## How Many Jumps to Become a Skydiving Instructor

Skydiving is an exhilarating and challenging sport that requires specialized training and certification to become an instructor. The number of jumps required to become a skydiving instructor varies depending on several factors, including the specific organization or association you choose to certify with, your experience level, and your individual skills and abilities.

### Basic Requirements

In general, most skydiving organizations require a minimum number of jumps before you can qualify for instructor training. These basic requirements typically include:

100-200 jumps: This is a common minimum requirement for most organizations, although some may require more or less.
Experience in different jump types: You must have experience in various types of jumps, such as freefall, canopy flight, and landings.
Good canopy handling skills: You need to demonstrate proficiency in controlling your parachute and landing safely.
Written and oral exams: You must pass written and oral exams that test your knowledge of skydiving techniques, safety procedures, and teaching methods.

### Instructor Training

Once you meet the basic requirements, you can begin instructor training, which typically involves:

Ground school: This covers topics such as skydiving theory, safety regulations, and teaching methods.
Simulator training: You will practice teaching techniques in a simulated skydiving environment.
Assisted jumps: You will teach jumps under the supervision of an experienced instructor.
Evaluation jumps: You will be evaluated on your teaching skills and knowledge.

### Certification

After successfully completing instructor training, you will typically receive a certification from the skydiving organization you trained with. This certification will allow you to teach skydiving students and supervise their jumps.

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### Additional Jumps for Experience

While the minimum number of jumps required for instructor certification may be 100-200, most experienced skydiving instructors have far more jumps. This additional experience allows instructors to:

Refine their teaching skills.
Stay up-to-date on the latest skydiving techniques and safety procedures.
Build confidence and credibility with students.

The specific number of jumps required for an experienced instructor will vary depending on factors such as the type of skydiving they specialize in and their individual goals.

### Types of Skydiving Instructor

There are several types of skydiving instructors, each with its own unique requirements:

Static line instructor: Teaches students to jump from an airplane using a static line that automatically deploys their parachute.
Tandem instructor: Jumps with students attached to them in a tandem harness.
Solo instructor: Teaches students to jump solo after completing static line training.
AFF instructor: Teaches students the Accelerated Freefall method of skydiving.
Coach: Provides advanced training and mentorship to experienced skydivers.

### Becoming a Skydiving Instructor

Becoming a skydiving instructor is a rewarding and challenging path that requires dedication, training, and experience. By following the steps outlined above and meeting the requirements of your chosen skydiving organization, you can become a qualified skydiving instructor and share your passion for the sport with others.

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