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the top proven “10 ways” to convince your difficult parents to travel (revealed)

difficult parents

If you are under your parents’ supervision or if you live with them in other words,and you have to take permission from them to travel abroad ,while seeking their financial support ,but you are completely sure that they won’t consent on your trip.(difficult parents!)

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you can almost loose your temper ,and even hope of discovering a new part of the world ,you might even consider leaving the house without telling them a word

Hopefully it won’t get to that point ,because in this article i’ll expose the best tips and strategies ,you can use (and should)in these ,what can almost seem impossible cases.

But first,before you get frustrated at them,know that their perspective and point of view of a trip abroad ,is naturally different from yours

their point of view

you see going on a free journey without them,liberating,maybe even life changing ,in other words a positive and essential experience,well they don’t ! i would even argue that they see it the very opposite

they believe that it’s unsafe, unnecessary,and meaningless,even that happiness is by being with them.

is your job to persuade them that you are absolutely right and they are wrong ,no !don’t waste your vital energy on that ,i have done that million times ,and i can tell you,it doesn’t work

But here’s what can actually work

1.understand your own reason

if you are yourself not or partially convinced about your goal (aka:trip abroad),and you are unconscious of the reasons behind your ambition ,then i’m sorry ,but how can you ever explain ,in a logical way your reasons ,or how can you find reasons to stand for your goals.

so take your time to examine closely your whys ,because if you don’t ,your parents (or any responsible entity )could use their own strong reasons against you (think about this as a trial,you are you own lawyer ,arm yourself and stop whining for god’s sake!)

2.make a great Thorough plan

Open your immature eyes ,and make a detailed plan about the trip,its finances side,search like an avid researcher about the destination you’re thinking about ,never ever consider that your parents or actually anyone else is going to do the dirty work for you !

The more detailed and well analyzed your plan is going to be,the more your parents are going to trust you ,and who knows maybe see you growing a little bit (at least in their eyes)

3.listen carefully to their concerns ,write them down

Now it’s time for you to be diplomatic ,in this phase you don’t want to play the advocate yet ,(reason: their part of arguments is missing ,you want to make sure to prepare your arguments against theirs)

Reach out to them (separately if you feel that they can overwhelm you with their opinions ),here make sure to ask them some questions(in an DETACHED way) ;without defending yourself ,restrain yourself from any emotional response ,your aim is to gather as many informations from them as you can,it would be helpful if you note down their thoughts and concerns ,so that you analyze them carefully later .

4.make a second and third plan

Unfortunately ,it is still plausible that they will refuse (some parents are just convinced about what they believe,even if it’s not reality,but that’s fine,in such cases action is what is needed to demonstrate to them that they might lack understanding !

“What am i going to do if they still say no to my trip abroad?” ,ask yourself this question ,and give it a thought .the best way would be to bring a piece of paper and write down anything that can pass through your mind ,you might have crazy ideas ,that’s Okey !,your aim is to find any possible solution. you can face your parents

difficult parents

I hope that now you have prepared yourself but have also well organized your trip ,now you should be equipped with detailed informations ,responses (concerning their concerns ),but still ,don’t expect that they will agree and everything will be perfect !

Oh No! it’s just the beginning ,so have some hope (at least you have done your part ),however put in your mind that they have all the right in the world to say no (at the end we can help change people’s opinions but ,we can’t control them !) to your parents’ friends,siblings or people they highly esteem

So after your discussion with them ,they still refused ,now it’s time to get some external help ,from persons they have respect to ,listen to and have high esteem .

Make sure to show these persons before that you are responsible and aware of what you are doing (don’t forget to apply your arguments and all the informations you have been gathering)

7.have a short trip nearby

difficult parents

Sometimes the biggest parents’ concern is that you have never done it before ( i mean traveling without them),well ,it’s not late to change their views.try to organize a quick trip (of one day for example to somewhere ),hopefully they will lessen their judgments after this move.

By the way this will also show you a glance of how can a journey abroad be ,you might discover that you lack some skills ,but that’s fine ,you still have time to learn and improve (that’s the purpose of the voyage anyway)

8.start traveling with a trustful group

I guess it would be easier on both sides to have an organized trip with a group ,at least you won’t be alone ,and they would be less frightened about you all alone on the road in the desert surrounded by danger! (i’m kidding)

Once my mother saw that i have found a trustful group (i would accompany people from my own country ,and she talked with one of them),i felt she was less determined about her refusal (by the way ,she still disagreed ,it was until i have applied another tactic that she finally consented ,but we’ll talk about that in the next paragraph).

9.last weapon,last strategy

Do it !that’s it ,it’s your choice ,it’s your life ! nobody and i repeat nobody is going to bring back this huge opportunity(especially if you are young ,jobless and free from big responsibilities ),not even your family that i’m sure love you ,but who are scared!

Ideally you want to make sure that you have some money with you that will cover the trip,your passport ,phone and i guess visa if is required and that’s it!

10.apologize after you do it

for parents nothing’s hard than to find their kids leaving the house,know that it was as challenging for them as it was for you,give them an easy time by following as best as you can their recommendations,and hopefully everything will be just all right

Apologize but let time help them to grasp what you have done .

is the trip worth all these troubles

A 100 percent,if it’s your dream and you feel it’s a call within you that you have to submit ,yes it’s going to be frustrating at times ,but i presume that’s the price to pay for standing tall ,and saying “No” to an authority .

Then once you travel and realize your big plan,all the troubles ,tension,and pressure you experienced before will be forgotten .

How to Convince Your Parents to Go on a Family Vacation?

It can be quite disappointing to find out your family has no vacation plans when the opportunity for a fantastic getaway comes up on the calendar. Persuading your parents will likely be complex, but there are a few ways to encourage the idea. So, how could you convince your parents to go on a family vacation?

Convince your parents to go on a family vacation by leveling with them, offering help, and teaming up with siblings. Highlight the opportunities for skill development, unforgettable memories, and new experiences. Be polite, patient, and responsible – earn the family vacation instead of expecting it.

Whether you’re hoping to get a break from everyday life or desperately want to visit a specific area, there are plenty of ways to approach the conversation with your parents. Stick around to find out how to respectfully convince your parents to take everyone on a family vacation and enjoy a ton of fun for everyone.

Convincing your parents to go on a family vacation

Many sources will tell you to rave about the holiday until your parents give in – some even suggest guilt-tripping them into the idea. These pieces of advice shouldn’t be followed, as they won’t have the best outcome, and may even backfire. Your parents may feel hurt, burdened, or pressured, and it will likely end in disappointment for you as well.

Convincing your parents to go on a family vacation should involve positive, respectful, and humble approaches. If you want that vacation to happen, you’ll need to commit to research, numerous strategies, compromise, and ongoing discussions.

1. Level with your parents

While it’s possible to convince your parents to go on a family vacation, there are a few things to consider. Your parents may not be completely transparent about finances or commitments, or they may even have something special in store for the family. Perhaps, they’re keeping it secret to surprise everyone when the time comes.

By now, your parents have probably already said no. Instead of starting with your wants or dreams and hounding them about the vacation, start by trying to understand their perspective. Ask them what their thoughts, concerns, and feelings are. Why can’t you go? What is the issue? Encourage them to share some of these views with you.

They may be concerned about money, safety, or time, or they may dislike the area you want to visit. Your parents may not even be able to get time off of work. Identifying the problem is the most productive way to find common ground and work from there.

Beginning with this sort of approach will create a solid base of respect and trust to work from, as it will make further conversations more pleasant, cohesive, and constructive. It also displays a level of maturity that your parents will undoubtedly appreciate.

You’ll be able to adapt your ideal family vacation and find suitable options according to what they have told you. You could compromise according to their concerns and meet somewhere in the middle, which will increase the chances of them booking a family vacation – even if it’s not the vacation you had imagined.

2. Offer to help plan an ideal family vacation

Every parent appreciates an offer to help them with something that’s been bothering them, even if they end up refusing the assistance. In many cases, your parents may not want to share about financial troubles or other stresses in an attempt to protect you. But, if they do end up sharing some of these insights with you, it will be heartwarming to learn that you support them in their struggles.

Opting for ‘affordable’ vacation ideas would be appealing, irrespective of your family’s financial situation. But, help can extend much further than money, depending on what issues were discussed while leveling with them. Try your best to accommodate their concerns with proactive approaches, alternative ideas, and creative problem-solving skills.

3. Team up with siblings

If you have siblings, you can use this to your advantage. This is especially helpful if your siblings have no particular vacation preferences and are generally excited by the idea of going away as a family. It may be more complex if your siblings want something entirely different, such as if you want a beach vacation while they want to visit a ton of amusement parks.

Your siblings may not even want to go on a family vacation in some cases. But, you’ll need to sit down with them, discuss what everyone wants, compromise, and find common ground. At times, you may even need to arrange a side deal with them to make them an ally, whether it be candy, a favor, or doing their chores for a week.

There is power in numbers, and your parents may be more likely to plan a family vacation if you and your siblings want it so much and are working on it together. Now, this doesn’t mean everyone should nag them into submission. Everyone should be on the same page regarding strategy and should have similar motives concerning the rest of the methods.

4. Share your feelings

Think about why you want to go on this family vacation. Are you stressed with school, homework, and other commitments? Do you feel limited in everyday life? Do you desperately want to experience the culture in other regions? Is it simply because the vacation destination is trending online and all of your friends are going?

Be honest with yourself before talking with your parents. It’s time to open up a little, even if you dislike sharing emotions and true thoughts with your parents. To encourage a family vacation, your parents need to understand your motives just as you need to understand their concerns. Of course, this conversation will need some carefully handpicked dialogue and some reflection on your part, but it will be worth it.

5. Your parents deserve a break

All parents need a break from time to time. Telling your parents that they deserve some time to recuperate and recharge their batteries will be applicable irrespective of your household’s specifics. Of course, you should be authentic about this approach, using examples of their hard work or challenging situations the family has recently gone through.

Try your best to empathize with them, envisioning the exhaustion and stress they may be experiencing. Explain that a family vacation would be great for everyone. This approach will help convince them to go on a family vacation while making them feel appreciated and noticed for everything they do on a daily basis.

6. Emphasize skill development, education, and courses

Parents love to provide their kids with opportunities to develop skills, be educated in fun and interactive ways, and become better-rounded as individuals. You could provide examples of sites and attractions that teach about the area’s history and culture or talk about great workshops they have at the location.

You may be able to find plenty of hands-on courses at the intended family vacation destination, including baking, cooking, woodwork, pottery, painting, rock climbing, surfing, skiing, and much more. Explain that having the opportunity to develop these abilities will make you feel more capable and skilled as an individual, and may open more doors for you once you become an adult.

Try and include hobbies and interests that your parents love, as this will be quite influential in your cause. One or both of your parents may become attracted to the idea since it offers the chance to do something that they love – better yet, a chance to engage in their interests with their beloved family!

If you have learned about the area’s attractions, history, or culture and are fascinated by them, put these under the spotlight. Impress your parents concerning how much research you have done, and shock them with your enthusiasm to learn more about the location in real life.

Of course, this should be done as naturally as possible. Casually show them pictures and share fun facts with them, attempting to invoke the same excitement and interest as you are feeling. Such approaches will communicate that you want to go on this family vacation for much more than simply sunbathing on the beach – even if that is what you’d end up doing.

7. Quality bonding time with the family

One of the best ways to convince your parents to go on a vacation involves emphasizing the opportunities to bond as a family. Things can get busy throughout the year, as everyone has commitments, responsibilities, and time-consuming tasks to perform. You and your parents may not have gotten the chance to spend time with each other or with you lately.

Going away on a family vacation will be perfect for everyone to relax and bond. Most parents jump at the idea of bringing the family closer together, even if you already have good relationships. While they may point out that the family could bond over board games and movies, try to bring up bonding opportunities unique to the vacation location.

Discussing the potential for engaging bonding time should be sincere, however. Many have used a similar line to guilt-trip their parents, which isn’t ideal. Your parents should be excited about the idea if you want to get the best outcome – there’s no point in planning a family vacation when everyone except yourself feels forced or burdened.

8. Making priceless family memories

Parents want their children to have an internal vault filled with countless precious memories once they get older. So, this approach can be quite effective. Explain that family vacations are infamous for spontaneous experiences and unforgettable moments, and going on a vacation would be worth it for all the amazing family memories.

Time flies, and someday you’ll be moving out and starting your own family. Point out that you’d like to share stories with your own family and reflect on the amazing experiences that your parents have graciously provided – perhaps, even make it a family tradition when you’re older. Be careful with this line, however, as it’s easy to slip from here into piling on the guilt trip.

9. Trying new things

We all get caught up in mundane tasks and the daily routine – but life’s too short! Bring up the fact that the entire family needs a break from the everyday scenery and should experience different environments. Everyone needs to try something new from time to time, and going on a family vacation allows plenty of potential for fresh, exciting, and fun adventures, and the chance to get a fresh perspective.

Try to bring up available activities and entertainment opportunities in the area you’d like to visit for the family vacation and focus on things you know your parents would like to try. It may be a new sport, witnessing iconic landmarks, tasting unique foods from different cultures, an activity that isn’t found in your local area, or even an adrenaline-pumping ‘once in a lifetime’ activity.

No one is getting younger, and the family needs to embrace the opportunity to try new things when it’s possible. Maybe your parents have always wanted to try something but could never find the time, and the family could do activities that have been lingering on the bucket list for far too long.

10. Show responsibility

Your parents need to know you are responsible and trustworthy to allow themselves to be convinced by any of your arguments. If your parents won’t willingly give you the family vacation you’re hoping for, try earning it. Your parents may create a tailored list of things they’d like to see you do before reconsidering their decision, and you’ll need to stay dedicated if you want this trip to happen.

Tasks may include increased chores, making sure your room is always spick and span, or getting good grades by studying hard and doing homework with maximum effort. But, show initiative as well by doing things when they haven’t asked you to. Make their lives a bit easier by making them lunch, doing laundry if you’re able, or even just making them a cup of tea and sitting down to chat with them.

Parents love to see dedication and drive in their children, as it shows them you’re willing to do what is necessary to achieve your dreams. Showing them that you’re responsible and committed to working hard for what you want will make them proud, and they may decide to plan a family vacation just because they feel you have earned it.

Regardless of how you decide to convince your parents to go on a family vacation, make sure you are polite, appreciative, and patient. Steer clear of tantrums and sulking, as it will take time, effort, and plenty of compromises to make this trip happen. At the end of the day, family vacations are meant to be fun for everyone, so the persuasion methods should support the final experience for the entire family.

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Travel

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. Various governments have changed their travel warnings to restrict travel during this time. To understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go to our FAQs and select your country of residence.

For the latest travel warnings and alerts around the world, read about lockdowns and border restrictions.

You really want to go on a Contiki tour, but you think your parents will say no? Here are a few ready-made arguments to convince them to let you go.

A young man explores the alleyways in Malta

Photo © Getty Images/electravk

You are a mighty eagle standing on the edge of the world, ready to take your rightful place, and you want to explore – you want to go traveling. But to your parents you’re a fledgling, feebly flapping your wings on the edge of the nest and about to plummet from the mountaintop and they’re holding you back.

So what do you do about that?

Here are a few arguments to help you get your travel plans across the line with mom and dad. Use this as a guide to convince your parents travel is a good idea.

Let your mom know you’ll be safe

Your parents’ greatest fear is for your safety. The world’s a dangerous place, or so they’ve been told by the news. but data reveals less than 10% of policyholders make a claim. The vast majority of those are minor matters of lost belongings, missed flights and out-of-pocket expenses. Extreme medical cases and emergencies make up a very small proportion of claims.

The same goes for terrorism. The statistics show you are 4 times more likely to be hit by lightning than be a victim of a terrorist act, but no one says they’re too afraid to travel because of thunderstorms.

Keep the freak-out factor low

Not everyone is ready for a solo overland trip to Southeast Asia, in fact, it’s dangerous to bite off more than you can chew, and will give your parents an apoplectic fit. Start small and work your way up to India Jones.

Which is why managed tours, like those provided by Contiki, are perfect. You get to see and do everything with plenty of “me time”, but someone experienced is booking all the hotels, making sure there’s a meal at the end of the day, and you get from city A to city B without getting lost.

3 arguments on why you should travel

If your parents are still not convinced here are 3 ready-made arguments about why you should be allowed to travel:

1. Travel improves the chances of getting a good job

It teaches real-life skills and shows an employer you are resourceful, adventurous and worldly. In the modern workforce, employers are often looking for more than educational qualifications, they’re looking for someone adaptable and resourceful – skills you learn from travel.

2. Travel puts an old head on young shoulders

It’s a physiological fact that adolescent brains don’t fully develop until age 25 unless some extraordinary circumstances force the brain to develop faster. We’ve all seen those westerns where before the cowboy rides off tells the 12-year-old “you’re the man of the house now, boy”. Studies show travel has the same effect, thankfully without the cheesiness.

3. Young adults need risk in order to develop

We’re talking about acceptable risk, not recklessness, but how do you learn from your mistakes if you’re never allowed to make any? Some psychologists are going so far as to suggest over protection is equal to depriving your child of the chance to grow and is a form of abuse.

What if something does go wrong?

It’s only sensible to be prepared for the worst, regardless of how unlikely that may be, which is why in May 2016 Contiki and World Nomads formed a partnership naming World Nomads as their preferred travel insurance provider. Of course, Contiki has decades of experience in managing tour groups and their staff on tour and back at headquarters have probably seen it all, and dealt with it, before. World Nomads has emergency assistance teams on call 24/7 and they have more than a decade of experience in dealing with every travel problem imaginable.

Contiki and World Nomads

The companies share many beliefs, chief among them their commitment to helping young people explore their boundaries through travel.

World Nomads believes in the benefit of seeking new experiences, learning something new and connecting with locals. You have to be informed about the places you travel, and to stay safe. But perhaps the two most important values are the duty to give back to the places we’ve traveled and to share our stories to inspire others to travel.

Contiki has very similar core values. On their website, they say “You only get one shot at life so make every moment count. Adventure isn’t something you do, it’s an attitude. It’s getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, seeing different perspectives and having the courage to go further. Challenge everything. Do things with passion, but tread lightly.”

Get a travel insurance quote for Worldwide

You can buy at home or while traveling, and claim online from anywhere in the world. With 150+ adventure activities covered and 24/7 emergency assistance.

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Simple and flexible travel insurance

You can buy at home or while traveling, and claim online from anywhere in the world. With 150+ adventure activities covered and 24/7 emergency assistance.

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being a traveling freak love to say that have noted the way of convincing my parents for trips from philadelphia . Thanks for letting me know.

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