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Why Did The First European Settlers Come To America?

1. First Reason: The 16th & 17th Centuries Were The Age of European Colonisation. European Settlers Primarily Came To The Americas To Create New Colonies For Their Mother Countries. Even, Their Kings Or Governments Encouraged Them To Migrate To The New Landmass.

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2. Second Reason: Europeans Were Crazy After Wealth. They Believed, The New World Would Be An Inventory of So Many Natural Resources. Especially Gold, Diamonds, Pearls, And Other Precious Metals.

3. Third Reason: Expansion of Religious Ideologies; Especially Christianity. Later, This Radical Religious Mentality Encouraged European Settlers To Kill Millions of Native People In The Americas.

4. Fourth Reason: It Was An Era of Rivalry And Military Conflicts Among European Powers. They Believed The New World Would Be A Great Place For Creating New Military Bases.

5. Fifth Reason: Not All Europeans Were Happy With The Ongoing System of Europe. Most of Them Who Permanently Migrated To The New Landmass Hoped For A Better Life With Peace And Prosperity.

There are five reasons why did the first (or early) European settlers come to America.

If you don’t know, who the first settlers are then let me tell you that they are Spanish.

So now, let’s break the five reasons down below and see what actually they are:

1. Political Reason – Creating New Colonies For Their Mother Countries

First of all, great European powers like Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal always focused on creating new colonies around the world.

These powers were always in competition to be the owner of more and more colonies.

They wanted to make their political influence spread globally, not just get contained in their own land segment.

On the other hand, those powers were like cutthroat rivals of each other. Hence they wanted to make themselves more powerful than their rivals.

Even powers like Great Britain granted various privileges to companies like East India, and Virginia Company to dominate poor and weak countries through trade.

This type of strategy later helped them to colonize those poor countries easily and expand their land areas.

When in 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the new continents, European governments, and the kings started encouraging their people to migrate and live there.

They knew that without the migration of their own people, they can’t colonize the new lands easily.

So, politics was the first reason, why did those first European settlers come to America.

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Why Did European Settlers Come To America

2. Economic Reason – In Search of Tremendous Wealth

For the new European settlers, America was like a greedy world, where they expected to get and gain so much wealth. Especially they wondered about gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, and other precious metals.

In search of wealth, the first Spanish settlers went to the new world, then the British, Portuguese, and French one by one.

First Spanish settlers found so much Gold, Silver, Pearls, and other various precious metals.

They also found massive prosperity on the new world’s agricultural side.

Seeing the Spanish people’s success, people from other countries also started migrating here.

Especially, business-minded people brought workers to the new world as laborers.

For this purpose, they also started capturing its native people and importing Black slaves from the African continent.

Over time, the majority of those laborers started living here as it’s permanent residents and became Americans.

[Did You Know? Most White European Settlers Treated The New World’s Native People Like Animals. Europeans Executed Massacres On Them, Millions of Native People Lost Their Lives]

europeans immigration causes to america

3. Religious Purpose – Expansion of Own Religious Ideologies

European settlers wanted to spread their own religious beliefs around the world.

Mainly, the expansion of Christianity was their primary religious motive.

Even, they succeeded in doing it in various countries.

Especially, in Africa, the impact was already quite intense.

In 1492, when they learned about the existence of the new world, authorities shifted their movements to send Christian missionaries there.

So, expanding religious beliefs was also a reason why did the first European settlers come to America.

[Did You Know? Currently, Only A Few Thousand Natives Follow Their Old Religious Ideologies. More Than 99 Percent of The Native People Nowadays Follow Christianity. Europeans Showed Abominable Brutality For Natives’ Religious Transformation]

4. Military Causes – Why Did The First European Settlers Come To America?

Most European countries were rivals of each other. They were cutthroat enemies.

For this reason, they had to involve in wars from time to time.

Major powers like Great Britain, France, Portugal, Spain were always conscious to create more and more military bases around the world.

Because the higher number of military bases helped them to get an extra advantage over their enemy during wartime.

After the discovery of the Americas, no European country wanted to leave this opportunity to its enemies.

Therefore, as much as possible, they started sending their people to those new continents and colonizing them.

5. With The Hope of A Better Life In The New World

It is also true that most Europeans migrated to these new continents so that they could have an advanced life.

As per history, we have found that most of these people lived a humiliating life in Europe due to the dominance of religion (Christian Catholic) and monarchy.

Without the rule of religion and the feudalist system, here they hoped that they would get a better life with more liberty, equality, and happiness.

When Is The Best Time To Visit South America?


So, you want to vacation in South America, and you’ve done the hard bit – deciding which of the countless incredible destinations to explore. But with such a complex array of dry seasons, rainy seasons, altitudes, and tourist peak seasons in South America, where on Earth do you start when it comes to planning the when?!

In this post, you’ll find out the pros and cons of visiting this glorious continent at different times of the year, and you’ll be fully equipped for booking that adventure.

A General Rulebook

If you’ve got this far already, you won’t need reminding that South America is a vast continent, comprising 12 different countries, and spanning nearly 7 million square miles in area. It’s a place of endless discovery, but the swampy mangroves, snow-capped mountains, bone-dry deserts, misty forest valleys, volcanic islands, and dynamic cities of South America all come with their own unique set of weather systems and other travel factors.

The truth is, there is so much variation and range that it’s next to impossible to say what are the ‘best’ months to visit South America – it is a year-round destination and you’re sure to have the time of your life whenever you choose to go. However, there are a few general rules that are useful to bear in mind when planning your trip.

    1. The seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.
    2. The further south you go, the more clearly the seasons are defined.
    3. The closer you are to the equator (for example, Peru and Ecuador), the warmer the climate is consistent. The higher you climb in altitude, the colder it gets.
    4. The cheapest times to travel to South America are the shoulder seasons of Spring and Autumn. During the western holiday periods of July, August, and December, prices are higher and attractions are busier.
    5. The northern parts tend to be more favorable during the winter months when the temperatures are milder and there is less rainfall. The southernmost parts of the continent (such as Patagonia) are best explored during the summer months when they are less icy and inhospitable.

    Read on for a breakdown of just what happens, and where, in a South American year.


    Iguana At The Beach

    Spring (September – November)

    Widely considered the best time of the year to visit South America due to its balance of comfortable temperatures and dry weather, spring hails the arrival of stunning wildflowers and newborn animals and the departure of the winter tourists.

    It’s the dry season for Bolivia’s iconic salt flats (Salar de Uyuni) which means that although you’re unlikely to see the stunning mirror of water that occurs in the wet months, the climate is perfect for exploring.

    Likewise, for the Amazon Rainforest, dry season (June to November) means that river levels are low, exposing more hiking trails, and making fishing much more successful – and there are fewer mosquitos about. Being off-peak, the trails and lodges are also less crowded. However, visiting the Amazon in flood season has its own set of benefits – more on this later.

    It’s also an ideal time for sightseeing in cities – as a shoulder season, the crowds won’t be overwhelming in urban hubs like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, and the temperatures will be more manageable.

    Although a Galapagos Cruise is a year-round activity, spring is an active time for the islands’ wildlife, rainfall is low, and the skies and seas are calm – ideal sailing conditions.

    Unmissable festivities in Ecuador take place on November 2nd – Día de Los Difuntos (Day of the Dead) with feasts, flowers, and fine clothing, and on October 9th, with the city of Guayaquil’s Independence celebrations.


    Nahuel Huapi Lake near Bariloche, Argentina

    Summer (December – February)

    For most of the continent, these months are the hottest of the year and the wettest. December is a high tourist season so prices will be higher, and sites of interest will be more crowded. A weather phenomenon known as El Niño sweeps across South America sporadically, every two to seven years, causing upheaval in many of the normal weather systems at this time of year.

    Summer is the time for street parties and beaches – and South America has a lion’s share of festivals and sensational coasts. But be aware – they will be busy! Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro gets crowded during the world-famous Rio Carnival that takes place in February.

    The rainy season sets in throughout much of the continent, except Patagonia in the south which, together with its milder temperatures, makes visiting Patagonia an ideal summer destination for wildlife watching and hiking.

    Bear in mind that the Inca Trail leading to many ancient Andean citadels is closed for maintenance work during the month of February. The Pantanal and the Amazon also bear the brunt of the soggy weather so explorable areas can be limited in the summer, and Buenos Aires in Argentina can be unbearably hot.

    The Ecuadorian coast is at the mercy of the rainy season, but summer rains give way to crystal clear blue skies and high temperatures, which are replaced in the dry season by overcast clouds.

    Vineyards at Mendoza, Argentina

    Vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina

    Autumn (March – May)

    Another shoulder season, autumn shares many of spring’s benefits and is a great time to travel to South America because of the lower tourist numbers and milder temperatures. The summer rains leave landscapes lush and green, the city temperatures are bearable again, and the prices are much lower.

    The Argentinian wine region of Mendoza is busy with winemaking activity – a great time to get involved in a wine tasting tour. The undulating hills are hydrated and the heat is more subdued in these parts.

    Despite being at the tail end of the rainy season, autumn is an excellent time for an Amazon River Cruise because of the high river levels opening up creeks and waterways that aren’t accessible at other times of the year. The increased rainfall draws out animals and marks the beginning of their mating season, as well as saturating the colors of the rainforest.

    The sea is at its warmest in the autumn months and provides perfect conditions for snorkeling at the coast. It’s a good time to visit the Galapagos Islands, making the most of calmer seas and skies, and a plethora of wildlife to see. The Uyuni salt flats are transformed into a spectacular reflective surface in the autumn making for jaw-dropping photos.


    Urban View of White Santiago, Chile

    Winter (June – August)

    Winter in South America marks the end of the wet season – be ready for clearer skies and cooler temperatures. This is probably the busiest tourist time, but for good reason – the clear conditions are perfect for visiting sites like Machu Picchu and hiking in general (make sure to book Inca Trail tickets six months in advance), and Brazil’s epic wetland the Pantanal brims with wildlife at this time of year. Explore the Atacama Desert in the winter and be rewarded by astonishingly clear starry skies at night.

    Patagonia in southern Chile and Argentina is mostly shut down in the winter by harsh ice and snow, but some areas are open for skiing and other snowsports. It’s also worth bearing in mind that during the dry season a dense fog called La Garua descends on Peru’s capital of Lima, whereas nearby Cusco benefits from blue skies and minimal rain.

    Buenos Aires hosts the Tango’s International Festival and Dance World Cup in August each year which is worth a trip, while the end of July transforms a small Bolivian town called San Ignacio de Moxos into a wild summer party of costumes and color.

    When it comes down to it, much depends on the activities you’re planning and where you’d like to visit. Many places in South America make good all year round destinations, such as the Galapagos Islands which have a constant succession of nesting, breeding, migrating, and hatching seasons, but some places need a bit more careful planning. Some sites can come to life in mystical rainy weather, while others are obscured, and in some parts of the continent such as Torres del Paine in Patagonia, the weather can whistle through several seasons in just one day! It’s always wise to know what’s coming, so do your homework, then get packing!


    While Rainforest Cruises aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information herein or found by following any link on this site. Rainforest Cruises cannot and will not accept responsibility for any omissions or inaccuracies, or for any consequences arising therefrom, including any losses, injuries, or damages resulting from the display or use of this information.

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    best time to visit
    South America

    With weather conditions that are as diverse as the landscape, the best time to visit South America depends on which region you are planning to visit. It’s an enormous continent, spanning from the equator all the way to Cape Horn, so planning the perfect South America tours depends entirely on what you wish to see and do.


    Go ahead and dream big. Enchanting Travels experts are here to help you plan the ultimate escape. Tell us your vision for the trip of a lifetime and we’ll make it a reality.

    One of our destination experts will reach out to craft a completely customized itinerary. Book your personalized journey and know that our flexible policies have you covered.

    Relax and prepare for takeoff, knowing that your trip is perfectly planned and you have a personal concierge on call 24/7. Our experts are here to keep you safe and handle the details.

    Best time to visit South America - Amazon Rainforest

    Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru – Amazon Rainforest

    In the jungle, expect warmer temperatures between 25 to 30 ° C throughout the year as well as high humidity. While in Bolivia, it’s best to travel to the rainforest in May, the Peruvian jungle is ideal for a visit between April to October. Ecuador receives the lowest amount of rainfall in September, making this the best month to visit the Amazon. Rainfall is highest between December to February.

    Best time to visit South America - Galapagos

    The Galapagos

    You can travel to the Galapagos Islands throughout the year. While the islands experience heavy rainfall between December to April, these showers usually last for a very short while.

    Best time to visit South America - Brazil


    The climate of Northern Brazil is tropical, with little change in temperature through the year. You can travel to Southern Brazil at any time of the year. While winter is the best time to visit Brazil when the temperature is a pleasant 20 ° C, summers are usually very warm. Visit the Brazilian Amazon between the months of April and September – it rains the least at this time.

    Visitors at the UNESCO World Heritage siite

    Argentina and Chile

    As both of these countries stretch for a considerable distance from the north to the south, weather conditions in each region are varied. Set in the southern hemisphere, the climatic conditions are opposite to ours – the northern parts experience warm weather throughout the year although nights can get very cold. The best time to visit Chile and Argentina is between the months of October to April, especially if you are planning to visit Patagonia. Most hotels remain closed between the months of May to September.

    Enchanting Travels Colombia Tours Medellin


    The country boasts a uniformly tropical climate with little or no seasonal variations. In the coastal areas to the northeast of Colombia, expect temperatures around 30 degree C, while in the mountainous regions of Cocora Valley and the Coffee Region, temperatures are about 25 degree C on an average. The higher you climb, the cooler it gets. The dry months of December to February is the best time to visit Colombia as there is no rain during this time. However, even in the rainy season, you can expect at least a few hours of bright sunshine.

    Best time to visit South America

    The Best Time for South America Travels

    Finding the ideal time for a South America vacation is not easy if you wish to visit several different regions. Having traveled extensively through the continent, our destinations experts are happy to share their inputs and design the perfect itinerary for your tour.

    Iguazu Falls

    Iguazu Falls: Which side of the South American stunner should you see?

    The Iguazu Falls are an absolute highlight of a South America vacation. Located on the triple frontier of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, you can see the world’s largest waterfalls from the Argentine side as well as the Brazilian side.

    Enchanting Travels Peru Tours - Panoramic HDR image of Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas on a cloudy day. Machu Picchu is one of the new 7 Wonder of the Word near Cusco

    Machu Picchu – A bucket list experience

    Deciding on a Machu Picchu trip to explore this ancient wonder is a choice no one has ever regretted.

    Estancias In Argentina

    Our top 10 Haciendas and Estancias in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

    Discover why a tour in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile is incomplete without a stay in the charming estancias and haciendas that these countries are known for.

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    This was our second trip with Enchanting Travels. Our first was to Bali. This trip was a driving trip to the Utah National Parks and the Grand Canyon. We trusted Enchanting Travels to set up an itinerary that would enable us time to see all the sites without feeling rushed. The planning they did on short notice was perfect. Our personal trip coordinator did a great job of keeping in contact, answering questions and making reservations. Highlights were a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon and many hikes into breathtaking areas. Enchanting Travels makes trip planning so easy and the trip itself an unforgettable experience. We highly recommend them.

    Janine Hales USA

    My wife and I have been planning a trip through South America and our Travel Consultant, Lisa Fox, has provided nothing but exceptional service and support to create the perfect itinerary for this trip. Bags were nearly packed and we could picture the view from Machu Picchu, but plans have had to change due to travel safety and restrictions from the recent Coronavirus. While this could have been a very stressful time having to reschedule, rebook and who knows how much money could have been lost for what has already been paid for, Enchanting Travels has made it incredibly easy and stress free to reschedule the trip once this passes. We are very appreciative for the pre-trip support, and can already tell that the experience once we are actually on the road will be equally incredibly. Thanks for all your support!

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    Travis Vengroff USA

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    Alice Newton USA

    Enchanting Travels is a bespoke experience. From planning my trip, through to the trip itself, everything was thought about. We traveled at a particularly difficult time, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We were supported with everything, kept up to date with how the situation was developing and how this might affect us. Having WiFi in the car allowed us to communicate with our Trip Coordinator and check with our online government updates. Our stay was luckily not affected, but I felt so supported by the team. Our guides were ready waiting for us, could answer any questions about the sites we were visiting, they communicated with our chauffeur to ensure everything went smoothly. I could not recommend this company more highly. Excellent planning, experience, and execution. Our holiday was truly ENCHANTING!

    Sue Ashton UK

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    Judith Miller USA

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    Randall Pearce USA

    “Enchanting Travels is very knowledgeable about the areas they coordinate travels for. The consultants and coordinators are very easy to work with to arrange and coordinate what you want to see and do.”

    Glenn Frank Australia

    “Enchanting Travels was stellar across the board. From planning to getting there and experiencing Peru, our Enchanting Travels team made it truly enjoyable. The perfect amount of culture, adventure, and relaxation!”




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