Does Skydiving Feel like a Roller Coaster?

This is another one of those questions I have been asked a hundred times. The very simple answer is NO! You do not get that roller coaster effect when skydiving. Only a Zero G Dives can cause that feeling in your stomach. Zero G is that slight pause where you go from climbing up to all of a sudden accelerating downward. With jumping from a perfectly good airplane there really is no pause. The plane is flying forward at approximately 100 mph when we make that leap. Since the plane is moving forward at such a fast rate you really don’t even start falling straight down at first. When a Tandem Pair leaves the plane you actually take around 10 seconds before you reach terminal velocity.

In 25 years of skydiving I have listened to people who are thinking of making a skydive that they do not like that queasy feeling they receive from a roller coaster. This is one of their concerns and I assure them that it will not happen when skydiving. In fact when you first jump you don’t even feel like you are falling. We are so high above the Earth that you as we free fall it just feels like a bunch of wind is hitting you. There is no perception that you are falling since there are no objects in the air to get the perspective of how fast you are falling. Of course once you are at a lower altitude you will start to realize that…man…we are falling fast. That is about the time we deploy the parachute.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email or call us anytime. We hope you show you how much better skydiving is then riding a roller is the adventure of a lifetime!

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Is Skydiving Scarier Than Roller Coasters?

Have you ever thought about how it would feel to jump out of an airplane?

It’s a pretty scary thought, right?

If the idea of skydiving scares you, you’re not alone. But what’s interesting is that after people jump, most tell us that skydiving is nowhere near as scary as other things they’ve tried, like roller coasters.

And it makes perfect sense! While roller coasters are built to scare you, skydiving is a personal experience that usually results in pure joy. Let us explain…

What’s scary about skydiving?

OK, so this might sound like a pretty weird question. But when you break it down, it’s not the whole skydive that scares people. It’s not even the real life skydive, if we’re honest. For more people, the scariest part of skydiving is the idea of doing it.

The anticipation of what’s to come is much more terrifying than the jump itself! When we try to imagine what skydiving will be like, we don’t have a frame of reference – we’ve never done anything like this before – so we start to worry about everything we don’t know. It’s a fear of the unknown.

With that said, when we ask people “is skydiving scary“, there is one part of the jump that most people reference – and that’s the exit. That moment in the door, looking out into the sky, the ground thousands of feet below… you’ll be forgiven for feeling a little apprehensive! But believe us when we say it’s one of the best things you’ll ever do.

Does skydiving feel like falling?

That’s a good question. Technically, you are falling, and you are aware of that. Just look down and you’ll see the ground getting closer – there’s no mistaking the fact that you are falling through the sky!

It doesn’t feel like falling, though. You’d expect falling to feel like a big rush, very fast and loud. But the reality of skydiving is that once you reach your terminal velocity (around 10 seconds after exit), you feel more like you’re cushioned on the air.

Rather than feeling like falling, you feel like you’re floating. It’s an awesome experience, and the closest you’ll get to know how birds feel!

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Does skydiving feel like a roller coaster?

In a discussion of skydiving vs roller coasters, there are lots of similarities. That feeling in your stomach that you get as the roller coaster tips over a peak, for example, is pretty similar to the feeling you’ll get as you fall out of the airplane. And the adrenaline burst you’ll feel as you fall through the air is a lot like the adrenaline you get as you zoom around the coaster track.

But that’s where the similarities end. While a roller coaster is designed to push your body to its limits, skydiving is a much smoother, much freer experience. It’s hard to describe, but if a roller coaster was the ocean, it would be choppy and rough, whereas a skydiving is like a serene lake, much calmer and almost tranquil.

The experience you’ll get when you skydive is unlike anything you’ve done before. It’s almost impossible to describe in words – so come and try it with us!

Does Skydiving Feel Like a Roller Coaster?

Does Skydiving Feel Like a Roller Coaster?

Most first-time tandem skydivers are pretty sure they know what the feeling of skydiving is like before they try it: like a roller coaster, of course!

See the thing is. it’s not. Not at all. Not the least bit. Not even a smidgen. So, what does it feel like to skydive? Let’s break it down, shall we?

1. There’s No “Drop.”

Y’know that feeling when you’ve clickity-clacked right to the top of the biggest hill on the roller coaster, then you feel the first car go over and the pit of your stomach flip flops because you know that great big drop is coming in a second?

Well, if you’re waiting for that drop from the door of an airplane, you’re going to be waiting a long, long time. (Likely, until you’ve landed from your jump, driven to a theme park and gotten on a roller coaster.) Instead, you’ll be supported by a cushion of air the moment you exit the plane.

2. Your Stomach And Your Throat Will Keep Their Distance.

Along those lines, a lot of first-timers also wonder, ‘does skydiving feel like falling’? The stomach-in-throat feeling is directly related to a sense of falling. A skydive, you’ll note, is not a skyfall. (That’s the Bond film, remember? With the ludicrous abandoned-farmhouse shootout scene at the end, where a blonde Javier Bardem is manning a helicopter and being generally creepy?)

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On a skyfall–which is a totally mythological phenomenon–you’d probably just kick helplessly around the whole time. You wouldn’t have relative wind pushing against you, making your descent smooth and helping you and your tandem instructor keep an even, belly-to-earth body position. On a skydive, you have relative wind helping you out the whole way. Hence: no stomach-in-throat fally feels–which is good, because freefall lasts quite a while longer than even the biggest roller coaster hill.

3. You Won’t Feel A Sense Of Descent.

From the top of the hill on a roller coaster, you can see the depth of the terrain below you. You see shadows. You see the height of trees and buildings. You hear sound coming up from the ground below. In short: On a roller coaster, you have a general sense of how far everything is below you.

From the door of an aircraft, the world below looks like a map. There’s no sense at all of ground rush until your smooth, much-much-slower canopy ride is well underway. Between that and the helpful hug of relative wind, you really don’t feel like you’re making a descent in that whee-here-we-go-down roller coaster kinda way. (That’s why we skydivers wear precision instruments to track our altitude on every jump.)

4. It’s Baby-Smooth.

Roller coaster rattles? Head smacking around between the harness bars? Jolting stops and starts? No, thanks. That’s not going to be your skydiving experience.

Again because of relative wind, you won’t realize you’re hurtling 120mph through the sky. From the moment you exit, the speed tapers smoothly up. When your instructor deploys the parachute, you’ll almost certainly experience a deceleration much gentler than the juddering clunk as the roller coaster pulls into the station. The landing itself, under a luxuriously big parachute, is sweet, too.

Suffice it to say: The only thing that’s the same between skydiving and roller coaster ridin’, if we’re being honest, is the fact that both skydiving and roller coasters put a big smile on your face.

Spoiler: The skydiving smile is bigger and lasts way, way, way longer.

Give it a try! You’ll see what we mean. Book your NYC skydiving adventure online today!




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