The Type of Person That Skydives

What type of person skydives? At first glance, the different people who skydive may not seem to have much in common. If you head to the dropzone on any given Saturday, aside from the pleasant buzz of a busy operation, you’ll notice something else: a diverse array of skydiving clientele.

Skydiving attracts people from all walks of life, ages, and professions. Entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, 18-year-olds brimming with newfound independence, middle-aged moms, and life-wizened elders, skydiving calls to them all. What’s the common thread that unites them? It’s not so much about what they have and what they do. Rather, it’s about the type of person they are. So, what does it say about you if you want to try tandem skydiving?

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You Are Willing To Face Your Fears

Contrary to popular belief, people who skydive are not fearless. Skydiving isn’t about eradicating fear, but rather, it is about acknowledging your fear and facing it anyhow. The type of person who skydives is able to draw strength from within in order to overcome a challenge.

Too many people shy away from making changes that could bring them true happiness because of a risk because of “what ifs.” If you can skydive and face your fears, you can utilize this self-actualization elsewhere. What skydiving says about you? It says you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

You Are Excited About Life

It’s far too easy to get lulled into complacency by the hum of the mundane. Just think about it? When was the last time you felt excited? People who skydive look to find new and creative ways to invigorate their lives.

People who skydive aren’t daredevils with a “death wish,” they are often regular, everyday folks with a wish to live their lives to the fullest. What does skydiving say about you? It says you want to make the most of your life with the time you have been given.

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You Like To Try New Things

Doing the same thing day in and day out gets old for the type of person who skydives. Those that are interested in trying tandem skydiving yearn to add the spice of variety to their lives. This is why skydiving draws its fair share of neophiles, or more simply put, the people who skydive love to try new things.

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Trying new things is an opportunity to discover fresh possibilities. Trying tandem skydiving may open the door to an exciting new hobby. Who knows? Getting your skydiving license may soon be on your horizon.

You Value Experiences

Some people place a heavy emphasis on accruing “things.” The result is an ever-growing mountain of stuff filling their houses and cluttering their lives. The type of person who skydives seeks to amass experiences. In all honesty, the type of person who skydives has tapped into a deeper truth: experiences bring a degree of satisfaction that a material item will never be able to match. Real happiness resides in memories, not in material goods.

What about you, dear reader? Are you the type of person to give tandem skydiving a try? We can’t wait to show you our office in the clouds. Give us a call for more information or schedule your first skydive today!

Skydiving Experience Description

Detailed Skydiving Experience Description (From beginning to End)

Thinking about finally booking that skydive? Most people have lots of questions about skydiving and what to expect from the experience. What is Tandem Skydiving exactly and what does skydiving feel like? We offer a detailed tandem skydiving description from start to finish below:

skydiving experience description first skydive

First, Book Your Tandem Skydive

Once you book your skydive and confirm the date, your brain will switch into anxiety overdrive. This new challenge is a great way to push your boundaries and check off an important bucket list item. The majority of people choose a tandem skydive for their first jump. A tandem means you will be securely attached to a tandem instructor who will be in charge and focused on your safety and security from start to finish.

The Paperwork

The first thing you will encounter at the drop zone is lots and lots of paperwork. You will be required to sign on the bottom line about the safety procedures and risks involved in skydiving. Skydiving is an extreme sport, and things can go wrong. Statistically, you are safe, but the legalities are handled first.

From check-in, you will proceed to classroom instruction. This is a reasonably short twenty-minute class to give you details of what to expect on your tandem skydive. These details will include safety guidelines to prepare for exiting the plane and remembering to lift your legs up for landing.

Meet Your Tandem Instructor

Next, you will be paired with the UPSA certified tandem instructor who is solely in charge of your safety and security from this moment until you land back on the ground. Though most of these folks are fun and entertaining, they are highly experienced professionals. All kidding aside you are putting your life in their hands, and they take this responsibility seriously.

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Gear Up

The energy in the room will start ramping up when it is time to be fitted for your harness and safety gear. Every new tandem student is nervous and right now is an excellent time to remember this experience is all about you. There will be a buzz of tension and excitement in the group, and your tandem instructor will be making sure you understand each step and the safety involved.

You may feel like you are talking too much or asking too many questions, but your instructor has witnessed every kind of nervous energy, and he or she has your back! You can never ask too many questions so be curious and learn everything you can about what lies ahead.

Hurry Up and Wait

Skydiving is ruled by the weather. All that energy and excitement may be put on hold if the weather is not perfect for a tandem jump. Pack your patience and be prepared to wait. Practice taking deep breaths, keep yourself centered and calm.

All the waiting is for your ultimate safety, and no one is trying to ruin your day. Once you have the all-clear, your instructor will get you lined up and ready to board the airplane. If you opted to pay for video and pictures , this is where you will be interviewed as your group loads into the plane.

The Flight Up

The plane ride to altitude at Skydive California takes about fifteen minutes. You will be jumping from 13,000 feet, and during that climb, your tandem instructor and videographer will keep you talking to distract from your nerves. The banter and joking are there to help your mojo and take your mind off the next big step.

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Open Door and Wide Open Skies

Your plane will level off when it reaches altitude. When the door opens, it will be loud. By now you and your tandem instructor are reaching the point of complete trust, and everything is moving fast in your mind. You will be reminded of how to approach the exit, and your tandem instructor is the voice of reason and courage as you move to the open doorway.

Make that Leap

This is it! From the first second you dreamed about skydiving this is the exact moment you will know how it feels to skydive. You will be hyper-aware of the loud noise, and the vast open sky in front of you. The horizon line has a whole new perspective.

Your instructor is securely attached to you and will count down to the leap. The adrenaline rush and noise will make everything seem surreal. Take a deep breath as you exit the plane and scream if you want!

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first skydive skydive california cost to skydive

You will be in freefall for up to sixty seconds, and this will either be the shortest or longest minute of your life. You will be flying at about 120 miles per hour, but you won’t have any way to gauge how that relates to the earth below you.

Your videographer will be flying somewhere near and will be filming the massive grin on your face. Try to breathe as your mind grapples with the sensory overload of skydiving. Life just got real and staying entirely in the moment is what this whole challenge is about.

Under The Canopy

As your instructor signals that the canopy is about to open you may feel a jolt as the chute pulls you out of freefall. Your ears may pop but all of the brief discomforts are over in an instant, and you will spend between five and seven minutes of quiet time floating back to the ground.

You will be able to enjoy the views and the calm after the intense rush of freefall. Many people comment about the connected mind/ body experience of skydiving. It can be very Zen up there in the sky.

Skydiving Landing

Your tandem instructor may steer your canopy through a few spirals and turns as you approach the ground. You will be reminded to prepare to land by bringing your feet up and your knees into your chest. Your instructor may opt to come in for a seated skid landing so do your part and get your feet and legs out of the way!

skydiving experience description outdoor skydiving

If you think you had an adrenaline rush when you jumped out of the airplane, it is nothing to the overwhelming happiness of finally knowing how it feels to skydive! Everyone around you is in celebration mode as your instructor unhooks the harness.

Your videographer will be moving around you and asking questions. Your mind will be busy trying to make sense of the whole mind-blowing experience. Skydiving can change how you feel about yourself! Let the celebrations begin because you can accomplish anything!

Skydiving After Effect

There are a lot of words to describe skydiving. Awesome, mind-blowing, and life-changing are just a few. What does skydiving feel like? The ONLY way to know is to book your tandem skydive t oday!

We look forward to seeing your smiling face and celebrating your success at Skydive California.




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