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Is it a good idea to travel to minneapolis now

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Minneapolis bob dylan mural

If you like your vacation with a side of sports, Minneapolis is home to a brand new indoor stadium that’s taking the world stage as the host of the Super Bowl in 2018, as well as the X Games for both 2017 and 2018: U.S. Bank Stadium. Catch a Vikings game or concert while you’re in town, or simply head to Medtronic Plaza for a glimpse of the behemoth structure, which is within walking distance of the historic Mill District and some beloved local institutions, like Day Block Brewing and the historic Guthrie Theater.

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Minneapolis parks minnehaha falls

Minneapolis is home to 197 green parks that serve as respites on a hot summer day and offer unique glimpses into some historic corners of the city. Gold Medal Park is one of the best places to take in Minneapolis’s vintage signs, modern architecture, and artistic charms, thanks to its sculptures and a raised, grassy observation knoll. Venture to Minnehaha Park for a break from downtown and a rushing waterfall nestled inside a sprawling green picnic area. The city’s Japanese-inspired Lyndale Park Peace Garden and Rose Garden are a favorite among locals and visitors alike, and home to the second-oldest rose garden in the U.S.



Minneapolis food

Chefs in Minneapolis are bringing the heat. Stumble upon eclectic restaurants and diverse cuisines with every meal, from classic-American indulgences like the Bloody Mary bar and brunch at famed Hell’s Kitchen, to the Midtown Global Market‘s world-class international vendors. The latter is home to Somali, Mexican, Indian, Palestinian, and Vietnamese food stalls primarily run by immigrant business owners. You can also (of course) enjoy an in-house taproom and microbrewery, Eastlake Craft Brewery, and specialty Minnesota items like honey and farm-fresh cheeses.

The People

Minneapolis people tram

It’s no secret Midwesterners are friendly, but the diversity of the friendly faces you’ll find in Minneapolis might surprise you. Home to the largest population of Somalis in America, Minneapolis boasts authentic East-African food and crafts in both the Midtown Global Market and “Little Mogadishu“—located in Cedar-Riverside. The Twin Cities also have strong European roots represented in food and festivals, thanks to the many Germans and Polish ancestors that settled here generations ago.

Minnesotans and transplants alike are likely to chat you up over a beer (a trend I welcomed, being solo in my Minneapolis travel experience). A unique mix of American-heartland traditions and new international perspectives, Minneapolis will surprise you with its eclecticism.

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Is Minneapolis Safe For Travelers?

Is Minneapolis Safe For Travelers?

Recently, things haven’t been so easy in Minnesota. This is a sensitive topic, but stay with us and you will learn the reality of the city.

Protests, riots, and looting spread around the city starting with the George Floyd homicide, followed by the COVID-19 pandemic that only worsened throughout the months.

But those are only a few factors about the whole topic because many people believe Minneapolis is also not worth visiting due to the crime issues that surround the city.

However, we are here to let you know whether is Minneapolis safe or not. But you have to keep in mind there are a lot of misconceptions about the Twin Cities.

Find out the reality behind the news:

Table of Contents

1) Is Minneapolis Safe?

Minneapolis skyline at night

First things first, is Minneapolis safe?

According to, Minneapolis has a crime rate of 57 per 1,000 inhabitants.

This numbers may be higher or lower depending on who is reading.

However, we should keep in mind Minneapolis is a metropolis. And like every big city, Minneapolis has its dangerous areas too.

Some of these dangerous neighborhoods make the city look bad in front of the nation. But the truth is that not every corner of Minneapolis is harmful.

Minneapolis residents do normal things and enjoy them like in any other part, there is no difference here.

Things like pickpocketing, assaults, getting beat up, and snatching of one’s belongings are not completely uncommon.

Those are other factors that led people to think Minneapolis is not safe.

But if you think straight, what major city in the U.S. doesn’t have this kind of issue for better or for worse?

Minneapolis is not an exception, of course, there are risks as in every big city.

But how risky is it in reality?

In this case, the Minneapolis Police Department stated that the area with the highest concentration of crime is North Minneapolis.

There is a higher chance of shooting, robbery, and crime because of the mob activities that exist there.

And even so, people still considered North Minneapolis to be a nice place to walk around, have a casual stroll, and visit the numerous shops and parks this area offers.

Other than that, other parts of the city have a medium or lower crime rate overall. So Minneapolis is not any different than the other major city across the country.

We mean, it is not like people here are always thinking about crime, seven days a week, the 24 hours. Come on, people live a normal life, with pros and cons like any other city.

Plus, you can also take a look at Viator to find good adventures in Minneapolis and enjoy the city to its fullest.

2) Plan Your Trip To Minneapolis Without Worrying About Crime

Minneapolis Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture

There are a bunch of great activities to do in Minneapolis that we can’t even count them all. The best part is that most of these places are located in safe areas.

For example, you can visit family-friendly places such as the Minneapolis Institute of Art, The Weisman Art Museum, The Walker Art Center, or The Children’s Theatre Company, among others.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more natural experience in Minneapolis, you should visit the Minnehaha Falls, The Theodore Wirth Regional Park, or Lake Harriet. You can take pictures in some of the best places in the city. Memories of visiting Minneapolis are probably worth keeping, we are sure about that.

And want to know more? The crime rate in these places is lower than the average in the city, according to ADT Crime Maps.

You see, if you wonder ‘is Minneapolis safe?’, you can see the city offers a lot of incredible cultural and natural views while you don’t have to worry about any crime issues.

But even so, here are a few useful tips that will help you avoid any bad experiences:

  • Pre-plan the journey before going to Minneapolis, this way you will know exactly where you go. Book one of these top Minneapolis hotels that are known to be in safe neighborhoods.
  • Look for the most crowded streets in case you want to take a stroll.
  • Avoid walking alone at night unless it’s completely necessary.
  • It’s always better if you have your money on your card.

Those tips can perfectly work for any other major city, not only Minneapolis.

Also, you have to know you can find good rooms on, they can also recommend the safest places to stay.

3) Is It Safe To Go Out For a Beer in Minneapolis?

Craft brew in Minneapolis

We are here to tell you Minneapolis has a lot to offer to both locals and tourists. We know the city has a bad reputation in many people’s minds, but we are here to tell you that is not the case.

Going on a night out or casually hanging out for a beer doesn’t have to be dangerous and in fact, it is not.

That is why we introduce you to one of the best parts of the city, the breweries. You can go out and take a sip in the best Minneapolis breweries, it is a common activity in the city and it represents no harm for anyone.

For example, in Boom Island Brewing, you will taste delicious brews with a Belgium style. But the best part is that this brewery is nearby a lot of shops and commercial areas to have a nice walk, all in safe areas.

Also, you can visit 612 Brew, where you will try an amazing local brew experience while you also can visit nearby spots such as the Community Commons Park and Beltrami Park. People go to these parks because they offer a quiet and peaceful experience before or after a couple of beers.

There are plenty of other Minneapolis breweries that are worth a chance. But for now, we can also add that Dangerous Man Brewing Company has everyone in the city begging for their chocolate milk stout and the peanut butter porter.

Very close to this brewery lies the Mississippi River, where you can go with your friends and family to take beautiful pictures. Naturally, people would prefer family-friendly spots like this one to have a nice day in Minnesota, and it is even better if you can enjoy the moment with a fine local brew.

Is Minneapolis safe? All of these places are protected and you will enjoy it, so yes!

There are also bars in Minneapolis that are worth the try. Enjoy and have some beer with your family and friends.

Now that we are talking about beers, see the 12 Best Breweries in Minneapolis (Ranked).

Also, we all know airports can be annoying, noisy, and crowded. If you want to avoid all of those things, sign up for Priority Pass and get VIP access whenever you travel to any part of the world.

4) Should I contact a Travel Agency in Minneapolis to be safer?

Minneapolis skyline, daytime

When it comes to visiting the best places in any city, what’s better than a travel agency for that job?

After all, the travel agencies know the area by heart and they can guide you to the safest spots. This is the case not only in Minneapolis but in any city.

Many people plan their trip all alone, and that’s ok. But if you want to experience a better time in Minneapolis, there are good travel agencies that can do that job.

Regarding travel agency Minneapolis, there are good options for you to boost up your journey in the city, and of course, avoid dangerous places.

For example, the 5-star travel agency Knowmad Adventures can take you to the best spots in Minneapolis. You can expect to visit nice areas, take walking tours, go to the most famous places in Minneapolis, and have more family-friendly spots.

Another nice option is New Departures, which is another popular 5-star rated travel agency in Minneapolis that will help you move around the city.

But there’s more because you can also opt for VIAKU, another great travel agency in Minneapolis that can lead you not only to the safest spots but the best places in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is indeed safe and not a threat to visitors, as we say, every major city has crime and insecurity problems. You just have to enjoy your trip to Minneapolis and follow our advice.

Just live it up.

Also, it is worth mentioning you can travel around the world with these travel agencies we just brought up. So not only do they guide you through Minneapolis, but also internationally!

If you are loving this article, you must see this one as well, about the 13 Best Day Trips from Minneapolis.

Moreover, to find the best flights, hotels, and packages in Minneapolis, you can always check out Kayak. Go get the best plane tickets from all around the world with just one click.

5) What Hotels in Minneapolis are in Safe Areas?

Historic building Minneapolis

Although there are not really a lot of dangerous areas in Minneapolis, you might still wonder for hotels in nice areas.

We are here to recommend to you good options for your stay. Also, these are historic hotels in Minneapolis, which will make your experience even better.

One of them is the Hotel Emery, which is well-known for being located in the historic Midland Bank in downtown Minneapolis, and for its glamorous decoration.

Visitors usually target Emery because it is nearby to many other nice places such as the Mall of America, a beautiful green park called “The Commons”, and many shops where families go to enjoy a nice day in the city. No worries about crime whatsoever.

Also, whenever you go to Minneapolis the Hotel Ivy is a must-try. This historic hotel is a Minneapolis landmark itself because is located in the 302-foot tall Ivy Tower, the tallest building in the area known as the five states (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin).

With beautiful decoration and fancy ornaments all around the place, the Hotel Ivy is nearby to a bunch of places to visit in Minneapolis such as restaurants, parks, spas, and many other nice places where families go to spend their day without worrying about the safety of the city.

Furthermore, we also have to include the Renaissance Hotel. We won’t lie to you, this is one of the most beautiful hotels in the United States.

The Renaissance is a historic building in the heart of the city, conveniently located near Minneapolis’s main attractions such as no other than the Mississippi River, so you can have a casual stroll along the river and get back to your room at any time.

The Renaissance is also closed to the Mill City Museum, the Gutherie Theatre, the Mill Ruins Park, and the Gold Medal Park. All of these places are frequented by people because they are beautiful and located in a safe zone.

You can also find great rooms and hotels on Airbnb whenever you visit Minneapolis.

You have so many options that it is not going to be a problem to find your stay in Minneapolis, especially in the best areas.

6) What Are The Best Things To Do in Minneapolis This Weekend?

Boats in a lake in Minneapolis

This weekend and like any other day, you can enjoy Minneapolis. Just go out, visit the best places, have fun, and that’s it. One of the things we still get asked is ‘is Minneapolis safe?’

We always respond ‘absolutely’.

Minneapolis is not what the news says, people enjoy their weekends as normal people do, and there are plenty of activities to do here.

For example, you can go to breweries, join walking tours, wander around the Mississippi River, visit theatres, go to natural parks, or see historic places.

If you plan ahead of your trip, avoid walking alone at night in solitary streets, and get in touch with travel agencies that guide you to the best and safest areas, you will not encounter any dangerous situations.

Now take a look at some of the best things to do in Minneapolis this weekend.

In the brewery tours, you will taste the best craft beers in town while visiting several places and diving into the exquisite Minneapolis brew.

On the other hand, the walking tours are always a great option to discover the history of Minneapolis, the most popular places and get a first-hand view of the city as you stroll and make friends in the process.

Besides that, you can go on historical tours, go to the garden, and will the amazing things Minneapolis offers.

Furthermore, if you are a sports junkie you can go to Twins, Vikings, Wild, or Wolves games. Minneapolis has a team or organization for every major sports league, so this city is a paradise for sports lovers.

Please, never wonder again whether is Minneapolis safe or not, because safety in all of these activities is guaranteed. Just enjoy the city.

If you want to know more about this topic, you should check out the Top 10 Things to do in Minneapolis (Ranked!).

Also, for all of you travelers who enjoy visiting new exciting places, you have to know GetYourGuide has excellent offers to go anywhere in the world. You should check them out as well.

7) What Are The Best Things To Do in Minneapolis in Winter?

Man walking alone on a harsh snowy day in Minneapolis

We all know that Minneapolis can get really cold, to the point of below freezing.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. So discover here the best things to do in Minneapolis in winter.

And also, winter is a safe season to do activities, Minneapolis also offers beautiful snowy views. Take your time to explore the city without hesitation, because the city is very safe in winter as well.

First, you can do winter sports such as ice skating, snowshoeing, fishing, ice climbing, and even set a bonfire to spend the afternoon with your friends and beloved ones.

Also, you can visit museums, play bowling, go to become one with nature, and of course, drink some Minneapolis breweries!

You can check out these activities and more in the Minneapolis tourist guide, and travel agencies we mentioned earlier.

Minneapolis offers a lot of fun during winter, some even say the city is even better when is all covered in white. You don’t have to worry about whether is Minneapolis safe or should I avoid visiting it.

Minneapolis is a great city with plenty of things to do. Give it a chance!

Also, in ViaTravelers we have a complete series about Minneapolis and why you have to visit it.

Make sure you take a look at those articles to find out the best things to do in Minneapolis in winter, the best Minneapolis breweries, more historic hotels in Minneapolis, and the travel agency in Minneapolis that best fits you.

Date Ideas in Minneapolis Minnesota: 48 Romantic Things to do for Couples!

Date Ideas in Minneapolis Minnesota: 48 Romantic Things to do for Couples!

Whether this is a first date and you are trying to impress that special someone or you are planning a romantic getaway, we have thought of it all! You want it to be a place where you can connect while at the same time having fun.

Going to dinner and a movie is okay – but just okay is never going to win over the love of your life! So if you are looking for something that is a bit more out-of-the-box, then you are going to LOVE these awesome romantic things to do in Minneapolis for couples.

Some of the best Minneapolis date ideas right here! Perfect for a fun couples weekend!

Date Ideas in Minneapolis Minnesota: 48 Romantic Things to do for Couples!

Cheap Fun Date Ideas

Day Block Brewing Company. If you love beer, pizza, live music, and daily happy hour specials, then this is the place for you! Day Block Brewing Company is located in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis. This place has a rustic feel that can’t be beat. Their food is always cooked fresh with ingredients provided by local farmers. They also have weekly live band performances for your enjoyment. So, if you want to win your date over, you can sign up to perform! Enjoy an affordable and unique date night with the best beer brewed right in the basement of the restaurant, the freshest pizza and more!

Broders Pasta Bar. This cozy, family-owned Italian restaurant is perfect for couples! Broders sits in a snug corner in the Southeast area of Minneapolis. The offer fresh hand made pasta, herbs from their parking lot garden, and delicious wine! If you are looking for authentic Italian food, this is the place to be!

331Club. Live music, cheap drinks, great food, games and more is what you can expect from this local neighborhood bar. This place also offers outdoor patio seating as well! The 331Club is always a vibe for a good time and perfect for a fun date night on a budget!

Lego Store Mall of America. You and your date can bring out your inner child at the largest Lego store in America! This place offers daily discounts and deals for those who want to build a little. The Lego Store Mall of America is great for unwinding and bringing back those nostalgic childhood memories. Don’t tell anyone, but most tickets are bought by adults for adults. Enjoy!

Up-Down Arcade. This bar has over 50 arcade games and pinball machines. They also offer an extensive brewery list and fresh pizza made by the slice. Daily deals and happy hours, which is always a plus, and the opportunity to see if your date has what it takes to beat their classic 80’s and 90’s games.

St. Paul Saints. Grab a catcher’s mitt and a few dollar bills and head on down to enjoy “Thirsty Thursdays” at the St. Paul Saints stadium for $1 beers and a baseball game. Lose your voice for cheering for the home team and maybe you and your date will be shown on the big screen.

Color Me Mine. I know COVID is trying to have its way with our love life, but Color Me Mine has got you covered. You can go inside and paint pottery or order the materials online and enjoy a romantic painting date night at home. They have weekly painting deals when you visit the gallery and even let you rent out a room if needed. One of the most creative date ideas in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Date Ideas

Romantic Dates & Date Night Ideas

Lyndale Park Rose Garden. What is more romantic than walking through a park full of roses? Don’t forget to stop and smell them too.(no pun intended). Lyndale Park Rose Garden has a variety of roses from all over and sculptures to enjoy while on the move. Plenty of opportunity to take some selfies, and even find a near by café to rest your feet.

Cooks of Crocus Hill. Instead of burning your kitchen down, just go to Cooks of Crocus Hill and get some cooking lessons with your date. They offer exclusive cooking classes for your date night. Now you don’t have to pretend you know how to cook, you can learn as a couple!

Anda Spa. Go and get the stress from your work week massaged away at this romantic, luxurious spa. Perfect for couples to unwind together and enjoy a quality skin and body care treatment fit for royalty without bringing your crowns.

Or have a staycation. There’s so many great places for a staycation in Minnesota. Why not add a hotel with hot tub in Minnesota to increase the romance.

Spoon and Stable. Once a horse stable, now restaurant is the ideal place for a romantic dinner at this restaurant that specializes in French cuisine. If you want to make your date extra special, private dining options are also available. And hey if you still didn’t learn how to cook yet from the previous suggestion, the chef has virtual cooking classes you and your date can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Outdoor and Rooftop Movie. Located at Minnesota and St. Paul, grab your favorite blanket, bug spray and cuddle up with your date this summer for a romantic, relaxing and fun movie date on the rooftop. Shows range from old school classics to up to date titles.

Paradise Charter Cruises. Drift off to the open lakes and tour Lake Minnetonka on this romantic boat cruise. After you get a tour of all the beautiful lake has to offer, finish the night off at the local brewery and have a draft or two, or three or four.


Image credit: Spoon and Stable

Casual Dates in Minneapolis

Bryant-Lake Bowl Theatre. This down home bar has everything a casual date night needs. Complete with a bowling alley and theatre makes this the most memorable date night ever. You can order food and drinks while in the theatre and if you think you have the skills to pay the bills, challenge your date to a friendly game of bowling. The theatre has weekly shows and Bryant-Lake has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives as an added bonus for credentials.

Midtown Global Market. If you are looking for food, arts and crafts, and even some dance lessons, then this is where you need to be. Midtown Global Market is a public market with over 45 different business, restaurants, clothing and more; from cultures from all over the world. Interact with the business owners there and take a salsa class or participate in some of their food-demo lessons.

Can Can Wonderland. Located in the downtown art district of Minneapolis, once Americans canning company now Can Can Wonderland is great a spot for a casual date night. Can Can Wonderland offers mini golf, arcade games, live shows, and delicious food. For just $10 per person you can enjoy unlimited arcade game play during your time there. Some of the proceeds go to the artist in the community who contributed to the murals that decorate the large walls and high ceilings.

Minnetonka Orchards. Picking apples and drinking warm apple cider is all the craze at the orchard. And if you love animals, you can also visit their on-site petting zoo! Pet a llama, pick some apples, propose; you know just something to think about.

Vali-Hi Drive-In Movie Theatre. If you love the old school vibe, then take a ride to the Vali-Hi Drive-In. Located just a few miles outside of Minneapolis, this drive-in is sure to add a spark to the date and maybe you can sneak in a kiss or two.

Irish Fair. You don’t have to have the luck of the Irish to enjoy this weekend of fun and entertainment in downtown St. Paul in Minneapolis. This fair is for one weekend only in August, so you must catch it while you can. Be sure to wear green and take your pot of gold.

Segway Tour. Plain jane and corny right? Actually you’d be surprised at how fun a Segway date can be. Take a tour on a Segway through Minneapolis at Minnesota and St. Paul. Cruise around, just don’t fall.

Bad Axe Throwing. Throw and axe, just not at your date. This place is bringing back the traditional Canadian art of axe throwing. They also started serving beer and wine. Not sure if axe throwing and having a buzz is a good idea. Just close one eye and throw.

Yoga at the Brewery. There’s a lot of drinking going on in Minneapolis, so its only fitting to be able to drink and work those calories off by doing a little Yoga to counteract all the hops. Select Brewery offers Yoga and brew with classes from an expert Yoga instructor for all levels. Downward dog then down a brew.

Bowlero. Bowling is a theme for Minneapolis. And it’s because they’ve got some of the best bowling alleys. Not only does Bowlero have bowling, they also have arcade games, billiards, and laser tag. You have options of activities and you won’t get bored on your date night. If you can’t make it for an in person visit, you two can play Bowlero on your mobile phone and win cash prizes and exclusive discounts.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Festivals are the epitome of Minnesota. This festival has been active since 1976 and has all types of festivities. Play games, watch live performances, and eat a ginormous turkey leg in this 22 acre field on your date. Don’t leave without picking up a one-of-a-kind glass blown souvenir.


Unique Date Ideas

Wabash Street Caves. Do you enjoy cave exploration, while learning how the early 1900 gangsters moved around? Wabash Street Caves has all of that plus more! This is a truly unique and “gangster” date night experience. Wabash Street Caves offers tours of the caves, a restaurant, and even dance lessons during specific days of the week. For private groups Wabash Street Caves offers a Murder Mystery called “Tommy Gun Trouble”, where the actors interact with the group to get you to solve the murder mystery. Wabash Street Caves also offers their hall to be rented to give your party a unique and unforgettable partying experience. You never know your date could turn into a wedding.

The Café Meow. If you or your date have a soft spot for cuddly felines, then The Café Meow is the ideal place. Minneapolis’ first and only cat café has two separate sections; one for coffee and food, and the other section is the cat lounge. The cats are from the local rescue center and are available for adoption at the cafe. If you love cats and coffee, then this is the purrfect spot for a date! You might even leave with an extra fuzzy friend.

Running Aces. Come and enjoy the sound of bright lights, rolling dice, horses and more at the Running Aces Casino Hotel and Racetrack. You can win money for dinner, or end the date with a night cap in a suite in the hotel located upstairs at the casino. If you two get hungry, you can try the Trout Air experience where you can show off your fishing skills and catch you and your dates dinner.

Centennial Lake Park. Enjoy a romantic and cozy date night at this beautiful park. Spin around the parks 10 acre ice rink(during the winter months) and then go cuddle up with your date to stay warm at the Hughes Pavilion with some refreshments and hot coco. When the weather is warmer take a stroll at the park and check out some of the other attractions they have to offer; baseball stadium, brewing companies and more.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms. If you’re claustrophobic, then this may not be the ideal place for you to go. Trapped Puzzle Rooms is located in the warehouse district of Minneapolis, full of puzzles and games. The rooms are bound to get you lost, and hopefully you don’t lose your date in the process. Some of the featured rooms are the “Super Heroic Loop” and the “Diagonal Loop”. Go and get lost, but don’t forget your way back home.

Upstairs Circus. Now this unique fun-filled space is good to get your brain activity flowing and fuzzy with DIY projects and cocktails. Upstairs Circus has jewelry making, leather working and art and design projects to enjoy while out on the town with your date. Now whether your projects turn out lopsided because of the cocktails is another story.

Bentleyville Tour of Lights. Have you been naughty or nice? Either way you and your date can enjoy Minneapolis’ annual Bentleyville Tour of Lights. Start planning your Christmas outings early and check out this amazing light show! There is also a “Cookie House” on site for those who want to enjoy some cookies and hot cider.

Real Ghost Tour. Are you fascinated with the supernatural? Check out Real Ghost Tour in St. Anthony Main neighborhood. Real ghost stories and maybe a ghost or two will definitely make this date night one to remember.

Hexagon Bar. Games, food, and live music; what a combo! There is something about live music that makes eating and drinking more enjoyable. This family-owned business has been serving drinks and music since 1934. Stumble out arm in arm after a fun night at the Hexagon.

Reveal Rooftop Bar. Tapas, cocktails, and beer. All while enjoying the scenery of Minneapolis on the rooftop. Couples are in for a treat with at this classy and chic bar located in the Blackstone district. For the grown and sexy date nights, you two are sure to have ball!


Free Dates

Northern Clay Center. There is something romantic about clay dates. You and your partner staring into one another’s pots, clay and water splashing everywhere. Looking over at your date and their face is covered in clay. Northern Clay Center has an art gallery, art exhibits and art classes for all levels(even if you only deal with playdough). The best part is that coming to view the art gallery is completely FREE except for their annual fundraiser. They offer studio space and grants for artists and make sure to recognize the people who contribute to keeping the art in the community alive.

Stone Arch Bridge. Grab your date by the hand and go for a peaceful walk at the Stone Arch Bridge. You can go to their website to plan your walk, or if bike riding is your thing, they offer that as well. This park gives you a 360-degree view of St. Anthony Falls and was recognized as Minneapolis’ National Civil Engineering Landmark. Go and get your walk on.

ACME Comedy Company. They say to get someone to fall in love with you, make them laugh. So if you aren’t a comedian, go on a date and let the comedians crack the jokes. Make sure you check the site before visiting to find the dates where they offer free comedy shows.

Minneapolis Farmers Market. Take a walk through the fruitful and produce filled farmers market. No need to buy if you don’t want too. Hold hands and check out everything the farmers have to offer.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. What’s better than free? I’ll tell you, a free tour at a sculpture garden. Take a romantic walk around the sculpture garden and see what the artists of Minneapolis has to offer.

Walker at the Green. Downtown Minneapolis has a new mini golf course and art museum all rolled into one. You get to have both experiences in one date! For first time members you get to enjoy a free 9-hole round and as a gift to all guests, admission to the art museum is free too!

Town Green at Maple Grove. Free music and cuddle time with a blanket in the grass is a perfect combo for date night. Summertime can’t get any better than that! Check out the website for schedules of the live performances.


Adventure and Outdoor Dates

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Minnesota has something for everyone, even the green thumbers! The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is perfect for those who love plants, flowers, and all things nature. Started by the University of Minnesota’s Horticultural Center in 1958 with over 1,000 acres of space, the arboretum has exhibits, hiking, and even a picnic area!

The landscape is filled with trails, gardens, woods, and tree collections. They even offer classes for those who may not be a good plant parent; not saying you kill plants or anything. The arboretum is open year around but the peak times to visit is in the spring and summer months.

Vertical Endeavors. If you want to show off your climbing skills, then Vertical Endeavors can help. This park is one of the largest indoor climbing facilities in the nation! They offer obstacles for all skill levels; beginners, experts, and even the clumsy climbers. You can also go online and check out the virtual tour to prepare yourself before you decide to possibly be embarrassed in front of your date.

Science Museum of Minnesota. Calling all nerds, calling all nerds! Being a nerd is super cool, especially when going to the Science Museum of Minnesota. Founded in 1907, this beautiful, scientific place is located by the bank of the Mississippi river in St. Paul. With over 30,000 square feet of exhibits, this place is sure to bring out the inner geek in anyone. Filled with an Omnitheatre and Volcanoes! Now who doesn’t love a little lava right? The perfect first date idea!

Minnehaha Falls Regional Park. Waterfalls, trails, a sandy beach and even a restaurant are all included at the Minnehaha Falls Regional Park. Enjoy descending a staircase and kissing under the beautiful waterfall. Keep on kissing after a lovely meal at the Sea Salt Eatery. If you learned how to cook from the other date night suggestions, then you can utilize the parks pavilion and use their tables and grill and have a romantic picnic.

Twin Cities Paddling. Get your legs warmed up and go for a paddle at the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes. Let the water guide you and make sure your date can swim (just in case).

Bunker Park Stable. Grab your spurs and ride some stallions at the Bunker Park and Stable. Enjoy a thrilling horseback ride down a beautiful Minneapolis trial or if riding isn’t your thing, you can go for a fun wagon ride instead.

Nickelodeon Universe. Kids aren’t the only ones who like to have fun. The Mall of America has opened Nickelodeon Universe where adults can enjoy themselves too! Make sure you call to reserve your tickets since COVID is trying to stay around longer than we would like. You get to experience all the fun this theme park has to offer. Check out the site for special deals and discounts.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. Who doesn’t love to fall in a safe space and not get laughed at? Falling and jumping is accepted here. Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park has so many obstacle courses, walls to climb, and places to let loose for your date night. You can bounce around a little and get thrown in a sea of foam blocks. Let your hair down (if you have hair) and have fun!




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