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## How Many Jumps Until You Can Skydive Alone?


Skydiving is an exhilarating experience that offers a thrilling rush and a unique perspective on the world. While the initial jump can be daunting, with proper training and practice, you can progress from a novice skydiver to jumping solo. This article provides a comprehensive guide on the number of jumps required, the training process, and the factors to consider before solo skydiving.

Solo Skydiving Requirements

Number of Jumps:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not specify a fixed number of jumps required for solo skydiving. However, most reputable dropzones and instructors recommend a minimum of 25 jumps before attempting a solo skydive.


Prior to solo skydiving, you must complete a comprehensive training program that includes:

– Ground school: Covers the basics of skydiving, including equipment use, safety procedures, and emergency protocols.
– Tandem jumps: Involves jumping attached to a certified instructor who guides you through the sequence.
– Accelerated freefall (AFF): A structured program of solo jumps under the supervision of an AFF instructor.
– Coaching jumps: Supervised jumps with an experienced skydiver who provides guidance and feedback.

Factors to Consider


The number of jumps required for solo skydiving depends on your individual experience and progression. Some skydivers with exceptional coordination and quick learning abilities may need fewer jumps, while others may require more.

Instructor Assessment:

Your instructors will evaluate your skills, knowledge, and confidence throughout the training program. They will determine when you are ready to solo jump based on their professional assessment.

Comfort and Readiness:

Ultimately, the decision to skydive solo should be based on your own comfort level and readiness. You should feel confident in your abilities and have a strong understanding of the safety procedures.

Steps to Solo Skydiving

1. Training and Preparation:

– Enroll in a reputable skydiving school.
– Complete the ground school and tandem jumps.
– Progress through the AFF program and coaching jumps.

2. Instructor Approval:

– Seek approval from your instructors once they believe you are ready for solo skydiving.

3. Solo Jump:

– Verify your equipment and ensure all safety protocols are followed.
– Board the aircraft and prepare for takeoff.
– Exit the aircraft and enjoy the exhilarating experience of skydiving alone.

4. Debriefing:

– After landing, debrief with your instructor to discuss your performance and any areas for improvement.


Solo skydiving is an achievable goal for those who have completed the necessary training and have the required experience. The number of jumps required varies depending on individual factors, but most skydivers require a minimum of 25 jumps. It is essential to work with reputable instructors, prioritize safety, and progress at a pace that ensures your readiness for solo skydiving. With proper preparation and a passion for the sport, you can experience the thrill of solo skydiving and create unforgettable memories.

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