4 Foolproof Tips To Look Good In Your Skydiving Video

Heck–this isn’t even vanity ! The photos and video from your tandem skydiving experience are going to have a serious moment in the social limelight, so you’ll certainly want to put your best foot forward when you share them and work that video for all it’s worth (which is, coincidentally, a lot ). Luckily, looking great in a skydiving video isn’t the impossible task that it seems. With a little coaching, anyone can look awesome popping ecstatically out an airplane and pirouetting around in the wild blue yonder. Lined up below are our very best tips for looking good in a skydiving video–and we know what we’re talking about, ‘cause we’ve seen thousands .

1. Know What Clothes Flatter In The Air

Close-fitting layers are the safest, most comfortable choice for skydiving. Because of the atmospheric phenomenon known as “ lapse rate ,” it’s significantly colder up there, so your tank top is likely to leave you shivering. But, on the other hand, bulky layers flap around in a seriously awkward, uncomfortable way. Aim for a balance: a base layer with a long-sleeved, fleece-weight-or-less (depending on the season) layer over that.

We’ve found that there’s a certain configuration that delivers the most flattering photos and videos and the most comfortable skydive, for both men and women. For the top half: a close-fitting long-sleeved top with thumb loops and a crew neck that’s long enough to go down over the hips and tuck firmly below the tandem skydiving harness. For the bottom half: long yoga or athletic pants. For both, choose either darker or very bright colors, neither of which will disappear against the dazzling blue of the sky.

2. Give The Camera Some Love

Play with the camera! This is your freefalling photoshoot, after all. Keep your head up! If you look down at the earth below, your photos/videos won’t look as good, because the focus will be on the top of your head instead of your beautiful face.

For bonus points, shoot the camera a cheerful two-thumbs-up.

3. Smile Big

The struggle of FLS (“Flapping Lip Syndrome”) is real. When you forget to smile on a tandem skydive, the relative wind is going to have its way with your face. To retake control of your cheeks, muster a megawatt smile. That’ll have two benefits: to keep your face from exploding in wonky ripples and to show the world how confident, composed, and gosh-darned happy you are in that landmark moment.

4. Communicate Creatively

If you have something to say to the camera, plan ahead; in freefall, nobody will hear a word you say! Instead of spending most of your skydive trying to yell something intelligible, plan ahead. Write that cool message right on your hands, then flash those decorated palms to the camera during your skydive. (“Sorry” on the right and “mom” on the left is a popular choice; so is “I did” and “it”…and “Marry” and “me,” for that matter.)

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first time skydiver with writing on her hands

Right! So–you have your orders, then. Commit this to memory and let’s get ready to look so good !

Songs For Skydiving: The Ultimate Skydiving Playlist

An awesome soundtrack makes everything better, right? Yes indeed, but there are some things to know about how skydiving works before you can choose an appropriately awesome playlist to accompany your adventure.

Before You Skydive

New York Skydiving

Dropzones need to be run with efficiency and professionalism – but they are still pretty cool and laid back places to hang out. Your skydiving experience is a precisely scheduled thing, taking in total about half a day – and this will include a bit of time beforehand to be on the dropzone to get briefed and take care of the formalities. While the pre-jump information will be delivered in an appropriate classroom type environment, it is rare for a hangar – the place where all the majority of the ground-based stuff happens – to not have some music playing. This will almost always be something upbeat and agreeable to as many tastes as possible, as skydivers come from all walks of life to jump together.

New York Skydivers

Travelling up to altitude in an unpressurised aircraft is different to the usual experience of being on a commercial flight. It is not loud enough to require mandatory hearing protection, but it is not exactly quiet either. You can talk to the person right next to you, so communicating with your instructor is easy – but anyone further away requires a bit of yelling. Some people will wear headphones on the way up, but this is not super common as it is an extra thing to faff with before your jump, and while everyone gets properly trained it is important to focus on what you are doing rather than singing along to songs in your head. Despite the noise of the engines, the ride to the top represents a kind of quiet time, to go over your tasks, to absorb information about what is happening around you and to savour the juicy feelings.

During Skydiving

Songs For Skydiving

Skydiving is quite loud. Movies have lied to everyone for decades and you cannot speak to each other in freefall. While the noise of the wind rushing past your head at terminal velocity (120mph) is also not loud enough to require hearing protection of any kind – it is loud enough that wind is all you can hear. It is not impossible to rig up some kind of system to listen to music while you are jumping, but all the considerations add up to it being a bad idea. Skydiving well is about good awareness, and although you cannot hear anything but the air, and rely on all your other senses – anything that can distract you at all should be avoided. Skydivers communicate primarily with simple hand signals, but also by having a precise plan for the entire jump – and the more things you have in your brain the more likely you are to forget parts of what you are supposed to do. The wind noise becomes inseparable from the experience of skydiving, and in freefall music is the last thing you feel you need.

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After Skydiving

skydiving playlist

After your jump is when you can really start thinking about what music will go best with what you have been doing. Skydiving for the first time is an experience you will treasure forever, and it is highly recommended to invest in proper media of your jump. You will return to the video of your very first skydive for years and years to come, so making sure it has the right songs is crucial. There are some songs of dubious quality that have become connected to skydiving over the years. Here are the main offenders:

U2 – Beautiful Day

Tom Petty – Free Falling

R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly

Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone

Van Halen – Jump

Skydiving Playlist

The important thing to remember is that music is subjective and you are allowed to like whatever you want. The songs you connect with skydiving will become very important to you – whether they are a playlist you listen to in the car on the way to the dropzone for your first jump, the soundtrack to your actual skydive video that you share online afterward, or even anything that you hear that makes you think of the day you first jumped out of an airplane!

What to Know About Skydiving Videos

There’s nothing quite like that first skydive, when everything is brand new and you’re experiencing something you’ve never experienced before. It’s an amazing thing to do.

It’s something you’ll want to remember forever, and to share with your loved ones, too. By choosing to get a video made of your jump, you’ll have something you can look back on yourself and that your friends and family can watch, so they can feel like they were there too!

Here’s everything you need to know about getting a skydiving video, and be sure to check out our video services page for prices and bookings.

What is a skydiving video?

A skydiving video is a video made of your jump that you can keep to remember your experience by for years to come.

A skydiving video is captured in two ways, either using a handcam, or by a freefall camera person.

Handcam videos

Handcam is the name for the small camera our tandem skydiving instructors wear on their hands.

This is worn on the left hand. It captures your face throughout the skydive and during the parachute ride too, and gives a great view of the whole thing! The angle is much closer up than the outside camera…

Outside camera (using a freefall camera person)

A freefall videographer is a skydiver whose job it is to wear a camera on their helmet and film your whole skydive for you, from a short interview on the ground to shots on the airplane ride up, your exit from the airplane and all of freefall. They’ll even grab you on the ground for a reaction shot!

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The only thing you miss with an outside camera is the parachute ride, as the camera person is on a separate parachute. But the benefit is that the angle is further away than handcam, meaning you can see your whole body and the sky and ground around you too, giving a great sense of position.

How does it work?

Each skydiving video is different. With handcam, the video you get depends on you primarily, and how much you interact with the camera – and, most importantly, smile!

For outside camera, it’s a bit more creative. These are professional skydiving videographers who take great pride in their work – plus, they’re super awesome flyers themselves, which means they’ll sit right in front of you to film you as you fall, as well as flying around you to show how high up you are and to capture some of our exquisite views.

This might mean your video is a little different to your friend’s, but it makes sense, right – unique videos for unique experiences!

Can me and my friend share a skydiving videographer?

No, unfortunately not.

If choosing handcam, your instructor will wear the camera on his/her hand and only be able to capture you.

When you choose outside camera, you get a dedicated camera person who will film your experience for you. They sit in front of you in the sky in freefall and fly around you to capture the whole experience. That means they can only film on skydiver at a time. It’s also a safety requirement, as we have to have adequate distance between our tandem skydivers, which makes it impossible for the camera person to film more than one at a time.

Why choose to get a skydiving video?

The main regret we hear from our tandem skydiving customers is that they didn’t buy a skydiving video. Once you’ve experienced the jump, you’ll undoubtedly want to share it with everyone you know and post it on your social networks, but without a video, there’s no way to do that!

You’ll receive your skydiving video and be able to upload to YouTube, Facebook, Wistia etc and to share it via email or simply gather round the TV and watch together.

Do I also get photos?

Yep! Choose the handcam package with stills photos or the outside video and stills package and you’ll get both a video and photos from your jump. Bring on your next Facebook profile picture!

How to book

Booking your skydiving video/photos is simple! Check out our prices here, and book online today.

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