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## How Much Does Skydiving Cost in San Diego?


Skydiving is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience that offers unparalleled views of the world below. San Diego, California is a popular destination for skydiving enthusiasts, boasting world-class dropzones and breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re a first-time jumper or an experienced skydiver, the cost of skydiving can vary depending on several factors.

Factors that Determine Skydiving Costs

Type of Jump: The type of jump you choose (tandem, solo, group jump) will influence the cost. Tandem jumps, where you’re strapped to an experienced instructor, are typically more expensive than solo jumps.
Altitude: The altitude from which you jump also affects the cost. Higher altitudes provide longer free-fall time, but they also require more fuel and equipment.
Dropzone Location: The location of the dropzone can impact the cost. Dropzones located in scenic or tourist areas may charge higher prices than those in more remote areas.
Experience Level: First-time jumpers may be required to pay for training or additional safety equipment, which can increase the cost.

Average Skydiving Costs in San Diego

Tandem Jump (10,000 ft): $250 – $350
Tandem Jump (12,000 ft): $275 – $400
Tandem Jump (14,000 ft): $300 – $450
Solo Jump (10,000 ft): $150 – $250
Solo Jump (12,000 ft): $175 – $300

Additional Costs

In addition to the jump cost, you may have to pay for other expenses, such as:

Video or photos: $50 – $150
Transportation to the dropzone: $20 – $50
Rental equipment (goggles, gloves, jumpsuit): $10 – $25
Training course for first-time jumpers: $50 – $100

Tips for Saving Money on Skydiving

Book early: Most dropzones offer discounts for early bookings.
Group jumps: Jumping with friends or family can save you money on the per-person cost.
Off-season jumps: Skydiving during the off-season (typically winter) can be cheaper.
Look for promotions: Dropzones often offer discounts and promotions throughout the year.
Check Groupon and other deal sites: You may be able to find discounts on skydiving experiences through these platforms.


The cost of skydiving in San Diego varies depending on several factors, but it typically ranges from $150 to $450. By considering the type of jump, altitude, dropzone location, and your experience level, you can estimate the approximate cost of your skydiving adventure in San Diego. With careful planning and by taking advantage of savings opportunities, you can make the most of your skydiving experience without breaking the bank.

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