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17 Highest Bungee Jumps in the United States

While bungee jumping may have been invented in New Zealand, the United States is home to more than a few prime bungee jumping spots where adrenaline junkies can really get their heart pumping. However, jumpers have to be careful these days. Many states in the United States have banned bungee jumping due to various accidents and deaths. Even in states where it is legal, it is still recommended that jumpers go with a recognized company for their own safety. Whether it is jumping off buildings or bridge, there are plenty of places where extreme sports enthusiast or scared, yet curious beginners can harness themselves in safely and take the dive.

Air Boingo Tower by Zero Gravity in Dallas, Texas

For those that want to start off small, the Air Boingo Tower brought to the masses by Zero Gravity Theme Park is the place to do it. This tower is located in the middle of the Metroplex and drop visitors 70 feet safely. The Air Boingo Tower was specifically designed for bungee jumping so the more apprehensive newbies to this extreme sport don’t have to worry about hitting their head or getting snagged. This is just one of the many surprising things that visitors to Dallas will find at the Zero Gravity Theme Park.

Track Family Recreation Center in Destin, Florida

The Track Family Recreation Center has all the fun that any person could want with mini golf, batting cages, go karts and, for the more daring, a bungee jumping tower. They have had everything that locals and visitors to the area could possibly want to do and now there is the more exciting attraction of bungee jumping. The tower at the Track Family Recreation Center is specifically designed for bungee jumping and allows visitors to drop an exciting 75 feet down. This is a great way to experience the sport for those that are just beginning their bungee jumping adventures.

Bungee Tower by Mount Hood Adventure Park in Government Camp, Oregon

The Mount Hood Adventure Park offers a slew of adventurous entertainment to Oregon locals and visitors alike; however the highlight of their park is their bungee tower. The bungee tower allows visitors to jump and drop 100 feet. This makes the bungee tower in Mount Hood Adventure Park the ninth highest bungee tower in the United States and the seventy-seventh highest jump off of anything in the United States. While some towers merely drop visitors from a trap door, this bungee jump tower involves a bit more effort. Visitors can full on jump, lean, dive or fall off the edge as they see fit. This method requires a bit more bravery but only enhances the rush.

Highway 21 Bridge by Bungee Expeditions in Boise, Idaho

For those who are ready to graduate from tower jumping to the more exciting and scenic bridge jumping but like, don’t want to jump from anything too high, Bungee Expeditions has a good place to start in Idaho. The bridge that connects Highway 21 is located just 10 minutes from Downtown Boise. Hardcore jumpers may be put off by the small height of this bridge, but it is still crazy fun. Bungee jumpers here fall 100 feet down to the Boise River below. Visitors will dangle just a few feet above the river below and bounce just a few feet below the under structure of the bridge. Visitors should hit up this spot sooner rather than later as many rally to close this bungee jumping location.

Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge by Bungee Adventures in Sacramento, California

Bungee Adventures leads jump groups to a variety of bridges in Northern California, from trees and cliffs to bridges, these guys will take groups to jump off of anything. The Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge is among one of the favorites and is considered Bungee Adventures primary location. The Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge is a railway bridge that runs between the mountains in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range next to Lake Tahoe. Though Bungee Adventures is located in Sacramento, this jump is, of course, located closer to the Nevada border. Jumpers at this bridge enjoy a brilliant 100 foot jump while taking in the beautiful mountain landscape.

Bridge to Nowhere by Bungee America in El Segundo, California

Bridge To Nowhere

The Bridge to Nowhere is the absolute favorite of residents in Southern California. Not only is the jump thrilling but the bridge itself is an odd mystery. The Bridge to Nowhere is a lonely bridge surrounded on all sides by the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. The bridge runs over the San Gabriel River, but doesn’t connect two roads; instead it just dead ends into a mountain after the road project in the 1930’s was scrapped. Those who jump off the Bridge to Nowhere with the Bungee America company jump from the bridge in a 100 foot fall over the raging, fast moving water of the San Gabriel River and surrounded on all sides by a high walled gorge.

Royal Gorge Bridge by GoFast! Games in Canyon City, Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge

The Royal Gorge Bridge is a massive 1,260 foot long suspension bridge that runs over the Arkansas River. This bridge towers 150 feet above the Arkansas River and up until 2003, was considered the tallest bridge in the world. However, bungee jumpers can’t just take their 150 foot plunge any time of the year. Bungee jumping and BASE jumping off this bridge are only legal during the 3 day event of the GoFast! Games, which are by invitation only. During those three extreme days, extreme sports enthusiasts jump off the bridge for a massive rush and, at times, to attempt world records.

Redwood Forest Trees by Bungee Adventures in Humboldt, California

Redwood Forest

When a bungee jumper visits a redwood forest and stares up at those tall old trees, there is only one thought they have, “I bet it would be fun to jump off that.” However, they can’t just bungee jump off of those historic trees all willy-nilly. Bungee Adventures is the only company that has legal permission to lead bungee jump trips off of a redwood. This trip is really three adventures in one. First jumpers must climb the tree, then tight rope walk between two trees and they do a huge 150 foot bungee jump off of the tree. Brave first timers are welcomed to do this, but the more seasoned bungee jumper may be more comfortable on this adventure.

Parrotts Ferry Bridge by Bungee Experience in Pioneer, California

Parrotts Ferry Bridge

The Parrotts Ferry Bridge is a reservoir bridge over the New Melones Lake reservoir in Central California’s Calaveras County. Between the clean blue waters of New Melones Lake and the green rolling hills of Central California, jumpers will not want for scenery. The bridge itself is also beautiful, if only for its simplicity. This jump, lead by the tour operator Bungee Experience takes visitors to the bridge and offers them both a safe and beautiful 180 foot jump over the waters below. While this is higher than most beginner bridge jumpers are used to, the simplicity of the bridge is rather soothing seeing as there are no extras on it that they have to worry about hitting their head on. It is encouraging for the less brave, but still a bit daunting.

Pacific Northwest Bridge by Bungee Masters in Amboy, Washington

Located just 25 miles from Seattle, the Pacific Northwest Bridge is a favorite bungee jumping location for those that enjoy it in the Emerald City. Those who want to bungee jump on their own are unlikely to find this bridge without a lot of difficulty; however the Bungee Masters company knows just where to go. The Pacific Northwest Bridge is a private bridge that offers an exciting 200 foot fall surrounded by beautiful green forest in which the state of Washington is famous for. This jump has visitors hopping over the edge and over a small river located in a deep forested gorge; it is a thrill for the more advanced jumpers.

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Northern California Bridges by Icarus Bungee in Alameda, California

Icarus Bungee has a variety of tours for all levels of bungee jumpers. However, their Northern California Bridges tour takes jumpers to the highest and most exciting bridges in Northern California. On this massive tour, they take visitors to 15 different bridges that can vary depending on weather and different conditions. The highest bridge features a 220 foot drop can be located as far as five hours from their home base in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the bridges they jump from are carefully guarded trade secrets, so solo jumpers will have to find them on their own (or remember the locations from the tour). However, they really frown upon the locations being given away. These secret bridges feature beautiful Californian scenery and are often above beautiful turquoise water.

Crooked River Bridge by Bungee Expeditions in Boise, Idaho

Crooked River Bridge

Crooked River Bridge

Bungee Expeditions in Boise, Idaho takes visitors across the border to Bend, Oregon for the extreme jump from Crooked River Bridge. This giant steel arch bridge spans over the Crooked River gorge and has a length of 464 feet and dangles 300 feet over the canyon below. An adventure to Crooked River Bridge can easily be split into two adventures as it is located near the famous Smith Rock climbing area. Bungee Jumpers get to take a 300 foot leap off this sturdy bridge where they can enjoy the stony canyon walls and the green river bed below.

High Steel Bridge by Bungee Expeditions in Shelton, Washington

High Steel Bridge


Once again, Bungee Expeditions leaves their home base in Boise, Idaho to experience some epic jumps in another state. This time, this tour operator takes groups to Shelton, Washington for one of the top bungee jumping locations in the United States–the High Steel Bridge. The bridge dangles between two sides of a canyon over a small river. The canyon itself has a maximum depth of 400 feet; however because of some particularly sharp rocks below, bungee jumpers only get a 365 feet drop, for their own safety. This jump is not only adrenaline pumping for the more advanced jumper but showcases the beautiful wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Hansen Bridge by Bungee Expeditions in Eden, Idaho

Hansen Bridge

Hansen Bridge is an Idaho favorite for the advanced bungee jumper because of it extreme height. This narrow bridge is located over Snake River just a little bit away from the more famous Perrine Bridge. The Hanson Bridge, however, is much narrower and has a higher feel to it. Jumpers here are treated to an exhilarating 400 foot fall over the beautiful river below. Individual jumpers that want to jump Hansen Bridge should be careful though. The area is notorious for strong winds at times, some of which has even filled semi-trucks.

Navajo Bridge by Bungee Expeditions in Marble Canyon, Arizona

Navajo Bridge

It’s no jump off the Grand Canyon, but it is as close as bungee jumpers in Arizona are going to get. The Navajo Bridge spans over a beautiful red rock desert gorge and is the 10th highest jump bridge in the United States. This gorge and bridge are located just north of the rim of the Grand Canyon and spans over the Colorado River. Bungee jumpers can expect a thrilling jump of 467 feet with excellent views of the surrounding area.

Perrine Bridge by Bungee Expeditions in Twin Falls, Idaho

Perrine Bridge

Bridge over the Snake

For those who enjoyed jumping from the Hansen Bridge in Idaho, why not try the nearby Perrine Bridge? This bridge is wider and has a longer drop than Hansen Bridge and dangles over a larger portion of the Snake River. This massive bridge features a stunning 500 foot drop; the only problem is that it is highly restricted. There have been a few bungee jumping accidents here because of the notorious winds, so this bridge is only open to bungee jumpers one day a year.

Rio Grande Bridge by Bungee Expeditions in Taos, New Mexico

Rio Grande Bridge by Bungee Expeditions in Taos, New Mexico

Had your fill of the smaller bridges and find yourself ready to move onto the highest jump? The highest jump in the United States is from the Rio Grande Bridge and measures among one of the highest bungee jumping spots in the world. This drop is not only the highest in the United States, but it is also the most expensive place to jump from. Visitors who aim to conquer this New Mexican beauty will find themselves falling for a stunning 680 feet off the bridge over the Rio Grande river below. It is truly a thrill like no other.

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Top 14 highest bungee jumps in the world

highest bungee jump

Life is not merely to be lived, but to be experienced in all its unexpected alleys of the unknown. And what better to experience this amazing wonder called life if not seeking thrill in its every moment to make the most out of it? It is those heart thumping, fist pumping instances of adventure that has you feeling the most alive, meaning that you can afford your best life only when you live it out in as daring of avenues as you can. Turn then to adventure sports to let yourself dive headlong into this indulgence called life through something as dauntingly unreal as bungee jumping.

So wherefrom to take the plunge to discover life in all its gravitating depths, but only after you have taken off from the heighty crests of the world? Of course it is the numerous highest bungee jump spots across the world that harbours enough thrill to offer you the best experience you can ever have at challenging life itself. Pick your choice then from the most amazing places on earth for a once in a lifetime opportunity to go bungee jumping for the most wholesome dose of adventure there can ever be-

Royal Gorge Bridge

At 321 meters above sea level, the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado has its lofty existence to boast of as being the world’s highest bungee jump. One of the highest bridges in the world for an extended period of its distinguished existence, the Colorado tourist mainstay has been endowed its prominent bungee jumping reputation courtesy the many times it has featured in some of the most memorable films in history.

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge

The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge of China is world famous for being the tallest and most magnificent glass bridge globally but it has also to its distinction the claim of being the highest bungee jump in the world. Perched at a stupendous height of almost three hundred meters over a vast 300 meters deep canyon in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the equally astounding 265-meter-high bungee-jump platform makes this particular bridge a double favorite among adrenaline junkies. A major tourist attraction in China sitting pretty in the country’s Wulingyuan Scenic Area, that which is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Zhangjiajie bridge soon became the highest commercial bungee jumping spot in the world two years after its opening in 2016, when the facility was set up connected to and just below the main glass suspension bridge.

Macau Tower

Continuing its brush with elevated experiences is China that also has to its credit the Macau Tower as being another of the world’s highest bungee jumping spots. A three hundred and thirty eight meter high architectural landmark, the tower’s 233 meters high tethered “skyjump” and Bungee jump by the father of contemporary bungee jumping AJ Hackett from the outer rim of it has been recognized in recent years as the highest commercial skyjump in the world.

Routinely used as a site for staged bungee jumping events, the Macau Tower is all the more notable in its heighted expectations, being the very vantage point where Hackett and popular artist Edison Chen broke two Guinness World Records. Particularly for Hackett, the ‘jump’ is all the more substantial since he broke his own Guinness World Record of “The Highest Bungee Jump from a Building” achieved in 1987 from the Eiffel Tower, making thereby the Macau Tower the undisputed leader in the world of this heart thumping adventure sport.

What also makes the Macau Tower all the more extravagant a proposition to go bungee jumping in is also its uniquely exhilarating experience of a night time bungee jump during the summers. Offering incredible views of the Zhujiang River Estuary and the area of Taipa across the bay and of course of the many casinos defining Macau, this is a bungee jumping spot, incredible and unlike any other.

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Kali Gandaki Bridge

Less popular even in its distinction of being one of the top three highest bungee jump hotspots in the world courtesy is rather recent origins is yet again a bridge spanning across the mountain terrains of Nepal. Based on the gorge of the Kaligandaki River, this suspension bridge offers a spectacular experience of free falls into the depth of its gorgeous expanse that which makes for a once in a lifetime kind of bungee to jump on to.

At a height of 228 meters, the bridge is notable also in housing the highest natural bungee swing in the whole of Asia. For a country that is home to eight of the world’s top ten highest peaks, this particularly unique bungee jumping platform in Nepal is one that allows you to explore the many beauties of The Himalayan Nation in all its splendor, what with the added thrill of excitement dawning on you making this particular experience all the more grand a realisation for life time.

Contra Dam

highest bungee jump Verzasca Dam

Source: Time Out

For a country the very mention of which conjures up images of lofty peaks and elevated standings, Switzerland is as much every adventure seeker’s favorite haunt as it is a traveler’s dream. Case in point, the Contra Dam or the Verzasca Dam that which is an ‘iconic’ name in the world of bungee jumping. At a height of two hundred and twenty meters, this architectural marvel offers the thrill of plunging deep into the depths of the world even as you gape in wonder at the incredible views of the surrounding Swiss Alps.

Made popular by its starring in the 1995 James Bond movie GoldenEye where it presented a world of unparalleled wonder in its very opening scene, this is another of the highest bungee jumping spots worthy every bit of its exalted global reputation. Much like the Macau Tower, the Contra Dam also provides another opportunity to seek out the thrill of a free fall from the heights in the mysteriously beautiful dark of the nights.

Bloukrans Bridge
South Africa

With a plunge that stands just some couple meters short of the Contra Dam is another of the high flying destinations in the world. The allusion here is to the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa that at a height of 216 meters above sea level makes for a case of bungee jump to remember. In having been the site of one of the the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee jumping for more than two decades now since 1997, this is undoubtedly one of the prime locations to explore in South Africa.

Bestowed also is the glory of beauty of the South African wilderness that which makes Bloukrans Bridge even more irresistible a marvel to not miss out on. The world’s highest single span arch bridge as well as the first bungee jumping spot in Africa, trekking until the highest part of the bridge’s arch and preparing for a session of free fall is all it takes to experience in sheer amazement, the glory of what the world has to offer.

Rio Grande Bridge
United States

Yet another bridge featuring in our list of the highest bungee jumps in the world sits within the expanse of the United States. The distinction goes to a really popular phenomenon in popular culture, the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge that at a height of two hundred and six meters resides in also quite distinctive a bungee jumping experience. Without any permanent bungee platform to hold enthusiastic folks up as they try to make it matter in this incredible plunging opportunity that which presents itself only once a year. Truly, to be part of an experience this adventurous in such elusive premises of the earth would take more than just the spirit of it- ‘tall’ tasks can sometimes make space for some luck as well!

Europabrücke Bridge

Once the highest bridge in Europe with its standing of 190 meters above the ground, the Europabrücke bridge in Austria is known for offering stunning views of the breathtaking European forests and mountains to anyone who has the nerves to bungee jump from top of it. Supporting the stretch of Autobahn twisting through the Alps between western Austria and Italy, the bridge indeed is one of the highest in the world, and also one of the most distinctive, in its bungee jumping avenues that which includes such options a Rocket Bungy and Bungy Running. The foremost precedent of bungee jumping here might stem back to 1993 but it was only half a decade later in 1998 that the first official bungy-jumps on this bridge were allowed.

Niouc Bridge

Holding once again a place of elevated prominence as the highest bungee jump of the world is the European expanse of Switzerland. At a height of a hundred and ninety meters is the Niouc Bridge, this highest suspension bridge in the continent makes for an incredible bungee jumping spot that which far outranks also other more loftier leanings over it. With gorgeous views that mark the entire premises of this heaven on earth place that we celebrate as Switzerland, the bridge has amassed fame as the highest bunjee jumping bridge in Europe since 1996 when it was renovated and rechristened. With also a great zipline and Europe’s highest swing to its name, the Niouc bridge is one of the most ‘elite’ of places on earth to experience its amazing beauty by taking the plunge.

Artuby Bridge

Touching the heights of the sky is yet again an architectural masterpiece of Europe that which is another of the places you can do the highest bungee jumps. Suspended 182 meters above the ground and perched between the cliffs of the Artuby River in France, this bridge of the 1940s offers a bungee jumping experience that has you suspended momentarily into the canyon making for a feel that satiates your adrenaline rush to the fullest.

Bridge Of Valgadena

How romantically exciting does it sound to bungee jump in tandem with your partner exploring the serendipitous landscape of a nation as revered as the beauty of Italy? Such flights of fancy can indeed be realised if you jet set off to somewhere between the regions of Foza and Enego in the European country. At a height of a hundred and seventy five meters, there stands the Valgadena Bridge in a region somewhere at the foothills of the majestic Alps that offers another opportunity to bungee jump from one of the highest points in the world. Located on top of one of the country’s tallest viaducts in a stunning valley in the Dolomites in the Veneto region in northeastern Italy, the bridge of Valgadena is just the best place to be ‘falling’ in love again, quite literally!

Kolnbrein Dam,

An arch dam in Austria that which is the terminus of a long scenic route through the Maltatal, the former construction site road, Kolnbrein Dam is also the country’s highest that which makes it more than a favourable proposition to bungee jump from. What makes the prospect of plunging into a free fall from the dam even more special is that bungee jumping here is an exclusively annual phenomenon, that which sees hundreds of thousands of adventure seekers live out their wildest dream at the Bungee Jumping Weekend.

A coveted bungee jumping hotspot since 2010 when a “skywalk” which is in fact a horseshoe- shaped cantilever bridge, was installed on top of the dam for visitors, the Kolnbrein experience is however a far more exalted phenomena than what it seems like. The jump from a crane 34 meters high atop the dam that which itself stands at a 131 meters makes the whole one hundred and sixty five meters free fall from the Kolnbrein dam a spectacular experience to be a part of at least once in your lifetime.

The Last Resort


Source: Trekking in Nepal, Nepal Tour, Core Himalaya

At a height of 160 meters, The Last Resort is far away from guaranteeing the highest bungee jump in Nepal, losing to the more precariously adventurous expanse of the Kali Gandaki bridge. But in its distinction of being the first of the spots in the country that which allowed adrenaline high folks indulge their spirit to extensive measure, this promises a jumping experience like no other.

Situated on the top of the gorge around Tibetan border above the Bhotekoshi river, this makes for one of the best bungee jumping spots in Asia, what with the mighty Himalayas setting up the perfectly adventurous facade for you to indulge your adventurous spirit in. With also an incredible view of the gorgeous river opening up vistas of wonder, not to mention the surrounding glory of the wilderness that which reveals itself in a different light altogether, going bungee jumping in Nepal for sure is one of the most enriching of life experiences ever.

Ponte Colossus Bridge

There’s indeed something incredibly special about every experience you encounter for the very first time. And that exactly is what renders the Ponte Colossus Bridge such an iconic hotspot to bungee jump from in Italy. Offering opportunities for a jump to remember from a height of a hundred and fifty two meters, this massive eight tiered structure positioned above a forested gorge in the Italian Alps in the region of Piedmont is just the place you need to be if you are a sucker for all things that sets your heart racing. With also night jump options to seek out, this first permanent bungee jumping spot of Italy promises a rush of adrenaline that will sure have your heart beating at a pace guaranteed to make you feel most alive than ever!

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Bungy Jumping

Invented in New Zealand, the bungy jump has got to be the biggest adrenaline activity. You can jump where it all started in Queenstown or in other locations across NZ. Go for the highest jump or choose a unique location at night over Queenstown or off the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Make sure you get some photos to show to friends and family back home!

7 Bungy Jumping Companies in NZ

AJ Hackett Nevis Bungy

  • 3rd highest bungee in the WORLD
  • 8.5 seconds of freefall

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

Auckland Bridge Bungy

If you want an activity in Auckland that really showcases the true Kiwi spirit, then the 40 metre Auckland Bridge Bungy is not to be missed.

AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge

AJ Hackett Ledge Bungy

Hanmer Springs Bungy Jump

Free-falling 35 metres to the surging river below is a must-do activity for everyone at least once in their lifetime.

Taupo Bungy

Rotorua Bungy

New Zealand is the birthplace of the bungy jump, so to go home without doing one would be almost criminal. As the masters of Bungee jumping, it is no surprise that the choice of where and how you can bungy jump is pretty extensive.

So whether you want to get your head wet (or stay high and dry), do it with your best buddy or just simply jump from the highest jump possible New Zealand will certainly accommodate your jumping desires.

Here’s our rundown of the best bungee jumps in New Zealand. We have also included a handy guide at the end of the article so you can easily compare prices, jump heights and weight restrictions.

The Nevis Bungy and Swing, Queenstown

Spread between the rocky hills on the banks of the Nevis River, visitors to the Nevis Bungy and Swing in Queenstown are confronted with the highest bungy in all of New Zealand – and the 3rd highest in the world. So if you are a ‘go big or go home’ type of person, then this is the bungy jump for you! Jumping from a platform suspended 134m high above the Nevis Canyon floor you’ll experience over 8 seconds of continuous freefall making this one of the country’s must do experiences. To get out to the platform itself, you’ll take a slighty scary cable car ride. Afterwards you’ll head back via 40min 4×4 drive through the rugged gorge terrain. And if plunging the 134 metres towards the canyon floor has left you hungry for more excitement then there is the option to double up and have a ride on the Nevis Swing – the largest of its kind in the world. Of course there is also no shame in returning back home, proud in the fact you have jumped from the 3rd tallest bungy in the world. You’ll even get a certificate and post jump t-shirt to prove it.

Best for being the: HIGHEST

Nevis Bungy (Image Credit: AJ Hackett)

Rotorua Bungy, Velocity Valley Rotorua

Billed as the most popular introductory bungy jump in New Zealand, there are lots of reasons to give this one a go. Unlike your classic, scenic bungees such as the Nevis or Kawarau Bridge – this 43m bungy thrill ride is a great option for those wanting to save a bit of cash while still ticking off a bungy from their bucket list or maybe for those who are completely petrified and want to try something a little less daunting before moving on to bigger bungys. The team at Velocity Valley will make sure you are fully harnessed up before you take the 43m leap into thin air – though don’t underestimate it – this is still a bungy and the same height as jumping from the Kawarau Bridge bungy and taller than the Auckland Bridge bungy. Located in the purpose-built Velocity Valley means you’ll also be able to try your hand at the other adrenaline activities in the park such as the agrojet, swoop and shweeb racer.

Best for being the: CHEAPEST Rotorua Bungy (Image Credit: Velocity Valley)

Kawarau Bridge Bungy, Queenstown

Kawarua Bridge is the birthplace of the first commercial bungy so taking a jump from here will make your already memorable experience that little bit more special. And if you are wondering where the audacious AJ Hackett made his first jump from – then that was from the Greenhithe Bridge in Auckland back in 1986. Still hugely popular, and probably one of the most iconic jumps in New Zealand, the Kawarau Bridge Bungy is located on the historic Kawarau suspension bridge which spans the stunning Kawarau gorge. Jumpers can choose between the classic single-person jump, water-touch jump or tandem jump, for those who want to share in the excitement/absolute terror. And if you are still in need of a little more excitement afterwards, then many jumpers choose to have a ‘flight’ on the Kawarau zipride – where you will zip down a 130m line at over 60k’s an hour.

Best for the being the: ORIGINAL

Kawarau Bungy (Image Credit: AJ Hackett)

Hanmer Springs Bungy

This 35m jump is not to be underestimated and will certainly give you the thrill ride you are after from a bungy. And while it’s admittedly not in the same league when it comes to height as some of the other bungees, it still delivers an epic jump. The jump platform is located on a historic bridge over an idyllic alpine river setting, so as it goes, this is probably the most scenic of all the bungees in New Zealand. The other great thing about the Hamner Springs bungy is its location – in the heart of an alpine playground – where you can double up or even triple up your day of adrenaline with activities such as jet boating, white water rafting or quad biking to name a few.

Best for the being the: MOST SCENIC Hanmer Springs Bungy (Image Credit: Hanmer Springs Attractions)

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Take a leap from the iconic Auckland Harbour bridge 40 metres down into the river below. Not only does the Auckland Bridge Bungy offer the only salt water, ocean touch bungy in the whole of New Zealand, but it’s also the perfect way to catch up on a bit of sightseeing at the same time! As you’ll be treated to great views of the city’s Waitemata Harbour but maybe not while you are free-falling! You will probably also gather a few smiles (or gasps) from the passing boat cruises and jet boat tours who nearly always stop to watch you take your leap of faith. And being in Auckland means this is a great option if you are short on time and still want to fit in the NZ Right of Passage.

Best for the being the: MOST ACCESSIBLE

Auckland Bridge Bungy (Image Credit: AJ Hackett)

The Ledge Bungy, Queenstown

Perched precariously high above Queenstown is the Ledge Bungy, which offers up some amazing views of the Queenstown skyline and snowy Southern Alps beyond. It is indisputably one of the most iconic jumps in all of New Zealand and the only one where you can freestyle the hell out of your jump! Attached via your waist to your bespoke harness means that you can go all out with your 47m jump – so whether you are going for a somersault, flip or twist – means this bungy adds that little something extra to your unforgettable moment . And run by the masters of modern day bungee – AJ Hackett – means you are in super-safe hands.

Best for being the: CRAZIEST

The Ledge Bungy (Image Credit: AJ Hackett)

Taupo Bungy

Not necessarily the first place you may associate with the extreme sport of bungee jumping – but don’t let this lovely town of Taupo fool you. Perched 50 metres high above the Waikato River, the team at Taupo Bungy are the supreme masters of the water touch bungy – so whether you fancy the tiniest of splashes or full on body submersion – this is the jump for you. This makes this bungy the highest water touch bungy in New Zealand. And if you are still hungry for more adrenaline then there is also the option to double up and take a 70kp/h ride through the panoramic scenery on the Extreme Swing.

Best for being the: BEST WATER TOUCH

Taupo Bungy (Image Credit: Taupo Bungy)

Compare & Choose

So you’ve read a little about every bungee that New Zealand has to offer – so now you need to decide which one is for you! And so to try and help you make your decision, we have made you a handy guide to help you easily compare the bungee jumps at a glance. Prices Correct as of March 2019




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