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## Glow Face Analog Skydiving Altimeter: An In-Depth Guide


Skydiving is an exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping activity that requires precise altitude readings to ensure safety. One essential tool for skydivers is the altimeter, which measures the height above the ground. Among the different types of altimeters available, glow face analog skydiving altimeters stand out for their unique features and reliable performance. In this article, we will delve into the details of glow face analog skydiving altimeters, exploring their workings, advantages, and maintenance requirements.

What is a Glow Face Analog Skydiving Altimeter?

A glow face analog skydiving altimeter is a device used by skydivers to measure their altitude during a jump. It is a mechanical instrument that displays the altitude in feet or meters on a dial with a moving pointer. The special feature of a glow face analog altimeter is the self-illuminating dial, which allows for easy visibility in low-light conditions. This is achieved using a small amount of radioactive material, such as tritium, which emits light without requiring an external power source.

How a Glow Face Analog Skydiving Altimeter Works

The inner workings of a glow face analog skydiving altimeter are based on the principle of barometry. Inside the device is a sealed, airtight chamber connected to the outside air through a small hole or port. As the skydiver ascends, the atmospheric pressure decreases, causing the volume of the chamber to expand. This expansion is transmitted through mechanical linkages to the pointer on the dial, resulting in an altitude reading.

Advantages of Glow Face Analog Skydiving Altimeters

Glow face analog skydiving altimeters offer several advantages over other types of altimeters:

Reliability: Mechanical analog devices are known for their durability and reliability, making them suitable for the harsh conditions of skydiving.
Simplicity: The design of analog altimeters is straightforward, with fewer moving parts compared to digital ones, reducing the risk of malfunction.
Responsiveness: Analog altimeters provide immediate altitude readings as soon as the atmospheric pressure changes.
Versatility: Glow face analog altimeters are compatible with various skydiving equipment configurations and can be mounted on helmets or wrists.
Visibility: The self-illuminating dial enables easy reading in all lighting conditions, including at night or during overcast skies.

Maintenance Requirements

To ensure optimal performance and accuracy, glow face analog skydiving altimeters require regular maintenance:

Calibration: Altimeters should be calibrated periodically to compensate for altitude changes and ensure accurate readings.
Inspection: Visual inspections should be conducted before each use to check for any damage or wear.
Cleaning: The altimeter should be cleaned using mild soap and water to remove dirt or debris that may affect its operation.
Avoidance of Extreme Conditions: Altimeters should be protected from extreme temperatures, shocks, and moisture to prevent damage.
Proper Storage: When not in use, altimeters should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Glow face analog skydiving altimeters are essential safety devices for skydivers, providing reliable altitude readings in challenging conditions. Their combination of durability, simplicity, and visibility makes them a preferred choice among experienced skydivers. Regular maintenance and proper handling are crucial for ensuring the accuracy and longevity of these valuable instruments.

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