## Do Travellers from South Africa Have to Quarantine?

Current Quarantine Requirements for Travellers from South Africa

As of March 2023, travellers from South Africa are facing varying quarantine requirements depending on their destination country. It is crucial for travellers to check the latest travel advisories and restrictions imposed by their destination before making travel arrangements.

### Countries Requiring Quarantine

The following countries currently require travellers from South Africa to undergo mandatory quarantine upon arrival:

– United Kingdom: 10-day quarantine in a government-approved hotel or other designated facility.
– United States: 14-day quarantine at home or in a designated facility.
– Canada: 14-day quarantine at home or in a designated hotel.
– Australia: 14-day quarantine in a designated hotel or other approved accommodation.
– New Zealand: 14-day quarantine in a government-managed isolation facility.

### Countries with No Quarantine Requirement

Some countries have lifted their quarantine requirements for travellers from South Africa. These include:

– European Union (EU) Member States: Travellers from South Africa are permitted to enter without quarantine, provided they have proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before departure.
– Switzerland: No quarantine requirement for vaccinated or recovered travellers.
– Mexico: No quarantine requirement.
– Dubai (UAE): No quarantine requirement.

### Quarantine Exemptions

In certain cases, travellers from South Africa may be exempt from quarantine requirements. These exemptions typically apply to:

– Fully vaccinated travellers: Travellers who have received all recommended doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.
– Individuals with proof of recent recovery from COVID-19: Travellers who have recovered from COVID-19 within the past 6 months.
– Essential workers or persons on official business: Individuals travelling for essential purposes, such as medical or diplomatic reasons.

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### Pre-Travel Testing and Health Checks

Before travelling, all travellers from South Africa are strongly advised to undergo a COVID-19 test to ensure they are not infectious. Some countries may require a negative test result before allowing entry or lifting quarantine requirements. Additionally, travellers may be subject to temperature checks or health screenings upon arrival.

### Tips for Travellers

To facilitate a smooth travel experience, travellers from South Africa are recommended to:

– Check travel advisories and restrictions: Regularly monitor the latest travel advisories and restrictions imposed by their destination country.
– Arrange for pre-travel testing: Schedule a COVID-19 test prior to departure to obtain a negative test result, if required.
– Provide proof of vaccination or recovery: Carry documentation proving vaccination status or recent recovery from COVID-19.
– Consider travel insurance: Purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers quarantine expenses or medical emergencies.
– Follow local guidelines: Adhere to all local regulations regarding social distancing, mask-wearing, and other health measures during their stay.

### Conclusion

Quarantine requirements for travellers from South Africa vary significantly depending on the destination country. It is essential for travellers to stay updated on the latest travel advisories and restrictions before making any travel plans. By adhering to quarantine regulations and following local guidelines, travellers can protect their health and the well-being of others while exploring their desired destinations.

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