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## How Long Do You Stay in the Air While Skydiving?

Skydiving is an exhilarating experience that involves jumping out of an airplane and freefalling through the air before deploying a parachute to land safely. The duration of a skydive depends on several factors, including the altitude from which you jump and the type of skydive you choose.

### Factors Affecting Skydiving Duration

1. Altitude:

The higher the altitude, the longer you will stay in freefall. Common altitudes for skydiving range from 10,000 to 15,000 feet.

2. Exit Method:

There are two main exit methods for skydiving:

Static Line Jump: In this method, you are attached to a static line that automatically deploys your parachute at a predetermined altitude, usually around 3,500 feet.
Freefall Jump: In this method, you freefall unassisted until you manually deploy your parachute at a desired altitude.

3. Canopy Size:

The size of your parachute affects your descent rate. Smaller parachutes descend faster, while larger parachutes descend slower.

4. Skill Level and Experience:

Experienced skydivers can control their descent rate and extend their freefall time by performing maneuvers such as head-down or track-standing.

### Typical Skydive Duration

1. Tandem Skydive:

Freefall: 45-60 seconds
Under Canopy: 5-7 minutes

2. Static Line Jump:

Freefall: 15-20 seconds
Under Canopy: 5-7 minutes

3. Freefall Jump:

Freefall: 60-120 seconds (or more for experienced skydivers)
Under Canopy: 5-10 minutes

### Extended Freefall

Some skydivers opt for extended freefall experiences, which involve deploying their parachutes at higher altitudes, allowing for a longer period of freefall. This requires additional training and certification.

### Additional Considerations

Weather Conditions: High winds and turbulence can affect skydive duration.
Safety Regulations: Skydive operators adhere to strict safety regulations that dictate minimum altitudes for parachute deployment.
Personal Preferences: Some skydivers prefer shorter freefall times, while others enjoy extended freefall.

### Conclusion

The duration of a skydive varies depending on the altitude, exit method, canopy size, skill level, and additional considerations. Typical skydives range from a few minutes to over 10 minutes, including both freefall and under-canopy time. Experienced skydivers and those seeking extended freefall experiences may opt for specialized jumps with longer freefall durations.

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