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Taxi Palma de Mallorca airport – should I book online?


When you book your taxi from Palma airport beforehand, you get many advantages. One of the biggest pros why I favour booking an airport transfer in advance is that you always get an English speaking driver, who will make your life a lot easier. You don’t need to figure out if the taxi is on a meter, will they try any funny business, will the meter actually start from zero and will the driver drive you through the most scenic and also costly route to get you to your Palma hotel. As the private taxi Palma services are booked and paid online in advance, the driver has no reason to try and exploit you, the visitor. You will ride comfortably, often you are offered bottled water on arrival, the driver will help you with your luggage and if your flight is arriving late, they will know about it and hold a sign up on your arrival. With online-booked taxi Palma services you an also ask for baby seats or booster seats, that you won’t find from the Palma airport’s regular taxi rank.


Taxi Palma de Mallorca airport: regular taxi fares


If you decide not to book an airport transfer taxi to Palma online, you should queue to grab a regular taxi from the taxi rank outside the terminal building. You can find it at the terminal’s floor 0, just outside the arrivals hall. When taking a regular taxi in Mallorca, you should always ask for a receipt and hold on to it, in case you ever want to make a complaint. The drivers should be licensed by the City Council of Palma de Mallorca. The driver will charge you extra for each piece of luggage. You can find more information on the extra fees in the Mallorca Taxi Prices table below.


TimesFare starts fromMinimum farePrice per kmWaiting time
21pm-06am and
Sat & holidays 3pm onwards

Extra fare itemPrice
Trips originating or ending at the airport2.90€
Trips originating or ending at the port2.90€
Radio phone1.05€
Each extra suitcase or luggage item0.60€

Uber Mallorca: is there Uber in Palma or Magaluf?


In another article, I wrote about Uber in Spain and Madrid in particular. Madrid is an exception to the Spain-wide Uber ban, although they are only allowed to use the luxury UberX type of cars. Unfortunately, there is no Uber in Mallorca. So you won’t be able to hop off your flight, pull out your phone and book a ride via the Uber app.

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Do Palma taxis have baby seats or booster seats?


If you are travelling with children, you may need to book a taxi online, as regular taxis won’t usually offer them. Usually there is no extra cost to request a baby seat.

When booking a taxi to Palma from the airport, what information do I give?


You will only need to inform the taxi company of your actual arrival time of your flight and your flight number. This way the driver can check if your flight has been delayed. You don’t need to add the waiting time for your luggage, this will automatically be taken into account by the taxi Palma driver.

Can I book a taxi to Palma from the airport if we are arriving on different flights?

If you and your friends are arriving on different flights, you only need to give the arrival time of the last flight. Just remember to give the taxi company all flight numbers. This way the driver can check if any of the flights have been delayed.

I need to pick up the house keys, before driving to the final destination. Is this possible?


Sure, this is usually possible, especially if you book a private taxi from the Palma airport. In this case, you should tell this in advance, in the “comments” field, when making the taxi Palma booking online.


Do I get a confirmation from the Mallorca taxi company?


Yes, you will receive a confirmation email, once your booking has been processed and is confirmed. If you don’t receive your taxi Palma confirmation email, check your email’s spam folder, as these folders love to swallow all of the important information when you least expect it.

Where will I meet the Palma taxi driver, once I’m in Mallorca?

The drivers are waiting for you in the arrivals hall. Look out for a sign with your name on. It’s a good idea to save a phone number from your taxi Palma confirmation email onto your phone, so you can call the driver, if you can’t find one another. You can download this free wifi finder app, in case the airport’s wifi is not working properly. This handy app will give you passwords for the wifi networks of businesses, like cafes, restaurants and cinemas. Just remember to type “Mallorca” in your app while you are connected in wifi before your flight, so the finder also works offline.


My flight to Palma has been cancelled. What do I do about my Palma taxi booking?


If your flight has been cancelled, many Mallorca taxi companies act pro-actively and contact you about your situation. If you have been transferred to another flight, you just need to give your new flight number to the Mallorca taxi company. If you are not flying to Mallorca after all, you should ask for a refund free of charge.


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