and are often lighter and more flexible, making them ideal for a day trip. Backpacking boots are tough, high-cut boots designed to carry heavy loads while remaining comfortable throughout your trek.


Hiking boots since the 1980s have come a long way since hiking boots of athletic shoe style were first created. We are also wearing them for a wider range of outdoor activities, including fastpacking and trail running, as well as extensive backcountry hunting treks and serious mountain trekking.

Finding your ideal pair of hiking boots may not be difficult if you know how to distinguish the anatomy of hiking boots and some unique features, the many types of boots accessible, and when they should be replaced.

How Are Hiking Boots Made

Strap Tops – Made of leather, fabric, and rubber, these sections cover your feet from the soles up and are connected to the lasts with a mix of adhesive and stitching. The material used to make the uppers has an effect on their weight, breathability, warmth factor, longevity, and water-resistance level. Leather is a popular material for uppers since it is waterproof, comfortable, and long-lasting. Leather uppers are very supportive and durable, making them an excellent choice for upholstery. Single-piece construction makes water resistance even better.

  • Full-grain leather – Taken from the exterior of the cowhide.
  • Suede – While they are flexible and breathable, they are not as supportive or waterproof.
  • Reverse full-grain leather – Full-grain leather is turned inside out, giving it a rough feel.
  • Nubuck – To remove or conceal flaws, use a wire brush.
  • Mesh – Synthetic can also be used for a breathable lining.
  • Synthetics – Synthetic and man-made leathers are three examples of this. Boots constructed from these materials are lighter than leather and dry quickly. These boots may wear out sooner than leather boots.

Who Makes The RedHead products?

Redhead is a house brand of Bass Pro Shops, an American retail company that specializes in outdoor apparel and gear. According to Red Wing, over 60% of their boots are made in the United States. When compared to other shoe and bootmakers who have relocated the bulk of their manufacturing overseas, this figure is quite remarkable.

These redheads Camo Utility Boots offer 100% waterproof coverage, natural 5mm insulation, and lightweight neoprene construction. For protection against rocks, sticks, and other dangers, durable rubber reaches all the way up the shin.

Hiking Boot Technologies Pros And Cons

Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of different waterproofing materials, as well as whether or not you need them for your boots, can help you choose the best ones for the task without spending too much or purchasing something you do not need.

Water-Resistant vs. Waterproof – Water-resistant textiles and treatments allow water to pass, but they do not keep it from soaking through your boots once they are wet. Waterproof layers and laminates are applied to the seals and tops to completely seal out water.

Breathability – Make sure your boots are both breathable and waterproof if you want to stay warm. The fabric weave of most high-quality waterproofing treatments is smaller than a water molecule but big enough for air to flow through. This helps keep your feet dryer in the winter and therefore warmer.

Understanding The Hiking Boot Types And Function

Active/Light Hiking Boots – These running shoes are built for one- to two-day excursions when you feel a need to break away from the normal path.

These boots have lower cuts and limited ankle support, owing to their low-cut uppers made of leather and mesh. For overall support and ventilation, some versions include leather and mesh upper for great comfort and breathability at the expense of little to no water protection. These are best for groomed paths since they have conservative tread and lugs.

Midweight/Traditional Hiking Boots – The most adaptable of hiking boots, these are built for walking over varied terrain with moderate slopes and can protect your feet, arches, and ankles while providing enough cushion and comfort for carrying mid to heavy loads. Leather and synthetic upper materials are usually used in conjunction with one another to provide abrasion resistance as well as water protection.

Midsoles are more rigid and lightweight outsoles that are tough enough to endure heavy mileage. They are available in a variety of heights, from low to high, making them suitable for not only walking but also trail running, fastpacking, and training.

Backpacking/Mountain Boots – These best support you when you are carrying a heavy pack because they are designed for multiple days on the trail or deep backcountry treks with extreme terrain and the most severe weather. They are as robust as they get – durable, breathable, supportive, waterproof, and warm.

The high-shaft leather uppers of these shoes provide maximum ankle support and have firm midsoles to guard your feet from rocky terrain. The deep, longer lugs and aggressive tread assist in the removal of mud and debris. These may also be heavier and need more time to break-in.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the redhead a good brand?

I have discovered that the majority of red headgear is quite good in terms of quality and durability, but there are a few outliers.

Is the RedHead silent hide waterproof?

The waterproof Bone-Dry lining and noise-reducing lamination are combined inside this lightweight boot’s light, yet hard nylon upper part to give you a boot that delivers quiet flexibility and long-lasting comfort.

Do the redhead boots have a warranty?

After the merger, BassPro’s Redhead brand was adopted by Cabelas. BassPro / Cabelas provides a one-year warranty on footwear malfunctions. They generally assess them for replacement beyond the one-year mark with the Redhead label.

When did the RedHead brand start?

The brand is currently owned by the Bass Pro Shops. They have been promoting Red Head as a “heritage brand,” despite the fact that they do not sell any vintage-style goods and claim the company’s founding date as 1856, which has no relationship to anything. BobHufford and A-1 like this.

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Do Salomon Hiking Boots Come in Wide?

salomon quest 4d 3 gtx

Salomon hiking boots are one of the best selling hiking boots on the market today. The Salomon hiking boots are a great choice for anyone who wants to take their hiking to the next level. The Salomon hiking boots have a wide selection of colours and styles to choose from. Salomon hiking boots are also great for all types of weather conditions.

The Salomon hiking boots are made with the highest quality materials and are made to last for years to come. The Salomon hiking boots are a great choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their hiking experience.

But do Salomon hiking boots come in wide? This article will answer that question.

Table of Contents

Do Salomon Hiking Boots Come in Wide?

Salomon hiking boots come in a variety of sizes and styles. Salomon hiking boots come in different widths. The Salomon hiking boots come in wide, medium, and narrow widths. The wide width is the widest width that the Salomon hiking boots come in.

The medium width is the second widest width that the Salomon hiking boots come in. and the narrow width is the narrowest width that the Salomon hiking boots come in. The Salomon hiking boots come in different widths to make sure that you get the perfect fit for your feet.

And to answer the question of whether Salomon’s hiking boots come in wide, the answer is yes.

Salomon’s hiking boots come in wide. To find the widest Salomon hiking boots, you have to find the widest boots in the world, but the wide ones tend to be very expensive. Salomon hiking boots tend to be very sturdy too. If you are looking for the widest Salomon hiking boots, look no further than Salomon.

Salomon hiking boots are popular. You can find these boots in a variety of sizes and colours, from neutral to overexcited. They come in many different styles and can be worn with a variety of outfits, such as jeans or skirts. They are one of the most versatile pairs of boots on the market.

Wide Salomon hiking boots come in a number of sizes to meet the needs of men and women of any activity. Whether you’re a hiker, a climber, a trekker, a cross-country skier, a biker, or just someone looking for boots for the great outdoors, you’re sure to find the right pair for you here.

Salomon Hiking Boots come in a variety of widths but are generally wider at the top and more narrow at the sole. Salomon also has boots that have wide toe boxes with a thin interior sole, which makes it easier to put on and take off boots while hiking.

The Salomon Hiking Boot is a high-performance, lightweight boot that is designed for the needs of serious hikers, as well as backpacking and multisport enthusiasts. Salomon has been producing hiking boots for more than a century. The Hikelite footwear collection has a variety of models that are designed for the needs of any hiker, whether you are a seasoned high-altitude trail runner or a newbie.

Are Salomon Walking Boots Wide Fit?

Hiking boots are rarely wide fit as the foot is supposed to bend naturally, which can put significant strain on the ankles and cause discomfort. Wide fit boots may be particularly problematic for runners assuming they have large calves since it requires a foot-strike pattern that places a higher proportion of the weight on the outside of the foot.

A wide-fit Salomon hiking boot adds an element of flair to your look, without sacrificing your comfort and performance. If you’re looking for an everyday boot, the wide Salomon walking boot features a lace-up and button fastening, made from durable, water-resistant leather with a smooth lining to keep feet dry.

When it comes to walking boots, Salomon is one of the most trusted names in footwear. Wide fit walking shoes are designed to allow your foot to expand as you’re walking, so you don’t have to worry about the shoe slipping off your foot as you walk.

Are Salomon hiking boots wide fit? Salomon hiking boots are not wide fit boots. Salomon hiking boots are medium fit boots. Salomon hiking boots are designed to allow your foot to expand as you are walking, so you don’t have to worry about the shoe slipping off your foot as you walk. Salomon hiking boots are designed to be worn with a wide range of footwear, including hiking boots, sandals, and casual shoes.

Salomon hiking boots are made of durable leather, which is water-resistant and easy to clean. They are also designed to be comfortable and supportive, so you can enjoy your walk. Salomon hiking boots are a great choice for anyone who wants a comfortable hiking shoe.

Are Salomon Walking Boots Waterproof?

Hiking boots are meant to be waterproof and breathable. However, some brands thrive on not making their hiking boots water-resistant. Salomon hiking boots are one of the best in the market. They come in various styles and sizes.

But do Salomon hiking boots have a waterproof lining? Yes, Salomon hiking boots have a waterproof lining inside. This means that you can walk in them and not worry about getting wet. Salomon hiking boots are a great choice for hikers who love to trail in wet terrain. They are also great for those who enjoy walking in wet conditions because they are waterproof. Salomon hiking boots are made of durable leather, which is water-resistant and easy to clean.

They are also designed to be comfortable and supportive, so you can enjoy your walk. Salomon hiking boots are a great choice for anyone who wants a comfortable hiking shoe. They are also great for anyone who wants to enjoy a hike in the rain without risking getting blisters or infections.

Are Salomon Hiking Boots Good?

They’re comfortable and rugged enough to get the job done. And for a solid all-around hiking boot, Salomon offers a wide range of styles and features to meet the needs of anyone from the weekend warriors to mountain veterans.

Boots are an important part of a hiker’s gear. They protect your feet from rocks, roots, and other hazards on the trail. They keep your feet warm in cold weather. They make turning around in rough terrain easier.

But to answer the question of whether Salomon hiking boots are any good? Yes, they are.

Salomon boots are durable for any type of terrain and they also come in different designs. They have strong rubber soles and the body is made from 100% leather.


Salomon boots are one of a kind hiking boots. They are strong, durable and provide utmost protection to your feet. They are waterproof and provide ankle protection. They are also cost-effective and appealing to the eyes.

After careful evaluation, we’ve come to the conclusion that Salomon hiking boots are good in different aspects, like durability, toughness, and visual appeal. This makes them one of the best hiking boots brands.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots

Helpful guide to waterproof wide foot hiking boots for woman.

Your wide feet are your friends, especially when it comes to hitting the great outdoors. With all the different levels of hikes, rocks, mud, water, dust, sand, and everything else you’ll be going over or through. Having the proper footwear is crucial to keeping those pesky foot aches at bay. Wide feet require wide foot hiking boots to ensure your feet are comfortable from the trailhead to the very end, no matter the terrain.

As many of you know, shoe width size does matter. So if you’re a woman or know a woman with wide feet and are on the hunt for some new hiking boots, look no further. Here are my picks for the best wide foot hiking boots on the market. Stop squishing those wide feet into the narrow foot hiking boots, and try one of these ultra-durable outdoor gear wide foot hiking shoe brands today. If you have narrow feet check out my other popular female hiking boot post.


Don’t forget, I’m a budget traveler who loves saving you money. Be sure to check out the partnerships and discount resources at the bottom of this page to score some smoking deals on ALL OF YOUR OUTDOOR gear or other travel related needs!

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Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Wide Foot Hiking shoes

The Lowa brand has been around for almost an entire century and has proven that they can “walk the walk” when it comes to their wide foot hiking boots. Lowa is a company that is loved by hikers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts, and their products bring the most comfort in the most challenging environments to even the widest feet. Lowa is also the official boot sponsor for the American Hiking Guides Association, so if they can trust them, so can you.

These waterproof boots have breathable Gore-Tex liners that will even keep your feet dry while trekking in shallow puddles, light streams, and even slushy sloppy snow. The uppers have water-repellent leather lined with Cordura ankle bands to give you the most comfort and flexibility. Another great feature of these wide foot hiking boots is that they have polyurethane midsoles that do a fantastic job of absorbing shock as you trek along. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots appeal to women with wide feet because they were designed to be wider than most conventional hiking boots for women.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

Wide Foot Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Shoes
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable Gortex
  • Cordura Ankle Bands

Oboz Bridger Mid BDry Wide Width Female Hiking Boots

The Oboz brand is famous among hikers who spend hours outside, as this carefully designed footwear lasts under the harshest conditions. Customers also appreciate that Oboz promotes both human health and planet health, as they plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold in their partnership with Trees for The Future charity. If you are looking for a pair of boots that will remain stable for you without compromising comfort, the wide foot female Bridger Mid BDry Hiking Boots might be a perfect solution.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

If you have wide feet, these Oboz boots will ensure that your toes don’t get crushed at the tip of your boot. They also are made with the best waterproof and breathable material, keeping all of those nasty soggy elements away from your feet. The nylon mesh lining inside the boot creates a unique breathability design.

Becoming even more quick-drying than their competition, and won’t hold you back around areas with water.

In addition to this, the arch support on the Bridger’s footbeds is a significant selling point for hikers who are on the trails all day long. Like the Appalachian Trail. When looking for a rugged high-end, long-lasting, and comfortable wide foot hiking shoe, give Oboz Mid BDry hiking boots for women some severe consideration.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

Oboz Bridger Mid BDry Hiking Boots for Women With Wide Feet
  • Rugged Design
  • Waterproof
  • Charitable Company

Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Wide Foot Female Hiking Shoes

Merrell hiking boots are not just functional, but they’re stylish too. This brand has been worn by over 20 million happy customers who keep coming back for their next pair. These ankle-high wide foot boots are great for hitting the trails or even just cruising through town, as they are steady enough for intense paths and lightweight enough for casual evening strolling through town.

Made with performance, suede leather, and mesh uppers, the Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes for females with wide feet are sure to keep you dry and comfortable. The breathable membranes inside the shoe are also waterproof and shield your feet from any rain, trying to creep inside.

If you have wide feet, you’ll be glad to know that these boots run a little on the broader side. Providing excellent arch and heel support, thanks to their high-tech footbeds. Clumsy people will be delighted to know that these shoes have rubber toe caps and Vibram outsoles to stop any slipping accidents on the trail.

Merrell is a household name that sets the standard in the industry for wide foot hiking shoes for females, and if you in the market for a new pair of hiking boots this season, don’t sleep on the Merrell Moab 2.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

Female Wide Foot Merrell Moab 2
  • High Tech Footbeds
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber Toe Caps

Oboz Sawtooth II Low BDry Hiking Shoes

Here we have another wide foot hiking shoe from the Oboz brand. Because this philanthropic company produces high-quality hiking shoes and boots for all skill levels, but more importantly, cater to women with wide feet who love the great outdoors. The Sawtooth II Low BDry hiking shoes are built with waterproof Nubuck leather uppers, and moisture-wicking nylon mesh liner lowers to bring you the best shielding possible coupled with breathability. As for your toes, the protective overlays help to prevent any abrasions. Along with cushioned toe caps.

Hikers who live in all kinds of climates rave about the Oboz Sawtooth II. Right out of the box, these shoes are comfortable enough to wear on a long journey. The O FIT insoles offer exceptional performance and feel, thanks to how it wonderfully wraps around your foot. Based on customers’ reviews, these shoes run a little on the broader side, perfect for women with wide feet.

And it’s admirable to mention if you’re trying to figure out a tie-breaker between the best wide foot hiking shoes, Oboz plants a tree for every shoe sold.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

Oboz Sawtooth II Low BDry Hiking Shoes for women with wide feet
  • Nubuck Leather
  • Protective Overlay Toes
  • Waterproof

Female Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots

Salomon is a brand with a household name born in the French Alps and has been helping people experience hiking since the mid-1940s. The good news, they have no plans to stop their hard work and hard play. This company prides itself on being proactive in the hiking world. Every year they are improving their boot technology and design with each new model that comes out.

If you tend to trip, slip, or fall on trails, you’ll love that these boots provide the ultimate stability and motion control without adding any weight. Making some of the most demanding wide foot hiking shoes on the market, Salomon produces memories every hiking season!

A nice feature of the Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX hiking boots is that they are specifically designed to support the shape of women’s feet. The leather uppers with Gore-Tex liners mean these boots are quick-drying and prepared for stepping into anything muddy or wet. There isn’t quite a boot out there like this one that cradles the foot precisely and provides impeccable ankle support. Women with wide feet love these boots thanks to the giving yet secure side material. If you’re ready for a trekking adventure and are a female with wide feet, add these to your cart today.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

Female Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Hiking Boots
  • Quick Drying
  • Gortex Linings
  • Supportive Ankle Design

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot for Wider Feet

Columbia has a strict criteria list for designing and crafting their women’s broad width footwear, which is why their hiking boots are no different. The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot is a trendy choice and is comfortable right out of the box with no need for break-in time. The brand uses high-quality materials that merge comfort and durability while keeping these boots lightweight and fashionable.

If you’re looking for a waterproof boot that sets itself apart from the rest of the wide foot hiking shoes, the exteriors on this pair are made from the best suede and leather materials in the industry!

To protect them from rainy, marshy, sloppy, muddy, slushy wet, and soupy surfaces.

The outsoles have excellent traction, helping prevent slipping as you adventure on the trails up into the mountains. Thanks to the lightweight midsole, these boots are comfortable for long periods without sucking up your energy, lifting each foot for miles. These hiking boots also cater to women with wider feet, allowing some toe room even when all laced up.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Wide Foot Hiking Boot
  • Waterproof
  • Suede Leather
  • No Break In Time

Clorts Women’s Pioneer Hiking Boots Waterproof Suede Leather Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Clorts is one of the few brands of hiking boots that I’ve come across that keeps your feet dry while standing in a couple of inches of water. These wide foot hiking boots for women have an impermeable membrane that uses Unneblex technology that provides an extra level of protection to keep water out and have the ability for trapped moisture to escape.

The brand’s outstanding commitment to supporting the hiker and keeping them in mind during their design is one reason that outdoor enthusiasts return to them more than any other brand in the industry.

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These carefully crafted wide toed boots can take you on the long haul of an all-day adventure without tiring your feet before returning to the trailhead. While they have excellent hiking performance, they are also fantastic for cycling, backpacking, casual walking, climbing, hunting, and trekking out in the snow. The rubber toe on the Clorts Women’s Pioneer Boots has an excellent grip and an anti-skid feature to prevent falling and slipping, no matter what activity you’re doing.

Making these my personal favorite if your searching for a woman’s wide foot hiking shoe.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

Clorts Women’s Pioneer Hiking Boots Waterproof Suede Leather Lightweight Hiking Boots
  • Unneblex Technology
  • Rubber Toe
  • Waterproof

JABASIC Women’s Wide Foot Mid Hiking Boots Lightweight 14 Waterproof Outdoor Trekking Shoes

These cool, JABASIC Women’s Mid Hiking Boots are stylish and functional, so it’s no wonder why so many women choose them for their next outdoor journey. Constructed with breathable and waterproof uppers means that these boots are guaranteed to keep your feet dry and cozy, no matter what kind of terrain you’re on.

The non-slip TPR outsole is strong, durable, and has excellent abrasion resistance. If you’re worried about having a stable grasp on the ground, these hiking boots are good at making you feel secure, whether standing, climbing, running, or jumping.

One of the best features of these shoes is how versatile they are. Whether you’re prepping for hiking, trekking, camping, or a climbing adventure, this pair is reliable and will deliver all-day comfort to whatever activity you’re doing. Do laces give you trouble? These are designed to be adjustable without sacrificing a tight fit and don’t fray as often as some competitor’s models.

Making them one of the more popular wide foot hiking shoes on the market for females.

If you’re looking for new gear this hiking season, check out JABASIC’s wide foot hiking boot lines.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

JABASIC Women’s Hiking Boots Lightweight 14 for wide feet.
  • TPR Outersole
  • Waterproof
  • Durable

L.L. Bean Women’s Wide Foot Alpine Hiking Waterproof Boots

The L.L. Bean brand has been around for over 100 years, and with its headquarters in the forests of Maine, it’s not a shocker that they would have a quality boot. If you live in a cold region, here’s great news for you.

The exclusive VertiGrip rugged outsole has shown great trekking results through winter weather, thanks to this boot’s maximum insulation. The 200-grams of recycled PrimaLoft insulation offers excellent warmth and comfort, even if you’re out hiking on frozen terrain.

These wide foot hiking boots are also made with lightweight material and have a double mesh upper that’s healthy, breathable, and seals out moisture with its waterproof system. Women with wide, flat, and arched feet will appreciate the internal rock plate that protects feet every step of the trail. In addition to that, the soft padded tongue and ankle cuff will wrap your ankles with all the support they need for any journey.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

LL Bean Hiking Boots for Women With Wide Feet
  • Vertigrip
  • PrimaLoft Insulation
  • Internatl Rock Plate

Timberland Women’s Flat Foot White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot

As a woman spending time out in the backcountry, you need a pair of boots that can carry you through it all, rain or shine. Since the 1970s, Timberland has been a brand that supports an active lifestyle outdoors worldwide, and they’ve got the fanbase to back up their worth.

Timberland sets the industry standards high and authentically considers the user’s point of view when carefully designing their hiking footwear. These White Ledge, Mid Ankle Wide Foot Boots, are made of 100% leather with a rubber sole to make sure you stay dry and slip-free all-day on your upcoming hiking trip.

Is your foot on the broader side? Timberland’s got your back. These boots offer room for your toes without compromising the security of your foot while trekking. They come with a padded collar and tongue for all the comfort you could ask for and are complete with a cushioned EVA footbed to cradle your feet.

There’s nothing worse than getting debris in your boots while hiking, which is another thing this Timberland pair excels at deterring. The tongue and seam-sealed waterproof construction partner up to keep all things wet and rocky outside of your boots.

10 Best Womens Wide Foot Hiking Boots Outdoor Adventure RV Travel Blog AOWANDERS Travel Blog

Timberland White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot for Wide Feet ~Women’s
  • 100% Leather
  • Padded Collar
  • Waterproof

Wide Foot Hiking Shoes FAQ

What material is best for a hiking boot?

No matter what type of boot you get, you’ll want something waterproof. For that reason, leather uppers and Gore-Tex waterproof liners are pretty famous across the board. If the shoes have mesh material for ventilation, you’ll be a lot happier too.

Are some hiking boots better for winter trails than others?

If you see yourself spending a lot of time outdoors in winter weather, be sure to look for a pair of boots that include insulation. In general, boots are designed to withstand all environments, but you will want the extra warmth from insulation if you live somewhere frigid.

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