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## What is a Skydiving Line Routing Card?

A skydiving line routing card is a graphical representation of the flight path that skydivers will take during a jump. It includes all of the important information that jumpers need to know, such as the drop zone, the altitude of the jump, the direction of the wind, and the distance to the landing area.

Line routing cards are typically created using a computer program, but they can also be drawn by hand. They are usually printed on a waterproof card so that they can be used in all weather conditions.

## Information on a Line Routing Card

The following information is typically included on a line routing card:

### Drop Zone Details

– Drop Zone Name: The name of the drop zone where the jump will take place.
– Coordinates: The geographic coordinates of the drop zone.
– Elevation: The altitude of the drop zone above sea level.

### Jump Details

– Jump Altitude: The altitude of the aircraft from which the jump will be made.
– Wind Direction: The direction of the wind at the jump altitude.
– Wind Speed: The speed of the wind at the jump altitude.
– Jump Heading: The direction that the aircraft will be flying when the jump is made.
– Exit Point: The location where the jumpers will exit the aircraft.
– Landing Area: The area where the jumpers are expected to land.

### Other Information

– Safety Instructions: A list of safety instructions that jumpers must follow.
– Emergency Procedures: A list of emergency procedures that jumpers must follow in the event of an emergency.
– Contact Information: A list of contact information for the drop zone and the jump organizers.

## Using a Line Routing Card

Line routing cards are an essential tool for skydiving. They help jumpers to plan their jumps and to stay on track during the flight. Jumpers should always review the line routing card before making a jump and should follow the instructions carefully.

## Example of a Line Routing Card

The following is an example of a line routing card for a skydiving jump:

Drop Zone Details

Name: Skydive Chicago
Coordinates: 41.9333° N, 88.0500° W
Elevation: 750 feet

Jump Details

Jump Altitude: 10,000 feet
Wind Direction: 270 degrees
Wind Speed: 10 knots
Jump Heading: 090 degrees
Exit Point: 5 miles from the drop zone
Landing Area: The field next to the drop zone

Other Information

Safety Instructions:
– Always wear a helmet and goggles.
– Check your equipment carefully before each jump.
– Stay within the designated jump area.
– Follow the instructions of the jump master.

Emergency Procedures:
– In the event of an emergency, pull your ripcord immediately.
– If you are unable to pull your ripcord, follow the emergency procedures in your training manual.

Contact Information:
– Drop Zone: (847) 642-0070
– Jump Organizers: (847) 642-0071

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