11 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are A Good Idea

Last week was super busy and in general, everything was good. This week in the other hand, had a low start since last Monday was a holiday here in Chile, so I have been a little lost with the thing I had to do. What I did know for sure was that I had to have this post ready for today. I’ve been wanting to write about the reasons why long distance relationships are a good idea for a long time now.

Many ask why I decided to give my relationship a chance, why did I keep trying even though it was most likely to not work out. I had my reasons, but the most important one was: I prefer to risk it and try rather than not. I didn’t want to be older and wonder what would have happened if I were braver. You know… in my case, it’s not only a common long-distance relationship. It is an international one! We have to travel abroad, spend money and think about what implies being together in the future. At some point, one has to move to live in another country.

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11 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are A Good Idea. Long Distance Relationship Problems. Relationship Advice. Relationship Tips. Couples Struggles. LDR. Elephant on the Road.

[title align=”center” type=”line”]Long Distance Relationships Are A Good Idea: Here’s Why[/title]

If you are reading this, it means that a long distance relationship is on your stars and you might 1) be asking yourself if it’s a good idea or 2) you are already in one and you want to remind yourself why you took that chance in the first place. No matter the reason why you are here, I want to tell you… we are in this together! You aren’t alone and I’m here to talk with you if you need it. You can contact me here or through my social media!

I would also recommend making your own list of reasons why long distance relationships are a good idea. This can be something very personal and it can be important in those moments when you are struggling the most.

1. It Makes You Trust Your Partner More

This is something you don’t think about in the beginning, but it’s a benefit you see in the long run. Trusting your partner before starting a long distance relationship is key, but let’s be honest here. It can be super hard during those first months. So in general, distance helps to resolve your trust issues and to grow trust exponentially. Definitely, a good reasons to start a long distance relationship!

As a personal note, it took me about six months to truly trust my boyfriend. I didn’t know his friends, and especially his girl friends. Between my own insecurities and the fact that I’m a jealous person, it was super hard to get used to it. We were both in college and we all know a lot of drama can come those years.

2. Consider The Benefits of Time Apart

Again, this is something you won’t appreciate during the firsts months of being separated from your significant other. Obviously. After all, the distance is the main reasons why you are doubting to start a long distance relationship.

One of the best benefits of why l ong distance relationships are a good idea is that it helps you focus on your own goals, and that’s super important! Take a look at my post about the Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships and you will see that not everything is bad! You can gain many things from it.

11 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are A Good Idea. Long Distance Relationship Problems. Relationship Advice. Relationship Tips. Couples Struggles. LDR. Elephant on the Road.

3. You Get To Travel A Lot

Now you have an excuse to do any touristy things you want! Depending on how far you are from each other you will have to get plane tickets or just drive, but either way, it means you will have to travel somewhere else. Maybe you might want to meet halfway (because it can be cheaper) or plan a vacation with the excuse of being together.

To be honest, every time you see each other will feel like a vacation. Those are the moments you will spend solely with your boyfriend or girlfriend. With no distractions.

4. The Relationship Is More Than Physical

Since you can’t see each other all the time, you develop a different type of intimacy. It goes beyond having to be next to each other all the time. It’s about knowing the other person on a deeper level, and connecting in a different way. You get to know their fears, their plans for the future and their goals in life. Texting someone (especially at night) can be a great opportunity to know different sides of that person, especially their thoughts on certain topics.

Without even noticing, you can start a conversation out of a meme or a video! That exchange of views can end up being an intense conversation. Or at least that has happened to me. After watching a video, we would say our opinions about something, that without the video, we would never think to discuss before, and that can unleash an interesting debate.

When there’s no other option besides talking, you take it as an opportunity to know better your significant other. You can be surprised all the things you can learn from long conversations.

5. It’s Worth The Risk

Okay, this is for sure the number one reason why long distance relationships area good idea. When you think about taking that step is because the option of not being in a relationship with the person you love is unthinkable. You can’t image waking up without a ‘Good morning’ text from that person or not having next to you that special person who has your back no matter what.

Even if things don’t work out, taking the chance about this matter can be key. You can see sides of that person you never thought you could, and let’s be honest, it can test many issues in a relationship. Like fidelity. Or the fact that you will know if that person is really into you no matter how many miles are in between. Those are very important points!

11 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are A Good Idea. Long Distance Relationship Problems. Relationship Advice. Relationship Tips. Couples Struggles. LDR. Elephant on the Road.

6. You Create Innovative Ways To Bond

Just like reason number four, since you can’t be physically together all the time, you create different ways to keep sparks flying. To keep the relationship going no matter how far you are from each other. You can be on different continents, but if you develop different ways to bond, everything will go smoothly.

It can be a little difficult to find things that work for both of you. The internet is full of those ideas too! You can get some activity ideas for long distance relationships here. Texting is not the only thing you can do to connect with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The idea is to get creative!

7. It Is The Ultimate Test

As a general rule, if you can survive this, you can survive anything. I don’t want to generalize since life is always surprising you. But in most cases, i f your long-distance relationship is successful, you can rest assured that your relationship is pretty strong.

You already know how to communicate and learned many things from each other while being apart. So at moments of difficulty, you should be ready to handle them without unnecessary fights. You know how hard is fighting over the phone or text, so doing it in person is way easier.

You got this! Your relationship is golden after you go through the distance.

8. Everything Will Mean More For You Both

Seeing each other after being away for –maybe– months it makes you appreciate your partner so much more. You cherish those moments you have together and know that fighting over stupid things is not worth it (or at least you try not to. We all have bad days).

Going out, watching movies, and waking up next to each other means way more than before. Every small detail is special for both of you. It makes you realized how those simple gestures mean way more. Like I said before, maybe you won’t realize in the beginning all these reasons why long distance relationships are a good idea, but believe me, it’s something you learn to appreciate.

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11 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are A Good Idea. Long Distance Relationship Problems. Relationship Advice. Relationship Tips. Couples Struggles. LDR. Elephant on the Road.

9. You Get To Be More Independent

Are you an independent gal? Then you need to see the good side of this! I am, and I’m happy to have so much time for myself especially because my blog takes so much time from me. I text throughout the day with my boyfriend, if I’m busy, I let him know I would text him back when I take a break. That’s it!

We know that relationships consume a lot of time, not only the relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Also with friends and family, and why not to include the relationship with yourself. You need to balance every aspect of your life, adding your job, school or any other activity. It can be hard! So while you are in a long distance relationship you can focus on other things too!

Just make sure to do make time for your boyfriend. Talk on the phone before going to bed, or make sure to text a little during the day, or pick a day to video chat without missing a date. That is a must!

10. The Idea Of Breaking Up Is Not Even An Option For You

It can be a hard decision and something you wish you didn’t have to go through. Distance is scary for many reasons, but it’s up to each of you to make the most of the relationship. If the love is so strong you can make it work no matter what. For me, it was like that. Not being in a relationship with my boyfriend wasn’t an option. Only being friends to him without having the possibility of kissing him? No thank you!

You can keep the love alive in different ways, it’s going to be a challenge, but one you can easily pass with flying colors if you both are willing to go through it. Think about it, but not only with your head, listen to your heart as well. Give it a try, even if you think long distance relationships aren’t for you. The time apart might not be that bad either. Time flies anyway!

11. Goodbyes Aren’t Forever

Another very important reason why long distance relationships are a good idea! This is a significant thing to remember when things get rough. I have been in an international long distance relationship for three years now. We started it before knowing when the distance was going to be over, we just thought it was the best decision. The option of not being together was a no for both of us. We just let destiny play all the cards while we enjoy (and grow) our relationship.

Still, we don’t exactly when are we going to end the distance. Hopefully next year, but there are so many things to do before we can actually live in the same country. We pray everything will work out, so many factors are in between that it makes harder to move in together. But hey! We are in love and we will burn all the options before giving up.

What are your thoughts on this? Are long distance relationships a good idea in your opinion? Would you be willing to go through it? Let me know in the comments!

The Real Reason Why Time Travel is Not Practical

An artistic conception of traveling through time via an imaginary track.

Time travel is a fascinating subject that is, unfortunately, dominated by silly ideas about grandfather paradoxes and black holes. We can blame the movies and science fiction TV shows for many of these ridiculous ideas but not all of them. Good science is also responsible for nonsense (like the mislabled “Fermi Paradox”, which isn’t a paradox at all and – when you look at it skeptically – is a rather naive and stupid question).

Time travel is one of those concepts that intrigues scientists so much they keep trying to figure out if it’s possible. In theory time travel is perfectly possible because the math says so. But the math is rather simple compared to the reality. We’re missing something and we already know enough to understand (as a civilization) that popular attempts to explain time travel overlook critical information.

People Have Been Searching for Time Travelers – Bad Idea

A recent story on Forbes highlighted a ridiculous search for time travelers on the Internet. Time travelers are not obligated to reveal themselves and there is no reason to assume that anyone who succeeds in traveling through time would want to reveal themselves in a childish way, such as showing up at a party that is only announced after the fact (the Steven Hawking Strategy) or declaring themselves openly in forum discussions (the John Titor Strategy).

What the effects of unmasking a real time traveler would be is anyone’s guess at this stage in our collective knowledge and experience. Maybe it’s happened thousands of times already. One of the best explanations I’ve seen for why people cannot change the past is found in the “Avengers: Endgame” movie. Professor Hulk explains that if you go into the past and change something you are changing your future because you’re experiencing it first-hand. You can’t really get into the past – you can just get into a different state of the universe.

So don’t look for people changing history. Based on what we know about the universe today, time travelers would be normal, natural participants in history and their actions would appear to be as immutable as anything else non-time travelers can do. In other words, we have no real reason to speculate that an infinite number of universes are spinning off into multiple temporal directions every time one of us (and that would have to include any plant or microbe) faces a choice.

But there is another reason why searching for time travelers is a bad idea. You might not like what you find. You might not recognize it for a time traveler.

Time Travel Isn’t Just about “Moving Through Time”

A few years back someone asked if time travel is possible on Quora. Many people provided thoughtful answers. The one that caught my attention is no longer available. At least, I can’t find it any more. But I remember what a High School Physics teacher wrote very clearly: “You’d have to rearrange all the molecules of the universe.”

This is a very mechanical perspective of time and space. It’s consistent with everything we know to be a fact and all our generally accepted theories about time and space. Einstein talked extensively about coordinate systems and when you move a point (or an object – which is a set of points bound together by some rules) through a coordinate system you create a succession of “states”.

Each state represents all the known points on the coordinate system at the shortest timeframe possible. Every time a molecule or a part of a molecule changes anything about itself anywhere in the universe a new state is created.

The entire universe is in constant motion on both atomic and superscalar levels. The most obvious universal motion is the movement of bodies through space.

  • The Earth is spinning on its axis.
  • The Earth is orbiting the Sun.
  • The Sun is orbiting the Milky Way galaxy.
  • The Milky Way is dancing around in the local cluster.
  • The local cluster is dancing around inside a super cluster.
  • The super cluster is part of a huge slowly twisting, vibrating filament.

If you travel back in time 1 day you won’t end up on Earth. If you’re lucky you’ll “land” on the Moon or some piece of space rock. More likely you’ll just appear somewhere in empty space, struggle to breathe briefly, and die a horrible death.

If you go back a few hundred years you might land on Neptune, a moon of Jupiter, or maybe somewhere in the Oort cloud.

You would need a T.A.R.D.I.S. to do time travel properly. Doctor Who’s race of time traveling aliens – the Time Lords – are a billion years old. Humanity is, by comparison, at most about 400,000 years old. Time Lord math and science is a little more refined than ours. One thing they have worked out is a coordinate system for the universe. They have a point of origin.

According to our current knowledge and understanding of how the universe works, there is no point of origin. So we can’t travel through time the way the Time Lords do.

They also harness black holes inside their T.A.R.D.I.S. vessels, and it’s going to take us a while to figure out how to do that, too.

Why Does No One Ever Bring Up These Challenges?

People who write superhero or science fiction shows and movies must have a solution for time travel. When Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda first aired I interviewed one of the writers for the show. Their High Guard and other star-faring spaceships traveled faster-than-light through “the Slipstream”. I hoped they were integrating some (new to me) scientific theory into their show’s physics.

Regrettably I was told that the Slipstream was completely made up so they could skip way past the part of history where the faster-than-light travel problem is solved.

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The film and television industry – even books and comic books – must do it this way. Since we haven’t yet solved the problem of traveling faster than light (or “through time” in any direction but forward), we can’t break it down for the audience.

Everyone either must make up their own pseudoscience or they must assume that “it just happens somewhere (along the timeline)”.

And yet, knowing they must make up this stuff to begin with, writers introduce every imaginable time travel meme and trite idea they can find in order to make some character or imaginary species look smart. And these tried-and-true methods also create a seemingly endless series of plot devices.

The Stargate television universe may be the only set of TV shows that abuse time travel more than Star Trek. Of course Doctor Who and his handful of weak copycats are expected to wrangle with time paradoxes every week. TV time travelers laugh at the laughable ideas we pass off as paradoxes. Time can be rewritten, as the Doctor likes to say. He should know. He’s rebooted the universe once or twice in his career.

When movies and TV shows go galloping off across the temporal horizon no one ever asks why they won’t end up floating in space. Gravity is occasionally invoked as a sort of safeguard against ending up at the wrong destination. But gravity is typically used to either slow down the passage of local time or to create some sort of slingshot effect – with or without a wormhole.

Unfortunately if you’re standing on Earth and wearing only a Vortex Manipulator or sitting in a cool-looking late 19th century time machine, it’s doubtful you can manipulate the local gravity field. There won’t be any way to generate the gravitic field you need to depolarize the metrons or whatever.

Miniaturization and Jules Verne-inspired steampunk technology can only get you so far. There isn’t enough energy in steam or stored in a wrist device to move you 3 feet, let alone 300 years through time (and space).

A Universal Coordinate System Might Be Possible

All you need is a fixed point in space (and time). You don’t need to find “the center of the universe” or “where the universe began”.

You just need an anchor point, something around which you’ll always be able to relate what you can observe (by any possible measurement). This fixed point can be anywhere. Maybe it can be at any time. The problem for us is that we don’t know if it’s possible for us to identify such an anchor point. It would be a point of origin on a special coordinate system. That coordinate system might look like a classical Cartesian plane but it doesn’t have to.

We may need to invent a whole new type of mathematics to find a suitable anchor point and build a coordinate system around that. Whether we need hundreds of millions of years (which, presumably, the Time Lords did) is still an open question. If mankind can hold on we think Earth will be habitable by our kind of life for another 500 million to 1 billion years. And if that’s not enough time for us to solve these questions maybe we can move out into space.

I wouldn’t recommend colonizing planets. As cool as that sounds based on bajillions of science fiction stories, we’ll probably be better off building mobile habitats in space. They won’t require nearly as much engineering know-how as terraforming planets like Mars and Venus would require. And moving from habitat to habitat would demand far less energy than lifting ships off of gravity wells like planets and landing things safely there.

If we can create a universal coordinate system then we’ll be able to solve a lot of presently unsolvable equations. Who knows? Maybe we could even find where the universe began, how large it is, or how far back and forward time extends. For now we’re only guessing and we question our guesswork every few years.

A universal coordinate system might even allow the kind of practical time travel that science fiction imagines. I don’t mean the Doctor Who T.A.R.D.I.S.-style of travel through time and space. I mean the Stargate: SG-1 style. In the very last episode of the show, “Unending”, SG-1 is trapped on a ship in space in a time dilation field. Yeah, that’s a whole ‘nother set of equations and laws of physics. But it sets up an interesting storyline.

SG-1 is faced with imminent destruction as an alien ship has fired upon them and they cannot get out of the way “in time”. So they slow down local time in a bubble around their ship to give themselves time to think about the problem. After 50 years they come up with a solution that allows them to reverse time inside the dilation field and then enact a new protocol that … well, they save the ship and they do it without help from the Doctor and Wesley Crusher.

One of neat things about Stargate is that – except for all the exotic space aliens and faster than light travel and ray guns and a million other gizmos and plot devices – the writers tried to integrate the latest scientific ideas into their characters, technologies, and stuff. So when Samantha Carter or (Meredith) Rodney McKay started spouting off stuff about whatever, they were usually talking real sciency stuff. Well, it sounded sciency and cool.

Assuming we can devise a coordinate system for the universe we might be able to contrive a time travel technology that uses gravity wells. Perhaps only a sun-sized mass would be required (not a black hole as most theories suggest). Maybe it could be done with a planet.

As in “Unending” you’d only be able to go back as far as that gravity well exists. And then you’ll have to account for fluctuations in quantum states or something, but it might be possible to devise a theory that doesn’t contradict every known law of physics.

Bottom Line: Time Travel Isn’t Feasible Right Now

I doubt any Earth-bound, human civilization from the next few thousand years in the future will be able to achieve time travel as we imagine it without intervention. That intervention would have to come from the Great Wizards of the Galaxy, hypothetical space aliens who are so wise and experienced they have solved all these problems and decided that we are worthy of such knowledge.

13 Reasons Why Traveling is Important

13 Reasons Why Traveling is Important

Traveling is more than just visiting places and taking pictures, it brings out new ideas and perspectives and is a true investment in yourself.

Here are the top reasons why traveling is important.

In today’s data-driven world, the world is (literally) at the tips of our fingers. But while technology allows us to stay connected, it is also more isolating than ever.

With a 24/7 news cycle that often paints a dreary scene, it can be hard to challenge the status quo and understand the world for what it truly is.

I find that one of the best ways to overcome this barrier is to travel as much as you can.

Traveling, as they say, is food for the soul. While you get to unwind and explore the destination, traveling has so much more to offer.

You get to immerse yourself in the culture, cuisine, and nature of every place you visit.

This provides new ideas and perspectives on different subjects as you learn more about the place (and maybe even yourself).

Table of Contents

Reasons Why Traveling Is Important

While travel is definitely an indulgence, the returns (although not monetary) are definitely worth the cost. Let’s jump into the reasons why travel is a worthy pursuit.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Danny Kaye Quote About Travel

While social media gives you virtual access to the world, you also become increasingly comfortable with your surroundings and miss out on forming connections in the real world.

Traveling to new places allows you to break out of your comfort zone and take on new experiences and challenges as you learn more about the world around you.

They say we learn the most when we are uncomfortable and this could not be more true when it comes to traveling. You empathize with the people around you as you understand different cultures and societal norms.

This makes you more confident and independent with time.

New cultural experiences

2. New cultural experiences

One of the most important reasons why traveling is important is getting to immerse yourself in the local culture. Very often it becomes easy for us to form judgments and opinions on different races and cultures based on what we read online.

But our world is vast and diverse and we are just a small part of it.

Each place has its own unique culture and getting to experience this helps us grow psychologically in a way that no classroom or book ever could. Learning about the culture is more than just seeing the sights and eating the food.

It also involves talking to the locals and understanding their perspective on the world we live in.

This helps you challenge your preconceptions and change them for the better.

relax and unwind

3. You get to relax and unwind

In today’s world, we often find ourselves trying to climb up the corporate ladder and get ahead in the rat race. While having a successful career is important, you also need to take a break from the grind to relax and rejuvenate. As they say, one step back, two steps forward.

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This is an important reason why traveling is important. Whether it’s lying on the beach in Costa Rica or going on an adventure hike, a break from your 9-5 can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

If you ever feel like a bag of nerves, pack your bags and hop on a flight to a new destination to recharge those batteries. Your future self will thank you!

Create some memories

4. Create some great memories

Some of my best memories are from my travels. Whether it was hiking up Angels Landing at Mt. Zion National Park or taking a boat ride in the Venice canals, traveling has helped me create memories that last a lifetime.

Visiting the sights is great but as they say, it’s about the journey and not the destination. The people you meet along the way and the experiences you have with your friends are what sticks with you long after your travels. When visiting a new place, stay curious.

Live as the locals do and forge those connections with the people around you. Your travels will take you on an adventure and help you create those timeless memories.

5. You learn to live in the present

Learn to live in the present

The word ‘busyness’ has become a buzzword these days and a mantra for the way we live our lives.

With overpacked schedules and a never-ending to-do list, we become so addicted to ‘what’s next’ that we forget to live in the present.

Traveling is a great way to break away from this hamster wheel of life and embrace the beauty of the world we live in.

While travel involves a constant state of motion, it helps you focus on the adventure ahead.

When looking upon the serene Parisian landscape while standing on top of the Eiffel tower, you learn to appreciate the moment and stop obsessing about the future.

As they say, there’s no time like the present.

6. You meet new people

Make new friends

Traveling to a bucket-list destination is not just about seeing the sights and eating the local delicacies but also a great way to meet new people.

Whether it’s the locals or a group of like-minded travelers, the memories you make through your interactions with others could either be fleeting or life-changing.

Meeting new people can introduce you to a whole new way of life and thinking. This helps you challenge your perceptions or misconceptions while creating a sense of community.

Although we may differ in our culture and appearance, we all strive for the same goals and aspirations.

There are a limitless number of ways to meet new people in a city.

You could stay in hostels, visit the local bar or restaurant and even take a tour of the city to immerse yourself in the culture while you meet new people.

GetYourGuide offers a variety of guided tours in cities all over the world.

7. You’ll have exciting stories to tell

eat local delicacies

Everyone loves a good storyteller, and your experiences from your travels around the world are guaranteed to make your tales more interesting.

As you experience new cultures and meet new people, your perspective starts to evolve.

Your learnings can shed new light on social situations and bring new ideas to those who have preconceived notions of a place or country. You can even put your stories on paper and start a blog to share your experiences with a larger audience.

A funny anecdote or a life-changing experience will make you quite the conversationalist.

8. Eat local delicacies

Food has the ability to satisfy your taste buds but also provides an insight into the culture of the place.

When I was in Italy, gorging on bowls of pasta cooked in rich Bologna sauce, taught me the importance of food in the Italian culture and the amount of soul and effort that goes into each meal.

The country, although known primarily for its pasta around the world, actually has a unique cuisine that is authentic to each region.

Each local dish is a reflection of the place (for instance and Napoli-style pizza from Naples, Italy) and carries its own history.

In this sense, food isn’t just a means for sustenance but a way to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Next time you visit a place ask the locals about the history of a certain delicacy, you’d be surprised by what you learn.

9. Helps you stay healthy

In addition to the excitement and adventure that travel brings, another reason why traveling is important is its ability to lower stress levels while improving your physical and mental health.

Traveling doesn’t just mean involving visiting exotic destinations, even taking a road trip to your own country can do wonders for your well-being.

When it comes to physical health, traveling to a new place means that you’re always on the move. With new places to see, this is a great way to burn those calories while doing something fun.

But the mental health benefits of traveling are just as great. Your mind is constantly challenged when you learn new things. As you expand your horizons, it keeps your brain active.

This has proven to have long-term health benefits.

10. You know what’s important

You know what

When things get hard, you often feel like the burden of the world is on your shoulders. But we need to remember that the world is large and we are just one small part of it.

Traveling has the ability to help you realize the true value of living life to the fullest.

When you look back on your life, it’s not the material possessions that you will remember but rather the experiences you’ve had, the people you met, and the incredible places you saw during your travels.

Although wealth and success can seem like the end goal, the experiences and memories you make are just as important.

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11. You’ll see incredible places

you get to see incredible places

Our world is filled with breathtaking destinations, both natural and manmade and one can wonder if a single lifetime would be enough to see everything. St. Augustine once said that “the world is a book, those who do not travel, only read one page.”

The power of wanderlust is real and almost every place in the world has something unique to offer. Whether it’s climbing the highest mountain range or enjoying a drink on the beach, you will be inspired by the beauty of each destination.

The experience of seeing a stunning place is something that can’t be replaced by material possessions- and you’ll even get a great Instagram picture out of it.

12. You learn new languages

You learn new languages

A language is an important tool that has the ability to shape your view of the world. Even if you’re not fluent in the language of the places you visit, even learning a few local phrases can have an impact on your experience.

Certain words in languages like German and Japanese don’t even have an English translation.

Knowing how to say a few phrases in the local language is not just incredibly useful but can also give you a greater perspective on the culture.

You can even make friends with the locals and show off your language skills.

13. You appreciate your home

They say that home is where the heart is but this might not be the case if you never actually leave home. What makes your house a home is that you have somewhere to go after your time on the road.

While your return to normalcy can seem underwhelming, this is actually far from the truth.

When you come home from your travels, you’re filled with new thoughts and ideas- maybe even a whole new take on life.

This helps you see things differently in your day-to-day life and may be just the change you needed.

People that don’t have a change of scenery can often take what they have for granted. While traveling is great for exploring your wanderlust, it also helps you appreciate home.

A few final words about travel

There are a number of reasons why traveling is important. While it gives you the opportunity to unwind and see the sights, traveling also lets you immerse yourself in the local culture and learn more about the world than you could from any book.

Having the ability to use the information around you to break barriers and common misconceptions is a powerful thing.

Media and books can give you all the information you need about a place but visiting a destination and speaking with the locals is the most effective way to learn and comprehend societal issues.

Traveling gives you the ability to form decisions and opinions based on your views and is a true investment in yourself.

We hope this article on the reasons why traveling is important will inspire you to visit your bucket-list destination this year!

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