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Where can I buy large cardboard moving boxes in Malta?


As finding extra large cardboard boxes in Malta for house moves can be challenging, I wanted to share my experiences with you. I hope this post helps you to find what you are looking for and saves you a bit of time along the way.


Extra Large cardboard boxes for sale in Malta: can I order them online?

First, I tried Amazon and Ebay. Unfortunately, the deliveries to Malta are expensive, slow or just not possible to arrange. So I had to try start calling companies to find boxes that are big enough for international removals. Here’s how my call round went.  


Calling around

I called 11 companies that either specialise in cardboard boxes or house moves. I asked each of them: “can I buy large cardboard boxes in Malta?” from them. When the answer was no, I asked them, if they knew who I should contact about boxes big enough for international removals. Unfortunately the only supplier they recommended, only had small ones.

My call round lead to 11 answers of either “our business is in the cardboard box business but we don’t have large cardboard boxes in Malta” or “yes we have large boxes but not this week”. One friendly person who answered my call also gave a good piece of advice to me. She said that the election day is approaching, so the streets will be chaotic on the day. “Don’t try to get anything done on election day”. I thought: “great, that’s exactly the day when we need the couriers to empty out our apartment”. Brilliant.


Call round results

Company nameTheir answer


They are a self storage that do sell boxes. But unfortunately their cardboard boxes are not large enough for me.

Chas Portanier & Bros

The same person answered the phone at Chas Portanier and Transpak, which really confused me. They didn't have any warehouse staff in this week, so no luck with large cardboard boxes.


They had a good selection of large cardboard boxes in Malta. But no warehouse staff was in, so this didn't help me much. They asked for my email address and attached the list with sizes and prices along. I received the email within 10 minutes of my call. The largest box dimensions at Transpak are:

45cm x 45cm x 60cm: 8€ each

48cm x 48cm x 76cm = 8.86€ each

50cm x 50cm x 50cm = 8€ each

60cm x 60cm x 50cm = 8€ each

50cm x 140cm x 43 cm = 17€ each

Multi Packaging

They had Euro pallets (which are too large for us). The dimensions of the second largest box is 60cm x 40cm x 30cm. This company was recommended by a few other companies I called today.

Channel Trading Malta

They answered that their boxes were medium size, not large.

Eurotrans Shipping

They don't sell boxes separately

Gatt Shipping Services

They don't sell boxes separately

J&A Bonnici

They don't sell boxes separately


They don't sell boxes separately

Looking for large cardboard boxes in Malta by foot

Having had zero results calling around companies in the search for large cardboard boxes in Malta, I had to come with a back up plan and fast. In Malta, most shops leave their boxes outside for the bin collector to pick up. This meant that in the worst case, I would have to settle for smaller boxes that I find lying around on the streets. But as the couriers and international removal companies are expensive to use if you only send small boxes, I needed to find better boxes that are big enough for small pieces of furniture.

I decided not to waste my time travelling to the large stores that sell furniture, like the Atrium, as these companies are already too big to leave their boxes outside on the streets. In the end, I chose to target household appliance stores, and Googled the nearest ones on the map. But my luck was about to turn, when I was walking around Gzira in the heat of the late May sun.


Boxes – finally!

As I was walking on the street called Triq Ir-Rebha in Gzira, I spotted a man carrying empty boxes to a garage. My moods lifted and I approached him to ask if they had any large cardboard boxes to spare. He kindly took me into a large garage-like warehouse, which was full of different sized boxes, large and small. Most of them looked just right for house moves – clean boxes that were made of thick and sturdy cardboard. He let me choose which boxes I wanted. I couldn’t have been more grateful to this person!

If you want to try your luck, this place is on Triq Ir-Rebha in Gzira, between Triq Sir William Reid and Triq Manoel De Vilhena. They had a shop window but in my excitement, I didn’t remember to check which shop it was. With perfect sized boxes under my arm, I’m now ready to start the next part of my international house move.

Now that we are ready to pack, we can book the courier service. My favourite courier by far is I have used them in my two previous international house moves between the USA and Europe. So far the deliveries have always been on time and nothing has broken on the way. Almost every time the quote from this company is cheaper than any other courier service out there, especially if you are moving stuff from or to the UK. I liked them so much that I negotiated a deal for you readers. You can get 5% off the courier service, if you click the SendMyBag link here. I will also receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I really hope this post has been informative enough to help you save precious time. If you liked the post, please take a few moments to share it. Thanks for reading!


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