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How to Watch Game of Thrones Online in Your Country

The nine noble families waged war against each other in the pursuit of grabbing control over the land of Westeros and thus began the Game of Thrones.

An original series for HBO, based on A Song of Ice and Fire book series written by G.R.R Martin, has been a part of every TV conversation for almost a decade.

The show reached its finishing line with a season finale that aired in Spring last year. The finale left a good majority of fans disappointed with how things unfolded in the show.

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The disappointing finale of Game of Thrones? (Spoiler alert)

Almost no GOT fan saw it coming. Games of Throne season 8 finale was a roller coaster ride.

Bran at the throne being crowned by Tyrion? It feels like an anti-climax to otherwise a series written with utmost finesse.

Bran probably knew about the killings all along. Daenerys took to the wild world in the abyss by the Drogon. At the same time, Arya is set on the quest of West of Westeros, which saw never witnessed a return by the warriors.

Sansa, in her not so humble abode, being crowned as the Queen of the North, left many fans wanting more than they could imagine.

Where to Watch Game of Thrones?

Winter is coming, and so is the Game of Thrones series on the OTT service near you. Watch all seasons of Game of Thrones online without waiting for commercial breaks in between on Home Box Office(HBO).

Several streaming services provide a trial plan before spending a dime on the subscription. If you can finish leftover episodes that you haven’t watched, then you can consider these websites to watch Game of Thrones free as well.

Watch Game Of Thrones In USA


In the USA, the HBO series can be watched on their video-on-demand service, HBO NOW. The video service is similar to Netflix, Disney+, amongst others.


Game of Thrones on Hulu is available to subscribers by taking add-ons of it for their plan. It’s a free 7-day trial, post that it cost the same as HBO NOW on top of your Hulu subscription.

The first month is on a trial basis, free to use, on the house, unlike the revenge of the Lannisters. The second month onwards, it cost $14.99/month.

Watch Game Of Thrones In Canada


The viewers in the North American country can start watching the journey of Starks to King’s landing on Crave . They offer live HBO channel with the same timings as the US.

Watch Game of Thrones

The first 6 seasons are available on the Crave plan as compared to the last 2 seasons(7 and 8), which are available on Movies+HBO. The plan with the French version(SUPER ÉCRAN) of HBO has all 8 seasons under its umbrella.

All in all, it will set you back by CAD 15.99 for watching all the episodes of GOT.

Watch Game Of Thrones In UK

In the United Kingdom, all of the Game of Thrones episodes can be watched online through Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV.

Amazon Prime Video

The Prime video service from Amazon has come up in recent years to fire-up the competition in the OTT segment. Prime is comparatively dearer to watch Game of Thrones online as you would have to buy individual episodes or seasons.

Amazon Prime UK

Each episode costs £2.49, and the entire season cost ranges from £16.5 to £19.50. Bear in mind, and if you try to visit the UK version of PRIME videos, it will not display different content as opposed to UK customers.


Cheaper option to watch Game of Thrones online in the UK would be NOW TV. It is a streaming website for the viewers of the UK. They offer 30 days roaming access if you are travelling to countries in Europe.


Purchase an Entertainment pass from their website for £8.99/month and start binge-watching the G.R.R. Martin classic.

Similar to other streaming services, NOW TV also offers a trial period, which is of 7 days across their passes.

Watch Game Of Thrones In France

OCS Streaming France

Spectateurs from France can watch Game of Thrones on the popular streaming platform in the region, OCS. They offer all the episodes of the show, starting at 9.99€ with 2 screens. A 1-month free trial is available as well for users to test-drive the service before committing.

Watch Game Of Thrones In China

Tencent Video

You can watch GOT online in China on Tencent Holding’s Tencent Video, an online video streaming service in China. They own the right to streaming Game of Thrones online in China for all the seasons, from the HBO network.

Tencent Video

Tencent has been criticized in the past for heavily censoring the episode of GOT, to conform with the directions of the Chinese government.

Viewers in China can subscribe to Tencent video for 15 Yuan/month or 198 Yuan/annual plans to watch all episodes of the show, apart from other shows available on the streaming website.

Alternatively, you can watch Game of Thrones in China on TV with the official broadcast on the CCTV-6, which is also “ heavily censored and edited” as fans are calling it.

Watch Game Of Thrones In India


The over-the-top video streaming service by Star India later joined the party with the introduction of their subscription-based plans, starting with premiering Season 6 of games of Thrones.

GOt on Hotstar

They provide simulcast in India along with the US premiere of the show. It means that as soon as it was being premiered on HBO in the USA, it was broadcasted on Hotstar in India. The streaming service has been criticized for its failure to fix occasional streaming issues during the premiere of Season 7.

The subscription of Hotstar will set you back by Indian Rupees 999/year for a premium membership for watching the entire series. They also offer a trial on premium subscription on a seasonal basis.

Watch Game Of Thrones In Australia

Foxtel Now

Stream Game of Thrones in Australia online by subscribing to Foxtel’s online plan. It provides access to all the episodes of GOT. Subscribe to the Essential Pack on Fox Now app to start watching the show.

Foxtel NOw App

The subscription plan with the Essential Pack on the Fox Now app costs $25 in Australian currency. There is a 10-day trial available as well.

Foxtel TV subscription also allows app access for watching TV shows on other smart devices.


Apple users who would mind shelling a considerable amount of money for the show, can head over to iTunes. They can own and store the episodes, or better yet the entire seasons in their iTunes library.

The entire Game of Thrones show with all 8 seasons cost $199 across the world on iTunes. Seasons start at $26.99 with the option to purchase a particular for $2.99.

Google Play

The availability of Games of Thrones subjects from country to country, according to media rights deal in the region with the HBO network.

Entire seasons cost $19.99, or converted to other currencies in majority of the regions. An episode cost $2.99. The option to purchase all 8 seasons is not available in virtually any region so let us keep that on the side.

Is Games of Thrones available on Netflix?

The short answer is NO. It is not available on Netflix, anywhere in the world. You will not find Games of Thrones on Netflix, irrespective of the region.

HBO network considers Netflix as a rival to their own network HBO NOW, which is a streaming platform just like the streaming giant. They are trying to gain foothold in the market with mini series such as Chernobyl, Band of Brothers, apart from their most successful series in recent times, Games of Thrones.

What time does Game of Thrones air in my country?

Jon Snow knows nothing but it doesn’t have to be the same for you. The Game of Thrones series has been finished and it is on re-runs across the globe on different channels, primarily on HBO in regional language.

If you are planning on watching HBO US through your online streaming plan in your region then it would be wise to stay updated. Consider converting the US time(PST) to your local time with a free tool.

Games of Thrones originally aired on 9 PM PST in the US when it was premiered.

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Games of Thrones – Top Cast

CharacterPlayed by
Tyrion LannisterPeter Dinklage
Daenerys TargaryenEmilia Clarke
Cersei LannisterLena Headey
Jon SnowKit Harrington
Sansa StarkSophie Turner
Arya StarkMaisie Williams
Jaime LannisterNikolaj Coster-Waldau
Samwell tarlyJohn Bradley
MelisandreCarice van Houten
Tywin LannisterCharles Dance
YgritteRose Leslie
Eddard ‘Ned’ StarkSean Bean
Talissa StarkOona Chaplin
Khal DrogoJason Mamoa
HodorKristian Nairn

Over to You

Hold the door, dont leave yet. Let us know if there are other ways to watch Games of Thrones online which I missed in this post.

How to watch Game of Thrones in 2022

Watch Game of Thrones

With House of the Dragon just starting, there’s still time to catch up with the original HBO Game of Thrones series if you’ve been meaning to dive into the expansive world of The Song of Ice and Fire. Unfortunately, the award-winning show is still not available worldwide. However, you can stream Game of Thrones on HBO Max or Hulu with a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

This article will explain how to watch Game of Thrones online from anywhere. All you need is a streaming service subscription and a reliable VPN with servers in countries where the show is available.

Stream House of the Dragon
Season startsAugust 21st, 2022
Streaming servicesHBO Max, Now TV, Crave, Foxtel NOW, BINGE
Watch anywhereNordVPN, now 68% off

How to watch Game of Thrones from anywhere with a VPN

How to watch Game of Thrones from anywhere with a VPN

  1. Get a reliable VPN. We recommend NordVPN, now 68% off!
  2. Connect to a server in the US or any country where Game of Thrones is available.
  3. Sign up for a streaming service. We suggest HBO Max.
  4. Sit back and binge-watch all 8 seasons!

Why should you use a VPN for Game of Thrones

The obvious reason for using a Game of Thrones VPN is geo-blocking. The show is available on HBO Max and some other streaming platforms (more on this below), but not in all locations. For example, if you’re currently in China, you won’t access the Game of Thrones stream without a VPN.

HBO Max unavailable in your region

VPN encrypts your internet traffic and hides your real IP address, meaning there’s no way to know where you’re connecting from. Therefore, if you choose a VPN server in the US, you will be able to watch Game of Thrones without a problem.

This applies to all streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu and all shows, such as Made in Chelsea. In short, using a VPN dramatically increases the amount of available content.

What’s more, you can increase the connection speed with a solid Game of Thrones VPN. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling your bandwidth when you’re streaming or torrenting, it won’t be able to do this anymore. That’s because a VPN encrypts your traffic with a military-grade cipher, and the ISP has no way of monitoring your online activities.

Finally, a VPN is a security and privacy tool first and foremost. It will be much harder for third parties to track you, compromise your devices, and block online resources.

Best VPNs for Game of Thrones in 2022

We’ve tested dozens of providers and found these to be the best Game of Thrones VPNs. All of them have dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Most support routers and streaming devices, such as smart TVs or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

We also selected only those VPNs that are great for streaming and have servers in countries where Game of Thrones is available. Performance was another key factor, so if you have a good internet connection, you should be able to watch in HD or 4K.

1. NordVPN – the best VPN for Game of Thrones

NordVPN – the best VPN for Game of Thrones service logo

NordVPN is by far the best VPN for Game of Thrones. It has everything you need to watch the show from anywhere in 4K on all popular devices. At the same time, NordVPN provides excellent security and privacy.

It boasts 5500+ servers in 59+ countries, meaning there’s always a good option not far from your location. Additionally, NordVPN is the fastest provider, letting you stream in high quality with minimal buffering.

This VPN unblocks not only HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video but also Hulu, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer, to name but a few. Moreover, you can stream Game of Thrones and other shows on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

There are also apps for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Kodi. NordVPN supports Roku and routers, allowing you to watch on smart TVs and game consoles. What’s more, the SmartPlay feature combines the benefits of Smart DNS and a VPN for safe streaming.

NordVPN costs $2.99/month before applying any coupons. One account lets you connect six devices simultaneously. Then there’s a 7-day free trial (requires Android) and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of NordVPN, read our NordVPN review.

2. Surfshark – Game of Thrones VPN with unlimited devices

Surfshark – Game of Thrones VPN with unlimited devices service logo

Surfshark VPN is another excellent service for streaming Game of Thrones from anywhere. Its biggest asset is unlimited simultaneous connections. This means you can easily share one account with your family and friends.

There are 3200+ servers in 100+ countries to choose from. Surfshark VPN uses the next-gen WireGuard tunneling protocol, which is way faster than any other before. As a result, you get excellent performance and virtually no buffering.

Surfshark lets you watch Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Peacock, and other content platforms from the US and other countries. When it comes to device compatibility, this VPN has apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android TV. You can also set it up manually on routers, Chromebooks, or watch via Smart DNS (not on Xbox One, though).

Before applying any coupon codes, Surfshark VPN is yours for $1.99/month. You can also benefit from the 7-day free trial (requires Android or iPhone) and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of Surfshark VPN, read our Surfshark VPN review.

3. PrivateVPN – streaming-oriented Game of Thrones VPN

PrivateVPN – streaming-oriented Game of Thrones VPN service logo

PrivateVPN is a great choice for watching Game of Thrones online because of its streaming-oriented nature. This provider has dedicated servers for popular content platforms and is among the cheapest VPNs.

You can select from 200+ servers in 63+ countries. While it’s the smallest fleet of all Game of Throne VPNs, PrivateVPN owns all of it, adding extra security. Besides, none of the servers get overcrowded, meaning you always get top-notch performance.

PrivateVPN has no problem unblocking HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or other popular streaming platforms. In addition to major platforms, you can install it on Android TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Setting PrivateVPN up on a router will significantly increase the number of compatible devices, including smart TVs, PlayStation, and Xbox.

The best deal available is $2.00/month, unless you find a discount coupon. PrivateVPN gives 10 simultaneous connections and a 7-day free trial. Additionally, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you devour all 8 Game of Thrones seasons in less than a month, you don’t need to pay!

For a deeper investigation of PrivateVPN, read our PrivateVPN review.

4. PureVPN – Game of Thrones VPN with the best server list

PureVPN – Game of Thrones VPN with the best server list service logo

PureVPN is a less-known but powerful VPN for Game of Thrones. Its strength comes from the huge server list optimized to deliver maximum performance.

This provider commands a fleet of 6500+ servers in 70+ countries. Only 2% of those are virtual, used in locations where installing a bare-metal is not an option. Shockingly, most are 10 Gbps servers, with 20 Gbps versions already available in the US and Europe.

However, the blazing-fast WireGuard protocol is available on Windows and Android only at the moment. Thus, if you’re an Apple fan, you’ll have to wait for better speeds a bit more.

PureVPN does a mighty fine job when it comes to geo-blocking. Be prepared for Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more streaming options. This VPN for Game of Throne is also known for supporting an extensive list of devices.

In addition to major platforms, PureVPN has dedicated apps for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Kodi, and DD-WRT. You can also configure it on routers, OpenELEC, and Chromebook.

PureVPN is available for $1.95/month before applying any coupon codes. One account allows 10 simultaneous connections. You can test PureVPN for 7 days ($0.99) or just use the 31-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of PureVPN, read our PureVPN review.

5. Atlas VPN – the best freemium VPN for Game of Thrones

Atlas VPN is the best freemium Game of Thrones VPN and also the cheapest (along with PureVPN). It comes with unlimited devices per account and stable streaming performance.

This provider offers 750+ bare-metal servers in 64+ countries, giving you plenty of options when choosing the best location for streaming Game of Thrones. Atlas VPN uses WireGuard, but just like PureVPN, the protocol is available on Windows and Android only.

Atlas VPN unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and more. However, device compatibility has room for improvement. There are apps for Windows, macOS, Linux Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick, but the absence of router support is frustrating.

Even though Atlas VPN is mainly known for its excellent free version, it won’t get you far when it comes to watching Game of Thrones or anything else for that matter. That’s because streaming is available to premium clients only.

Atlas VPN prices start at $1.64/month before applying discount coupons. Obviously, there’s no free trial, although it would be good to test how this service circumvents geo-blocking. On the other hand, you can try the premium version by exercising a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For a deeper investigation of Atlas VPN, read our Atlas VPN review.

Streaming services that have Game of Thrones in 2022

How to watch Game of Thrones online

As we’ve already mentioned, HBO’s Game of Thrones is available not only on their in-house streaming platform. What’s more, the show is available on some content websites outside of the US. So, where can you watch Game of Thrones?

We’ve put all information about all Game of Thrones streaming options in one table. It also includes the prices and the availability of a free trial.

Streaming serviceShows availableCountryPriceFree trial
Hulu + HBO MaxGOT/ House of DragonUS$14.99/month for HBO Max
$6.99/month for Hulu
7 days
HBO MaxGOT/ House of DragonUS$14.99/monthNo
Roku ChannelGOTUS$14.99/monthNo
Apple TV appGOTUS$14.99/month7 days
CraveGOT/ House of DragonCanada$15.70/month7 days
Now TVGOT/ House of DragonUK$13.58/month7 days
BingeGOT/ House of DragonAustralia$7.17/month14 days
Hotstar (Disney+)GOTIndia$1.00/monthNo
Foxtel NOWGOT/ House of DragonAustralia$25/month10 days

As you can see, Disney+ Hotstar is the cheapest streaming service for Game of Thrones. The Super plan shows ads and limits video quality to HD, but for less than $2.00/month, you can eliminate these nuisances with the Premium option. If you’re from another country, you’ll need the best VPN for India.

Don’t forget that some streaming services like Roku Channel or Apple TV app work with specific devices only. What’s more, all platforms have their limits for simultaneous connections. If that’s important to you, make sure you check the exact numbers before committing.

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How to watch Game of Thrones on your device

We’ve presented a general guide for watching Game of Thrones online above, but each device has some nuances when it comes to installing a VPN and choosing the streaming service. Here you will find step-by-step instructions for watching Game of Thrones on desktop and mobile devices.

Stream Game of Thrones on desktop (Windows, macOS)

There isn’t much difference in streaming Game of Thrones on Windows or Mac. All VPNs that we’ve recommended have apps for these platforms, and you can access both HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video from any web browser. Just don’t forget that some VPNs like Atlas VPN or PureVPN don’t have the fastest WireGuard protocol on Mac yet.

Here’s how to watch Game of Thrones on Windows and Mac:

  1. Get a solid Game of Thrones VPN. Our top choice is NordVPN, available with 68% off!
  2. Connect to a server in a country where streaming Game of Thrones is possible.
  3. Choose a streaming service. We suggest HBO Max.
  4. Start watching Game of Thrones!

Watch Game of Thrones on mobile (Android, iOS)

Whether it’s Android or iPhone, it won’t matter much for watching Game of Thrones online. You can find VPN and streaming apps on both App Store and Google Play Store. Once again, remember that PureVPN and Atlas VPN don’t have WireGuard for iOS devices yet.

How to stream Game of Thrones on Android or iPhone:

  1. Get a reliable VPN for Game of Thrones. Our #1 is NordVPN, now with a 68% discount!
  2. Connect to a server in the US or another country where Game of Thrones is available.
  3. Select a streaming service. Our go-to choice is HBO Max.
  4. Watch Game of Thrones until your nose bleeds!

How to watch Game of Thrones on streaming devices

Most people would agree that watching Game of Thrones or any other visually stunning show on a big screen is worth it. If you happen to have big TV that’s not connected to your computer, there are plenty of streaming devices to choose from. Here are the step-by-step guides for the most popular ones.

Guide on streaming Game of Thrones via router

While the router is not a streaming device, you’ll need it for watching Game of Thrones on smart TVs (Apple TV, LG, Samsung, and other brands), Roku, Nvidia Shield TV, OpenELEC, Chromebook, or Chromecast. That’s because they don’t natively support VPNs.

How to watch Game of Thrones on your streaming device with a router:

  1. Get a VPN that supports your router. We prefer NordVPN, now with 68% off!
  2. Set up the VPN on your router.
  3. Make sure your streaming device is connected to the router.
  4. Connect to a server in the US or any other location that has Game of Thrones.
  5. Select a streaming service. We recommend HBO Max.
  6. Watch Game of Thrones on the big screen!

Watching Game of Thrones on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick

Most VPNs have dedicated apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android TV. That means you don’t need a router or your computer – simply install the VPN client on your streaming device.

How to watch Game of Thrones on Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android TV:

  1. Get a VPN with an app for Amazon Fire TV Stick or Android TV. We suggest NordVPN, now with 68% off!
  2. Install the VPN on the device.
  3. Choose a VPN server in the US or any other country that has Game of Thrones.
  4. Pick a streaming service. Our #1 option is HBO Max.
  5. Watch Game of Thrones on your TV!

Is there a way to watch Game of Thrones for free?

Currently, there’s no way to watch GoT online for free. All streaming services are paid, so it’s only a matter of finding the cheapest one.

That being said, Hulu offers HBO Max with a 7-day free trial. After that, it’s $14.99/month for the HBO Max add-on and $6.99/month for the Hulu base plan. So if you’re OK with doing some serious binge-watching in one week, this is the best way to watch Game of Thrones for free.

However, we haven’t taken into account the fact that Hulu is available in the US only. Therefore, if you happen to live elsewhere, you’ll need a VPN with a free trial or a money-back guarantee. We recommend NordVPN because it offers both for 7 and 30 days, respectively.

While there are some great free VPNs like Atlas VPN or Proton VPN, none of them allow streaming. Otherwise, the servers would become overloaded quickly, hurting the premium subscribers.

If you need more time, the best choice is Binge, an Australian streaming platform. It gives a two-week free trial – more than enough to watch the whole Game of Thrones show. However, if you’re not a local, the distance between you and the VPN server might be too much for watching in 4K.

How to watch Game of Thrones on Netflix with a VPN

Sadly, even the best VPN for Game of Thrones won’t help you with this. That’s because Game of Thrones is unavailable on Netflix. It never was and probably won’t be.

HBO has its own streaming platform in HBO Max. It would be unwise to give away any of its content to Netflix, which has the largest userbase. While you can watch HBO content on Amazon Prime or Hulu, these don’t pose that much “threat” and are OK with Game of Thrones being available on other platforms.

So unless HBO decides to kill off HBO Max, watching Game of Thrones on Netflix is as unlikely as George R. R. Martin finishing his books.

VPN for Game of Thrones is not working: what to do?

There can be more than one reason why your Game of Thrones VPN isn’t working. Here’s a quick troubleshooting guide that hopefully will help solve your problem.

  1. Check if you’re connected to the right server. If you’re trying to watch on HBO Max, the server should be in the country where this streaming platform is available, i.e. US.
  2. Make sure your VPN is not leaking your real IP and DNS data. You can check this on one of many websites that pop up when searching “what’s my IP.” If you see your IP and location, make sure the kill switch is on.
  3. Try reconnecting. If you’re still having trouble unblocking Game of Thrones, disconnect from the VPN server and connect again. Sometimes the issue is with a particular VPN server and not on your side.
  4. Contact customer support. Finally, if the problem persists, ask your VPN provider for help. They should be able to solve it quickly or at least inform how long would it take, if the issue is on their side.

As our experience has shown, NordVPN, the best Game of Thrones VPN, rarely causes any problems and is known for reliable connections. What’s more, it has excellent 24/7 live chat that’s knowledgable and quick to reply to.

About Game of Thrones

Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones is a critically-acclaimed TV series based on The Song of Ice and Fire books by George R. R. Martin, a famous fantasy writer. The action takes place in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

Each kingdom is ruled by different houses, such as the House Targaryen or the House Lannister, which play a key role in the series. However, one could call House Stark the main one, which also is responsible for the famous “Winter is coming” tagline.

There was eight Game of Thrones seasons released, even though George R. R. Martin hasn’t finished all the books yet. While the controversial series finale alienated some of the fans, it didn’t have a lasting impact on the show’s popularity – Game of Thrones is still being watched and re-watched worldwide.

Will there be Game of Thrones season 9?

The show ended with season 8, but there is be more action happening in Westeros. HBO wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity to profit from the license to use Martin’s work. And that’s a win-win situation for everyone.

At the moment, ASOIAF enthusiasts can dive into the prequel of Game of Thrones – the series is called The House of the Dragon. Its events take place 200 years before the main story and follows the fall of House Targaryen and the ensuing succession war known as Dance of the Dragons. The show is based on Martin’s novel Fire & Blood, released in 2018.

There were rumors about two other shows that HBO was planning to make. However, there are no confirmed names, dates, or plot details for the time being. Therefore, we are pretty sure no other sequel or prequel will materialize before 2023.

Currently, House of the Dragon is available on HBO Max, Crave, Now TV, Binge, and Foxtel NOW streaming services. If you happen to live in China or another country where the show won’t be available, take a look at the best VPNs for streaming and get one before the prices go up!

Bottom line

Game of Thrones has ended years ago, but it still finds new fans and invites the old ones to a rewatch. Even if the show is unavailable in your country, you can still unblock it. With the top VPN for Game of Thrones, you will be able to bypass geo-restrictions and watch Game of Thrones regardless of where you are. Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris!

Have you already tried unblocking Game of Thrones with a VPN? Which one did you use? Let us know in the comments section below.

Can I see Game of Thrones on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Game of Thrones is available on Amazon Prime Video. However, you’ll need to pay $14.99/month extra for HBO Max add-on. Also, if you’re in China, Cuba, Iran, Syria, or North Korea, you will need a reliable Game of Thrones VPN to avoid geo-blocking.

Is Game of Thrones on Disney+?

You can watch Game of Thrones on Disney+ Hotstar. It’s an Indian streaming platform and it offers all 8 seasons in English. If you’re not from India, you will need a solid VPN, such as NordVPN.

Is Game of Thrones on Netflix?

No, Game of Thrones is not available on Netflix. It probably won’t be added to this streaming platform anytime soon. People interested in watching GoT online can do so on other streaming services, such as HBO Max, Crave, Apple TV, etc.

Is Game of Thrones on Hulu?

Game of Thrones is available on Hulu, but only if you have additonally purchased the HBO Max add-on. It allows streaming all HBO shows available on the other platform, and even the GoT prequel – House of the Dragon.

Where to watch Game of Thrones online?

You can watch GoT online on several streaming platforms. The best place for doing so is probably on HBO Max, the service responsible for the creation of the show in the first place. Other options include Roku Channel, Hotstar, Apple TV, etc.

Is there a way to watch Game of Thrones for free?

There is no way to watch Game of Thrones for free that would be legal. You’re best bet would be to sign up for free trial versions of streaming services that have GoT in their libraries. Such platforms are HBO Max, Apple TV, Crave, etc.

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Where can I watch all seasons of Game of Thrones?

You can watch all seasons of Game of Thrones on HBO Max. This streaming platform also includes the GoT prequel – House of the Dragon. But because HBO Max is US-only, you’ll have to subscribe to a US VPN to access the website and its library.

Can you watch Game of Thrones with a VPN?

Yes, you can. To be precise, you need a VPN if Game of Thrones is geo-blocked in your country. All of our recommended services will let you stream the show from anywhere.

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Amazon Or Torrents! Your best bet as per me.

Season 8 seems to be bummer to me though. They are settling themselves who is better GOT or Breaking Bad? And. they are not settling it in their favor obviously!

We can’t get over the wave of game of throne. Season after Season, the producer has maintained equal or even better acclaim.
I am eagerly waiting for 14th of April for the release of Season Eight of Game of Throne. I am hoping to use WebTorrent to keep myself entertained by GoT.

Well I guess it’s good to know, I live in France and now they broadcast the tv show with subtitles directly on the French tv channels (it’s right in the middle of the night with the timezones, but still !).

How Do I Watch Game Of Thrones from Anywhere in the World

Game of Thrones is a top-rated American fantasy drama TV series. It comprises 73 episodes distributed in 8 seasons. It is streaming on HBO in the US. Now, it is available on many other platforms like Hulu, Hotstar, Amazon, etc.

Now, let’s discuss all different ways of watching “Game of Thrones” online. You can choose and follow any way which suits you best. Let’s start without any delay and I hope you get the answer for the question How do I watch Game Of Thrones.

How Do I Watch Game Of Thrones

How do I watch Game Of Thrones online

1. Subscribe to cable and login with HBO Go

If you’ve already subscribed to the cable channel of HBO, this will be the most affordable and convenient way for you to watch the game of thrones. HBO Go is a video-on-demand streaming service that provides streaming services to those people who are already subscribers of HBO cable TV. You can stream all popular HBO shows for free on HBO Go as you have already paid for streaming HBO while buying the cable channel.

How To Watch HBO Max From Anywhere

Now, if you are using a computer, then access the website of HBO Go, and you can install the HBO Go app in your Android and iOS. Now sign-in with your existing HBO subscription’s ID and password and congrats. You can now watch every single episode of Game of Thrones without any problem.

2. Subscribe to HBO Now without Cable and Stream Anywhere, Anytime.

HBO Now is a streaming platform like HBO Go. But the difference is that you don’t need to subscribe to HBO cable for streaming HBO Now. This option is for cord-cutters who need just an on-demand streaming platform instead of subscribing to cable TV.

HBO Now is not dependent on your cable subscription, but it charges 15$(10 if you are a student) monthly to let people stream all content of HBO online. Currently, it is offering a 30-day trial for new users. It is available on all major platforms like Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

You can also sign-up for the service by visiting the website of HBO Now. After signing up for the service, you can watch all episodes of Game Of Thrones in HD quality, but ensure that you connected to a good internet connection; otherwise, you will face buffering while streaming this legendary series.

3. Download Episodes on Hulu, Amazon, or Hotstar


Hulu is a US-based streaming service. It is only available for the people who live in the US. If you are outside the US, then you can still access it by using a VPN. You can stream all popular US-shows on Hulu anytime, anywhere.

It comes with two basic plans; first is of 8$ per month in which you get access to all Hulu shows, but you will have to watch ads, and the second is of 11$ per month in which you don’t need to watch ads anymore.

Further, you can have many add-ons with your Hulu subscription. You can have add-ons of Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax at 10$ each. But if you want to have an HBO add-on, you will have to spend 15$ per month watching all popular HBO shows on Hulu.

You will also get access to HBO Now app, so if someday Hulu is not working, you can watch Game Of Thrones on HBO Now.

However, there is no cost advantage of buying HBO subscription on Hulu instead of HBO Now, but if you are a Hulu user, then it will help you to get all your favorite content at a single place. Otherwise, HBO Now will be best for you.


Amazon Prime Video is the biggest competitor of Netflix as of now. Amazon Prime Video provides hundreds of TV-Shows and Movies. Moreover, it also produces its original content. It is the best option for watching top-rated web-series and movies.

You also get many other benefits like amazon music and prime free delivery while buying Amazon Prime Video subscription. These features are enough for anyone to fall in love with Amazon Prime Video.

But wait, it is not all about Amazon Prime Video. You can also subscribe to premium channels like HBO via Amazon Prime Video.

However, you will have to pay 15$ every month extra for subscribing to HBO, which will again not provide you any cost advantage.

Moreover, you will have to pay 13$ per month for Amazon subscription too. But it is a good option for you if you are a current-user of Amazon Prime Video and wish to have all content on a single platform.

Disney+ Hotstar

If you live in India, then you will be familiar with Hotstar. Now it is called Disney+ Hotstar after its deal with Disney. It is a video streaming platform that consists of many popular TV-shows, movies, web-series, live-sports, and Hotstar-original content.

You can also stream many HBO original shows on Hotstar, including Game of Thrones. And the best part is that you don’t need to pay any extra penny for that. It is included in a Hotstar premium package.

The price of Hotstar premium is Rs 299(4$ approx.) per month and Rs 1499(20$ approx) for a year. It is a way cheaper than other options, and it offers many Indian Tv-Shows and movies which are not available on other streaming platforms.

Plus, all Disney Marvel series will also be available on this platform after release. Therefore, it is the best option for you to watch Game Of Thrones.

4. Pirate Episodes of Game of Thrones

How Do I Watch Game Of Thrones

If you are one of those segments of society who watch their favorite shows by the following piracy, this option is for you. I want to clarify that I do not promote piracy, and I suggest you use this method only when no other option is available. You can use telegram or torrent for this method. Download any one of them and search game of thrones. On telegram, you will quickly get it on some channel, and then you just need to download it from there.

But on torrent, you will have to scroll the web and search for a legit torrent website, and then you can download your desired episodes from there. If torrenting is not allowed in your country, then you can VPN for this purpose. I recommend ExpressVPN to unblock and watch Games of Thrones.

Both telegram and torrent are available for all platforms, and you can easily download them on your device.

5. Wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray Collections

The last method for watching Game Of Thrones is to wait for DVD or Blu-Ray Collections. Once HBO studios release Blu-Ray collections, you can easily buy them from a nearby store or order online. It is good for you if you like to watch this content this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Game of Thrones available on Netflix?

No, Game Of Thrones is not available on Netflix, and as of now, there is not a chance that it will be ever available on Netflix in the future. The reason behind it is that HBO takes Netflix as a rival in the content streaming industry, and therefore, HBO wants to compete with Netflix by not streaming its premium shows like Game Of Thrones on Netflix.

2. Will there be a season 9 of the game of thrones?

No, HBO is not planning to continue the Game Of Thrones series. Maybe we will see some other series connected to Game Of Thrones, but we will never see season 9 of Game of Thrones.

3. Can I stream Game Of Thrones for free?

The clear answer to this question is no. You will have to pay in one way or another for streaming your favorite episodes of this legendary series on your device. But you can watch it by telegram or torrent for free.


Game of Thrones is a legendary series, and maybe we will never see a series like it. Maybe season 8 was not satisfactory, but the overall journey of Game Of Thrones was fantastic and heart-warming. It is owing to the beautiful story and cinematography that we still love to watch all old episodes of Game Of Thrones again and again.

This was all about how do I watch Game Of Thrones. If you are planning to use a VPN, then I would suggest you to use ExpressVPN since it is the best VPN to unblock any geo restriction.

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