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## How Much Does Scuba Diving Cost in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a world-renowned scuba diving destination, offering crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and stunning coral reefs. With over 7,000 islands to explore, there are countless dive sites to choose from, catering to all levels of experience. But how much does scuba diving cost in the Philippines?

### Factors Affecting Scuba Diving Costs

The cost of scuba diving in the Philippines can vary depending on several factors, including:

– Location: Dive sites in popular tourist areas such as Palawan and Coron tend to be more expensive than those in less frequented locations.
– Time of year: Dive prices can fluctuate depending on the season, with peak season (December to May) typically being more expensive than the shoulder season (June to November).
– Number of dives: The more dives you book, the lower the per-dive cost will generally be.
– Type of dive: Specialized dives, such as night dives or deep dives, may incur additional charges.
– Experience level: Beginner divers may need to pay for additional training or guided dives.
– Equipment rentals: If you don’t have your own scuba gear, you will need to rent it, which can add to the cost.

### Estimated Costs

Single Dive:

Basic dive (without equipment rental): PHP 1,000-1,500 (USD 20-30)
With equipment rental: PHP 1,500-2,000 (USD 30-40)

Two-Tank Dive:

Basic dive (without equipment rental): PHP 1,500-2,000 (USD 30-40)
With equipment rental: PHP 2,000-2,500 (USD 40-50)

Dive Package:

5 dives: PHP 7,000-9,000 (USD 140-180)
10 dives: PHP 12,000-15,000 (USD 240-300)

### Additional Costs

In addition to dive costs, you may also need to budget for:

– Accommodation: Prices vary depending on location and type of accommodation. Expect to pay around PHP 500-1,500 (USD 10-30) per night for a basic hotel or guesthouse.
– Food and drinks: The Philippines offers a wide range of dining options, from budget-friendly street food to upscale restaurants. A meal can cost anywhere from PHP 100-500 (USD 2-10).
– Transportation: Getting to and around the dive sites can involve ferry, bus, or tricycle rides. Costs vary depending on distance and mode of transportation.
– Marine park fees: Some dive sites in the Philippines charge a marine park fee, which can range from PHP 100-500 (USD 2-10) per day.
– Visa: Citizens of most countries require a visa for stays exceeding 30 days. Visa fees vary depending on nationality.

### Budget-Friendly Options

If you’re looking to save money on your scuba diving trip, consider these tips:

– Travel during the shoulder season.
– Choose less popular dive sites.
– Book a dive package with multiple dives.
– Negotiate with dive operators for discounts.
– Bring your own scuba gear.
– Stay in budget-friendly accommodation.
– Eat at local restaurants.

### Summary

Scuba diving in the Philippines offers an unforgettable experience, with costs ranging from affordable to high-end. By carefully considering the factors that affect pricing and taking advantage of budget-friendly options, you can plan a scuba diving trip that fits your budget and expectations. Remember to book your dives in advance, especially during peak season, to avoid disappointment.

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